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Most and its
Most of these, with horrible exceptions, were conceived as is a ship, not as an attempt to quell the ocean of mankind, nor to deny its force, but as a means to survive and enjoy it.
Most meteoritic material, by the time it reaches the Earth's surface, has been reduced to dust or to spherules of ablated material in its passage through the atmosphere.
Most of us remember and think of the Wagner-Peyser Act in its historical sense, as a major milestone in the development of public placement services.
Most nuts consist of the richly packaged storage kernel and its thick, adherent, brown covering -- the seedcoat.
Most Republicans agreed with Lincoln that the North was the aggrieved party, as the Slave Power tightened its grasp on the national government with the Dred Scott decision and the presidency of James Buchanan.
Most of Aristotle's work is probably not in its original form, since it was most likely edited by students and later lecturers.
Most of Armenia is drained by the Araks or its tributary, the Hrazdan, which flows from Lake Sevan.
Most commonly, bandwidth refers to the 3-dB bandwidth, that is, the frequency range within which the spectral density ( in W / Hz or V < sup > 2 </ sup >/ Hz ) is above half its maximum value ( or the spectral amplitude, in V or V / Hz, is more than 70. 7 % of its maximum ); that is, above − 3 dB relative to the peak.
Although the March 2007 issue of Foreign Policy listed BJU as one of " The World's Most Controversial Religious Sites " because of its past influence on American politics, BJU has seen little political controversy since Stephen Jones became president.
Most of its ethnically and linguistically diverse population lives in the south, with densities ranging from 54 persons per square kilometers in the Logone River basin to 0. 1 persons in the northern B. E. T.
Most of these institutes focus on a form of economics called macroeconomics which keeps its eyes on things such as inflation: the rate at which money loses its value over time ; growth: how much money a government has and how quickly it accrues money ; unemployment, and rates of trade between other countries.
Most of its production is in the upper metre or so of the soil column, where the cosmogenic neutron flux is still sufficiently strong.
Most definitions of Continental Europe extend the boundaries of the continent to its standard boundaries, the Ural Mountains, Ural River, Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains.
Most frogs identify prey by movement, and vision appears to be the primary method by which the cane toad detects prey ; however, the cane toad can also locate food using its sense of smell.
The most notable difference is the number of its heads: Most sources describe or depict three heads ; others show it with two or even just one ; a smaller number of sources show a variable number, sometimes as many as 50 or even 100.
Most imperial powers had not foreseen a need to prepare their colonies for independence ; for example, Britain had given limited self-rule to India and Sri Lanka, while treating British Somaliland as little more than a trading post, while all major decisions for French colonies were made in Paris and Belgium prohibited any self-government up until it suddenly granted independence to its colonies in 1960.
Most scholars regard it as being entirely fictional, its geography being perfect for romance writers ; Arthurian scholar Norris J.
Most of the villages that in 1932 were suddenly included in the new Chianti Classico area added in Chianti to their name-such as Greve in Chianti which amended its name in 1972.
Most tourists visit the Dominican Republic on account of its beaches, but there is an expanding eco-tourism and outdoor activity sector, focused on the country's mountains and wildlife.
Most DJ mixers now include a beat-counter which analyzes the tempo of an incoming sound source and displays its tempo in Beats Per Minute ( BPM ), which may assist with beatmatching analog sound sources.
Most of these, including the small code size and small data set size, were understood at the time of its publication in 1984.
Most of its Amazonian territory was never under its effective control.

Most and membership
Most elite BBSes used some form of new user verification, where new users would have to apply for membership and attempt to prove that they were not a law enforcement officer or a lamer.
Most clubs have a limited membership based upon specific criteria, and limit the events to members to increase the security of the members, thus creating an increased sense of cameradery and belonging.
Most of the membership of Germania 1902 Hannover became part of 96 in 1902, while others of the club formed Hannoverscher Ballspielverein.
Most of the membership of the Liberal Party joined the Swedish Party in the 1880s, after the Liberals ceased to exist as a distinct party.
Most definitions of class structure group people according to wealth, income, education, type of occupation, and membership in a specific subculture or social network.
Most of the Unitarian " descendants " hold membership in the Unitarian Universalist Association, founded in the 1960s by a merger with the theologically similar Universalists.
Most clans have their own tartan patterns, usually dating from the 19th century, and members of the clan may wear kilts, plaids, sashes, ties, scarves, or other items of clothing made of the appropriate tartan as a badge of membership and as a uniform where appropriate.
Most of the territories, including all the larger ones, are now independent as separate countries with membership to many international forums such as the Organization of American States, the Association of Caribbean States, the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, the Caribbean Community, the Commonwealth of Nations and the Caribbean Development Bank among others.
Most Ministers hold membership of both bodies, but some Executive Councillors – known as " ministers outside Cabinet " – do not have Cabinet positions.
Most MLS systems restrict membership and access to real estate brokers ( and their agents ) who are appropriately licensed by the state ( or province ), are members of a local board or association of realtors, and are members of the applicable national trade association ( e. g., NAR or CREA ).
Most of the membership came from the town of Maitland, Ontario.
Most units are choirs of their parishes, and they also organize various activities under sports, spiritual, social, cultural, formation, ways and means, and membership committees.
Most students ' unions are charged by their membership to protect their best interests at the university, municipal, provincial and federal government levels.
Most of the characters ( most notably Pixie, who would be granted full X-Men membership ) would appear sporadically following the events of Uncanny X-Men # 500 and the cancellation of Young X-Men.
* " Fulfillment ": Most traditional religions require sacrifice of their followers, but, in turn, the followers may gain much from their membership therein.
Most of the UDF's grassroots membership however, have remained with Bayrou.
Richard Grey was knighted in 1475 and was nominated four times to membership of The Most Noble Order of the Garter between 1476 and 1482, though he was never so chosen.
Most factions are very loose organisations, having no definitive list of members, but some factions, have a formal internal structure, with membership lists, regular meetings, official positions – such as negotiators, conveners, whips, and organizers, – and a definitive policy position on every issue affecting the broader organisation.
Most of these activities are not 100 % owned, but are via membership in a consortium.
Most members transfer their membership from Venstres Ungdom to Venstre when they approach the age of 30.
Most of the state membership preferred the name " American Heritage Party " to " Washington Taxpayers Party ", so when Eby called a special convention for considering the name change, the nays were few.
Most British clinical diplomas ( requiring one or two years ' experience ) and membership or fellowship exams are not tied to particular training grades, though the length of training and nature of experience may be specified.
Most voters felt he had done well as President and he was seen as having done a good job in guiding Poland to membership of NATO.
Most of the membership was rural, outside major cities, usually engaged in farming or similar occupations.

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