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Most and arguments
Most of the European parties eventually came around to the arguments made by the Americans, but France and a few others held out for a shorter cell length.
Most of the arguments proposed in favor of non-violence to animals refer to rewards it entails before or after death and to horrible karmic consequences of violence.
Most psychologists and neuroscientists have not accepted these arguments — nevertheless it is clear that the relationship between a physical entity such as light and a perceptual quality such as color is extraordinarily complex and indirect, as demonstrated by a variety of optical illusions such as neon color spreading.
Most of these arguments have been shown to be over-generalizations at best and flatly incorrect at worst in modern biology and social studies.
Most scholars today agree with Homer's priority but there are good arguments on either sides.
Most scholars today accept that both Christian and Celtic traditions contributed to the legend's development, though many of the early Celtic-based arguments are largely discredited ( Loomis himself came to reject much of Weston and Nutt's work ).
Most of these arguments will be followed up by a conversion attempt, with promises of redemption for supposed misdeeds or glory, riches and power.
Most anthropologists have since been highly critical of Freeman's arguments.
Most operators ( what other languages term functions ) take their arguments from the stack, and place their results onto the stack.
Most of his arguments were in the form of examples that were anecdotal or speculative in nature, and functioned as attempts to show how " exotic " grammatical traits were connected to what were apparently equally exotic worlds of thought.
Most of Paine's arguments had long been available to the educated elite, but by presenting them in an engaging and irreverent style, he made deism appealing and accessible to a mass audience.
Most Faroese consider the hunt an important part of their culture and history and arguments about the topic raise strong emotions.
Most arguments against Hungarian notation are against Systems Hungarian notation, not Apps Hungarian notation.
Most of the criticism was over Taylor's arguments for appeasement as a rational political strategy, his mechanistic portrayal of a world destined for another world war by post-war settlement of 1918 – 1919, his depiction of the Second World War as an " accident " caused by diplomatic blunders, his portrayal of Hitler as a " normal leader " and what many considered his flippant dismissal of Nazi ideology as a motivating force.
Most epistemological theories involve a closure principle and many sceptical arguments assume a closure principle, arguing for instance that if you cannot know you are not a brain in a vat, then you cannot know that you have hands.
Most New Zealanders consider the Treaty of Waitangi as the founding document of the nation of New Zealand, with formal sovereignty vested in the British Crown ( the Crown in Right of New Zealand from 1947 ), but the existence of different versions of the Treaty, in both Māori and English, and its brevity, leave this subject to arguments over the preferred interpretation.
Most arguments for the existence of God are not specific to any one religion and could be applied to many religions with near equal validity.
Most of the arguments in favor of the view are based on the assumption that people's commonsense view of the mind is actually an implicit theory.
Most objects are non-graphical, consisting only of an object's name and a number of arguments / attributes ( in essence class properties ) typed into an object box.
Most typically, a relative clause modifies a noun or noun phrase, and uses some grammatical device to indicate that one of the arguments within the relative clause has the same referent as that noun or noun phrase.
Most courts have rejected the arguments for seeking damages in this kind of case.
Most of the arguments for, or against, the existence of God can be seen as pointing to particular aspects of the universe in this way.
Most mathematical arguments are presented as prototypes of formally rigorous proofs.
Most assemblers provide some sort of macro capability: the advantage that HLA offers over other assemblers is that it is capable of processing macro arguments like " r: 10: 2 " using HLA's extensive compile-time string functions, and HLA's macro facilities can figure out the types of variables and use that information to direct macro expansion.

Most and save
Most players bid low amounts between one and ten points in an initial bid in order to feel out the competition and to save points for other uses.
Most European nations were praying for mercy: " Sagittis hungarorum libera nos Domine "-" Lord save us from the arrows of Hungarians "
) Most of the quires or signatures contain four leaves save two containing five.
Most of the Scoobies remain somewhat wary of him right up until the series finale, when he fights side by side with them and, with help from an amulet given by Angel, sacrifices himself to save the world.
Most, if not all, of these computers shipped with a built-in BASIC interpreter on ROM, which also served as a crude command line interface, allowing the user to load a separate disk operating system to perform file management commands and load and save to disk.
* Don Máximo Tacaño (" Most Stingy "): A humorous miser who would rather die than part with his money and does all kinds of ridiculous things just to save money or avoid buying things, even if he really needs them.
Most of the bronze statues were melted down for the war effort and the stone carvings were damaged by the war, save for some small lion's heads over the entrance.
Most modern shopping carts are made of metal or a combination of metal and plastic and have been designed to nest within each other in a line to facilitate collecting and moving many at one time and also to save on storage space.
Most of them have, of course, an agenda ; mostly born-again Christians looking to save my soul.
Most of the time, however, Robin is required to save the day following the usual comment about " Many men will be noticed.
Most naïve subjects presented with this sort of case, claims Unger, will choose ( d ), to save the five by killing one, even if this course of action involves doing something very similar to killing the fat man, as in Thomson's case above.
Most people agree that they would not sacrifice their own mother to save five strangers.
Most chose to race completely nude, save the proper footwear.
Most of the other cars could run no more than 45 or 46 laps on a tank of fuel, so that meant Waltrip would need to feather the throttle and " draft " off other cars in order to save enough fuel to make it to the finish without an additional pit stop.
Most remained on top of the dam, some plowing earth to raise it, while others tried to pile mud and rock on the face to save the eroding wall.
Most modern Z-machines have the ability to save Quetzal files.
Mickie Most had suggested to Napier-Bell that Grant would be an asset to The Yardbirds, but as it happened, his arrival was too late to save the band.
Most strong ciphers have the desirable property of making the payload appear indistinguishable from uniformly-distributed noise, which can make detection efforts more difficult, and save the steganographic encoding technique the trouble of having to distribute the signal energy evenly ( but see above concerning errors emulating the native noise of the carrier ).
Most of his time is spent trying to save money, and only occasionally provide parenting for his five teen children, but he'd prefer to get away whenever he has the chance.
Most criticism toward the game was directed at the save system.
Most of the ransom money is recovered, but too late to save Gondo's property from auction.
Most of the games have had their title screen graphics removed to save space on the ROM chip, not to mention a company logo removal trick for reduced liability.
Most games provided a password save mechanism as an alternative.
In the Kitáb-i-Badí ', Bahá ' u ' lláh gives her the title of Khayru ' n Nisa ( The Most Virtuous of Women ) and forbids all women, save Fátimih Bagum, the Báb's mother, from adopting the title.

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