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Most and elementary
Most broadly, all numbers that can be defined explicitly or implicitly in terms of polynomials, exponentials, and logarithms are called " elementary numbers ", and these include the algebraic numbers, plus some transcendental numbers.
Most experimentally observed reactions are built up from many elementary reactions that occur in parallel or sequentially.
Most theories in modern particle physics, including the Standard Model of elementary particles and their interactions, are formulated as relativistic quantum field theories.
Most of DESY's research in high energy physics with elementary particles has been taking place here since 1960.
* Most of the county is served by the Barren County Schools, which includes Barren County High School and Middle School in Glasgow, and several elementary schools throughout the county, many of which were formerly also high schools before they were consolidated into Barren County High in the early 1970s.
Both high school and elementary school received " The Most Distinguished School Award " out of every school district in the state.
Most children in Alexandria attend school at Alexandria Public Schools-ISD 206, which consists of six kindergarten-6th grade elementary schools ( Lincoln, Voyager, Woodland, Carlos, Miltona, Garfield ), one 7th-9th grade junior high school ( Discovery Middle School ), and one 10th-12th grade senior high school ( Jefferson High School ).
Most of the original 1935 building structure remains, with the lower elementary class buildings being moved and the gym being minimized after a restoration.
Most of the City of Livonia is served by the Livonia Public Schools District, consisting of two Early Childhood Centers, 13 elementary schools, four Upper Elementary Schools, three middle schools, three high schools, and one Career Center.
Most of the town is served by the Clarence Central School District, which contains one high school ( Clarence High School ), one middle school ( Clarence Middle School ), and four elementary schools ( Clarence Center, Harris Hill, Ledgeview, and Sheridan Hill ).
Most residents of the city core are within walking distance to elementary schools, church activities.
Most students are able to walk to their elementary schools.
Most elementary students go to Chestnut Hill School, a few go to Paumanok and Signal Hill.
Most of Bucyrus is served by the Bucyrus City School District, which currently includes three elementary schools, two middle schools and Bucyrus High School ( 9-12 ), but will consolidate into one junior / senior high and one elementary school after current reconstruction is completed.
Most students attend North Canton City Schools, which consists of Clearmount, Greentown, Northwood and Orchard Hill elementary schools, plus North Canton Middle School and North Canton Hoover High School.
Most of Land o ' Lakes is part of the Northland Pines School District and there is an elementary school that serves students from kindergarten to fifth grade in the unincoproated community of Land o ' Lakes.
Most elementary aggregate indexes are necessarily ' unweighted ' averages for the sample of products within the sampled outlets.
Parametric statistics is a branch of statistics that assumes that the data has come from a type of probability distribution and makes inferences about the parameters of the distribution .< ref name =" Geisser and Johnson "> Seymour Geisser and Wesley M. Johnson, < cite > Modes of Parametric Statistical Inference </ cite >, John Wiley & Sons ( 2006 ), ISBN 978-0-471-66726-1 </ ref > Most well-known elementary statistical methods are parametric .< ref name =" Cox "> D.
Most were only elementary graduates.
Most students are taught the metric system in elementary, middle, and high school.
Most elementary functions, such as all polynomials, the exponential function, and the trigonometric functions, are holomorphic.
Most elementary properties of rings fail in the absence of associativity.
Most preschools ( 40 altogether ) are also administered by the Office of Education, and are attached to elementary schools ; however, five registered private preschools also operate in the city.

Most and schools
Most of our largest cities have one or more separate vocational or technical high schools.
Most Aster CT-80's ( about 10 thousand of them ) were sold to schools for computer education, in a project first known as the " honderd scholen project " ( one hundred schools project ), but which later involved many more than just one hundred schools.
Most schools follow the British educational system.
Most American middle schools, high schools, and colleges have organized cheerleading squads made up solely of students.
Most schools in Ireland are state-aided parish schools, established under diocesan patronage but with capital costs, teachers salaries and a per head fee paid to the school.
Most of these programs were offered to students in low-income families, low performing schools, or special-education programs.
Isaacs considered that ' Unconscious phantasies exert a continuous influence throughout life, both in normal and neurotic people, the difference lying in the specific character of the dominant phantasies '; Most schools of psychoanalytic thought would now accept that ' Both in analysis and life, we perceive reality through a veil of unconscious fantasy '.
Although the Chinese and Indian communities could maintain their own Chinese and Tamil-language primary schools, all their students were required to learn Malay, and to study an agreed “ Malayan curriculum .” Most importantly, the entry exam to the University of Malaya ( which moved from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in 1963 ) would be conducted in Malay, even though most teaching at the university was in English until the 1970s.
Most western scholars regard the Theravada school to be one of the Hinayana schools referred to in Mahayana literature, or regard Hinayana as a synonym for Theravada.
Most football historians agree that a few schools, notably Saint Louis University ( under coach Eddie Cochems ), Michigan, Carlisle and Minnesota, had passing attacks in place before Rockne arrived at Notre Dame.
Most scholars see chapters 1 – 16 ( the Priestly code ) and chapters 17 – 26 ( the Holiness code ) as the work of two related schools, but while the Holiness material employs the same technical terms as the Priestly code, it broadens their meaning from pure ritual to the theological and moral, turning the ritual of the Priestly code into a model for the relationship of Israel to God: as the tabernacle is made holy by the presence of the Lord and kept apart from uncleanliness, so He will dwell among Israel when Israel is purified ( made holy ) and separated from other peoples.
Most evidence suggests that girls could not attend the less ambitious town schools, the lower-tier writing-reading schools mandated for townships of over fifty families.
Most groups meet in libraries, schools and universities, community centers, pubs or restaurants, or the homes of individual members.
Most schools provide swimming lessons.
Most secondary schools in England and Wales are comprehensive schools.
Most modern styles of t ' ai chi ch ' uan trace their development to at least one of the five traditional schools: Chen, Yang, Wu ( Hao ), Wu, and Sun.
Most of the graduate and professional schools, including the Ross School of Business, the Law School and the School of Dentistry, are on Central Campus.
Most high school marching band competitions occur in the fall when the majority of schools begin classes.

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