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Most and buildings
Most of the buildings in the " suburb " date from this time.
Most autonomous buildings are designed to use insulation, thermal mass and passive solar heating and cooling.
Most of the route is lined with tall office buildings along both sides, affording a view of the parade for thousands of office workers who create the snowstorm-like jettison of shredded paper products that characterize the parade.
Most downtown buildings range from two to five stories in height and face the traditional corridor of travel through town, Mitchell Street, the city's tree-lined main street.
Most of the city's high-rise commercial and residential buildings can be found close to the waterfront.
Most of Dartmouth's buildings are designed in the Georgian American colonial style, a theme which has been preserved in recent architectural additions.
Most of the computer labs and many classrooms are located in the basements ( called the Libra Complex ) of the concrete-block buildings.
Most insulated buildings that utilize concrete block, brick, adobe, stone, veneers or some combination thereof feature interior insulation in the form of fiberglass batts between wooden wall studs or in the form of rigid insulation boards covered with plaster or drywall.
Most of the rest of the buildings match the original style with a few exceptions.
Most of the buildings are named for historical Paramount executives or the many great artists that worked at Paramount over the years.
Most urban buildings are steel and concrete structures designed ( not always successfully ) to resist both typhoons and earthquakes.
Most of these systems are installed on multi-family apartment buildings and meet a portion of the hot water needs of an estimated 50 – 60 million households in China.
Most of the Trinity ’ s major buildings date from the 16th and 17th centuries.
Most buildings are in the Romanesque style, although some dormitories, engineering buildings, and physical sciences labs are of various Modernist styles ( especially two large Brutalist dormitories at the campus ' northern edge ) that sharply contrast with the predominantly red-brick campus.
Most commonly, a wall delineates a building and supports its superstructure, separates space in buildings into sections, or protects or delineates a space in the open air.
Most of the buildings of the fair were designed in the classical style of architecture.
Most buildings ( and most clients ) are satisfied with just two orders.
Most notorious was his acquisition of burning houses: when Crassus received word that a house was on fire, he would arrive and purchase the doomed property along with surrounding buildings for a modest sum, and then employ his army of 500 clients to put the fire out before much damage had been done.
Most sirens are mounted on poles that are usually around 30 to 50 feet off the ground, on top of buildings, or sometimes on tall structures, such as water towers.
Most buildings are one-storey only.
Most of the residential buildings on Roosevelt Island are rental buildings.
Most of the old Skunk Works buildings in Burbank were demolished in the late 1990s to make room for parking lots.
Most of the main buildings are centred around the western region of the town.

Most and on
Most women, in this age of freezers, shop for the entire week on week-ends, when prices are lower.
Most of them had seen Our American Cousin before, and unless Miss Keene was on stage, there was not much to it.
Most on the ball.
Most seams are sewn with backstitch, especially on curved, slanted or loose edges.
Most of our working days were spent on the telephone calling `` bookies '', illegal gambling dens, a certain `` residential club for young actresses '', more than a hundred different bars or the steam room of the athletic club.
Most manufacturers also seem to be concentrating on formulating fire-resistant or self-extinguishing grades of urethane foam that are aimed specifically at the burgeoning building markets.
Most striking indeed is this beyond-normal ability to put a finger on `` pre-conscious '' moods and to clarify them.
Most of this testimony may have been legally admissible as bearing on the corpus delicti of the total Nazi crime but seemed subject to question when not tied to the part in it of the defendant's Department of Jewish Affairs.
Most of the letters were written in the hubbub of camp, on stumps, pieces of bark, drum heads, or the knee.
Most of the teen-agers I interviewed rejected it on pragmatic grounds.
Most of them, the world over, operate on the same principle by which justice is administered in France and some other Latin countries: the customer is to be considered guilty of abysmal ignorance until proven otherwise, with the burden of proof on the customer himself.
Most of the wines of Beaujolais, on the other hand, should be drunk while very young ; ;
Most of the emphasis has been placed on a `` wild party '' at a seaside villa.
Most passengers didn't know what had happened until they got on the ground.
Most members of the U.S. Senate, because they are human, like to eat as high on the hog as they can.
Most of the fingers on his left hand were burned off when he fell asleep with a cigarette.
Most Republicans agreed with Lincoln that the North was the aggrieved party, as the Slave Power tightened its grasp on the national government with the Dred Scott decision and the presidency of James Buchanan.
Most modern character-encoding schemes are based on ASCII, though they support many additional characters.
Most have four limbs and live in fresh water or on land but the caecilians, though included in the group, live in burrows in damp soil and are limbless.
Most terrestrial caecilians that lay eggs do so in burrows or moist places on land near bodies of water.
Most of the political battles in the 1850s focused on the expansion of slavery, since most assumed that if slavery could not expand, it would wither and die.
Most notably are the characters of Dr. Eric Leidner in Murder in Mesopotamia, Signor Richetti in Death on the Nile, and many minor characters in They Came to Baghdad were archaeologists.
The other Rutherford films ( all directed by George Pollock ) were Murder at the Gallop ( 1963 ), based on the 1953 Hercule Poirot novel After the Funeral ( In this film, she is identified as Miss JTV Marple, though there was no indication as to what the extra initials might stand for ); Murder Most Foul ( 1964 ), based on the 1952 Poirot novel Mrs McGinty's Dead ; and Murder Ahoy!

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