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Most and writings
Most details of his life come from the fragments left from Porphyry's writings.
Most of what is known about the life of Justin Martyr comes from his own writings.
Most of the text of the Book of Mormon consists of this compilation and his own writings, which may account for its title.
Most of Mahfouz's writings mainly dealt with politics, a fact he acknowledged: " In all my writings, you will find politics.
Most information we have on the myths of Osiris is derived from allusions contained in the Pyramid Texts at the end of the Fifth Dynasty, later New Kingdom source documents such as the Shabaka Stone and the Contending of Horus and Seth, and much later, in narrative style from the writings of Greek authors including Plutarch and Diodorus Siculus.
Most of his Latin writings are difficult to find today.
Most history about him comes from passing references in his own writings.
Most of his writings are deeply rooted in Marathi language which some consider as his command over the language while some others consider it as a shortcoming.
Most of the earnings from this project and his other writings were directed towards the educating of students to the priesthood.
Most of these writings were made for the general populace, so the association made in these texts, between Osiris and the dead, is no longer restricted to royalty.
Most of these sophists are known today primarily through the writings of their opponents ( specifically Plato and Aristotle ), which makes it difficult to assemble an unbiased view of their practices and beliefs.
Most notable are the writings of Thomas Carlyle and Francis Galton, whose works have prompted decades of research.
Most of Tsuji's writings describe the philosophy behind this, as well as the personal process Tsuji went through towards this aim.
Most of Hirsch's writings have been translated into English and Hebrew by his descendants, starting with " Horeb " in the 1950s ( by Dayan Isidore Grunfeld of London ) and his Torah commentary in the 1960s ( by his grandson Isaac Levi, also of London ).
Most evidence for Leland's life and career comes from his own writings, especially his poetry.
Most of his writings deal with criminal justice.
Most of his writings during his Bible Presbyterian days have not been collected, nor reprinted in decades.
Most of his writings involving the New Society which he envisioned, praised the role of baranganic democracy in nation-building.
Most well-known among his writings is the Hwaeom ilseung peopkye to ( Diagram of the Avataṃsaka Single Vehicle Dharmadhātu ) ( 華嚴一乘法界圖 ).
Most spellings were not formalized until the 1970s, primarily by the writings of Boontling historian Jacky June.
Most rural priests were married and many urban clergy and bishops had wives and children .” " A terrible picture of the decay both of clerical morality and of all sense of anything like vocation is drawn in the writings of St. Peter Damian, particularly in his Liber Gomorrhianus.
Most of his writings were burned, though some did survive.
Most of Abu Nasr's work focused on math, but some of his writings were on astronomy.

Most and which
Most of them, the world over, operate on the same principle by which justice is administered in France and some other Latin countries: the customer is to be considered guilty of abysmal ignorance until proven otherwise, with the burden of proof on the customer himself.
Most of all, his letters to his philosophic colleagues show a magnanimity as well as an honesty which help to explain Whitehead's reference to James as `` that adorable genius ''.
Most eggs contain the pigment melanin which raises their temperature through the absorption of light and also protects them against ultraviolet radiation.
Most alphabetic scripts of India and Eastern Asia are descended from the Brahmi script, which is often believed to be a descendant of Aramaic.
Most of the cases covered by Poirot's private detective agency take place before his retirement to grow marrows, at which time he solves The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.
Most of the families moved to the nearby village of Dooagh, which is beside the sea, while some others emigrated.
Most of the population lives in the western and northwestern parts of the country, where the two major cities, Yerevan and Gyumri ( which was called Aleksandropol ' during the tsarist period ), are located.
Most of Armenia is drained by the Araks or its tributary, the Hrazdan, which flows from Lake Sevan.
Most of the Project's titles, especially the early work, share common traits ( likely influenced by Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon, on which Parsons was the audio engineer in 1973 ).
Most agates occur as nodules in volcanic rocks or ancient lavas where they represent cavities originally produced by the disengagement of volatiles in the molten mass which were then filled, wholly or partially, by siliceous matter deposited in regular layers upon the walls.
Most people did not consider the depiction of a Brillo Box or a store-bought urinal to be art until Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp ( respectively ) placed them in the context of art ( i. e., the art gallery ), which then provided the association of these objects with the associations that define art.
Most Aster CT-80's ( about 10 thousand of them ) were sold to schools for computer education, in a project first known as the " honderd scholen project " ( one hundred schools project ), but which later involved many more than just one hundred schools.
-short for " The Collective Consciousness Society "-which had several hit singles produced by Mickie Most, including a version of Led Zeppelin's " Whole Lotta Love ", which was used as the theme for BBC's Top Of The Pops between 1971 and 1981.
Most parts of the territory are on the Opalinuston-Formation ( Opalinum Clay Formation ) of the Aalenian subdivision, which is named after Aalen.
Most traffic classes also introduce the concept of Cell Delay Variation Tolerance ( CDVT ), which defines the " clumping " of cells in time.
Most legal cases in adversarial systems do not go to trial ; this can lead to great injustice when the defendant has an unskilled or overworked attorney, which is likely to be the case when the defendant is poor.
Most subsequent abeyances ( only a few dozen cases ) were settled after a few years, in favour of the holder of the family properties ; there were two periods in which long-abeyant peerages ( in some cases peerages of doubtful reality ) were brought back: between 1838 and 1841 and between 1909 and 1921.
Most original Cuyp paintings were signed by him, and in the script manner in which his name was inscribed.
Most games came with mylar overlays which could be applied to the controllers.
Some bridges accommodate other purposes, such as the tower of Nový Most Bridge in Bratislava, which features a restaurant.
Most branchiopodans eat floating detritus or plankton, which they take using the setae on their appendages.
Most species show cyclical parthenogenesis, where asexual reproduction is occasionally supplemented by sexual reproduction, which produces resting eggs that allow the species to survive harsh conditions and disperse to distant habitats.
Most fundamentally all substances are matter, a theme taken up by science, which postulated one or more matters, such as earth, air, fire or water ( Empedocles ).
Most systems of classification have included this order, although sometimes under the name Capparales ( the name chosen depending on which is thought to have priority ).
Most of the space in the brain is taken up by axons, which are often bundled together in what are called nerve fiber tracts.

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