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from Brown Corpus
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Most and our
Most of us brush our teeth by hand.
Most of our aid will go to those nearing self-sufficiency
Most of our largest cities have one or more separate vocational or technical high schools.
`` Most of our Sabras think it's horrible.
Most of our information about him is derived from Herodotus ( 2. 161ff ) and can only be imperfectly verified by monumental evidence.
" Most tellingly, Pirckheimer wrote in a letter to Johann Tscherte in 1530: " I confess that in the beginning I believed in Luther, like our Albert of blessed memory ... but as anyone can see, the situation has become worse.
Most of the substances we encounter in our daily life are some kind of mixture ; for example: air, alloys, biomass, etc.
Most Protestants reject the doctrine of Purgatory on the basis that, according to the Protestant interpretation of Scripture, Christ has already made full atonement for our sins on the cross, thereby removing all obstacles which prevent us from coming directly into the presence of God after death.
Most of these islands are small, they are separated by narrow channels, and for nearly a hundred years hermits lived there, coming from our land, Ireland, by boat.
Most of its releases begin with these stories then add background material to explain the settings ( often as alternate worlds whose history diverges from our own ), adventures, and other game material.
Most English personal pronouns have five forms ; in addition to the nominative and oblique case forms, the possessive case has both a determiner form ( such as my, our ) and a distinct independent form ( such as mine, ours ) ( with the exceptions that these are not distinct for the third person singular masculine car, it is his and that the third person singular neuter it does not have the possessive independent form ); and they have a distinct reflexive or intensive form ( such as myself, ourselves ).
Most of our knowledge of ancient Hebrew medicine during the 1st millennium BC comes from the Torah, i. e. the Five Books of Moses, which contain various health related laws and rituals, such as isolating infected people ( Leviticus 13: 45-46 ), washing after handling a dead body ( Numbers 19: 11-19 ) and burying excrement away from camp ( Deuteronomy 23: 12-13 ).
Most of our knowledge of ancient Hebrew medicine during the 1st millennium BC comes from the Torah, i. e. the Five Books of Moses, which contain various health related laws and rituals.
Most meteorites date from the oldest times in the solar system and are by far the oldest material available on our planet.
Most calendars, like our Gregorian calendar, follow the seasons and are based on the tropical year.
Most of the superhumans in Marvel's Earth owe their powers to the Celestials, cosmic entities who visited Earth millions of years ago and experimented on our prehistoric ancestors ( a process they also carried out on several other planets ).
To this end, Gould later commented that " Most of our paleontological colleagues missed this insight because they had not studied evolutionary theory and either did not know about allopatric speciation or had not considered its translation to geological time.
The result of us relying and living our life according to our own understanding is that, from that moment ( the eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil ) on, we are to rationally consider what to believe and filter with our natural understanding, rather than accepting what is good directly in our will, which was depicted of the Most Ancient people by Adam.
# Most of all, a reason which is peculiarly appropriate and presents the difficulty that is felt by everybody-not only number but also mathematical magnitudes and what is outside the heaven are supposed to be infinite because they never give out in our thought.
Most planets in our solar system, including Earth, spin in the same direction as they orbit the Sun.
In an accompanying explanatory treatise, Luculentissima quaedam terrae totius descriptio (“ A Most Lucid Description of All Lands ”), he explained: “ The Portuguese, thus, sailed around this region, the Brasilie Regio, and discovered the passage very similar to that of our Europe ( where we reside ) and situated laterally between east and west.

Most and working
Most acute aphasia patients can recover some or most skills by working with a Speech-Language Pathologist.
Most modern diffusion pumps use silicone oil or polyphenyl ethers as the working fluid.
Most IKEA suppliers fulfill the law today with exceptions for some special issues, one being excessive working hours in Asia, in countries such as China and India.
Most RNOs are operated as independent entities working under contract to Janet ( UK ), though Janet operates a small number of RNOs directly.
Most are landless laborers, working as serfs for absentee landlords ...
Most neurologists and neuroscientists are employed full-time, working a 5-day, 40 to 50-hour week.
Most people have dual occupations, often working for the local government.
Most trimix divers limit their working oxygen partial pressure to 1. 4 bar and may reduce the PO < sub > 2 </ sub > further to 1. 3 bar or 1. 2 bar depending on the depth, the duration and the kind of breathing system used.
Most theorists today use the concept of working memory to replace or include the older concept of short-term memory, thereby marking a stronger emphasis on the notion of manipulation of information instead of passive maintenance.
Most brain imaging studies of working memory have used recognition tasks such as delayed recognition of one or several stimuli, or the n-back task, in which each new stimulus in a long series must be compared to the one presented n steps back in the series.
Most scientists working with vertebrates use a classification based purely on phylogeny, organized by their known evolutionary history and sometimes disregarding the conventional interpretations of their anatomy and physiology.
Most marked among these is the extent of studies undertaken by amateurs working within the parameters of strict scientific methodology.
Most Raphael drawings are rather precise — even initial sketches with naked outline figures are carefully drawn, and later working drawings often have a high degree of finish, with shading and sometimes highlights in white.
Most sources dealing with the order's inner working were destroyed with the capture of Alamut, the Assassins ' headquarters, by the Mongols in 1256.
Most SLR cameras provide automatic aperture control, which allows viewing and metering at the lens ’ s maximum aperture, stops the lens down to the working aperture during exposure, and returns the lens to maximum aperture after exposure.
Most statisticians work in offices and have regular working hours and can therefore be considered white-collar workers.
Most of them only represent working models.
Most manual rickshaws were eliminated in China after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, a symbol of oppression of the working class.
Most of the cast do acting work on other projects and can disappear for a period if they are working on long-term commitments such as films or television series.
Most pressure cookers have a working pressure setting of 15 pounds per square inch ( psi ), sometimes expressed as " lb " or " lbs " ( pounds ), which equates to 103 kPa, 1. 03 bar, or 1 kg per square centimetre ( kg / cm < sup > 2 </ sup > or kgf / cm < sup > 2 </ sup >) above atmospheric pressure.
Most biologists working within the modern synthesis assumed that an organism is a straightforward reflection of its component genes.
Most of the social and economic goals announced at the eighth Congress had been reached ; however, the absence of a definitive statement on further efforts to improve the working and living conditions of the population proved to be a source of concern.
Most recently, he has been sighted working as a teller at the First Bank of Springfield and as a marriage-license clerk at Springfield Town Town Hall.
Most recently, DPZ, working under the banner of The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment ( TPFBE ), prepared a post-earthquake recovery plan for Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

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