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Most and female
Most squads are coed, but the number of all-female college squads is rapidly increasing, in an effort to give female cheerleaders, especially bases, who have cheered on all-girl high school or all-star squads an opportunity to cheer at the collegiate level without making the transition to a coed squad.
Most removals of the clitoris occur as female genital mutilation, defined by the World Health Organisation as " all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs whether for cultural, religious or other non-therapeutic reasons.
Most instances of elves in ballads are male ; the only commonly encountered female elf is the Queen of Elfland, who appears in Thomas the Rhymer and The Queen of Elfland's Nourice, in which a woman is abducted to be a wet-nurse to the queen's baby, but promised that she may return home once the child is weaned.
Most of the Poeciliidae are ovoviviparous, that is, while the eggs are retained inside the body of the female for protection, the eggs are essentially independent of the mother and she does not provide them with any nutrients.
Most commonly, intrasexual selection involves male – male competition and intersexual selection involves female choice of suitable males, due to the generally greater investment of resources for a female than a male in a single offspring.
Most prairie dog family groups are made up of one adult breeding male, two to three adult females and one to two male offspring and one to two female offspring.
Most of his works of this period are female nudes.
Most of the voices for the female guards are on the registered CD version as a bonus.
Most scorpions reproduce sexually, and most species have male and female individuals.
Most male Sikhs have Singh ( lion ) and most female Sikhs Kaur ( princess ) as their middle names.
Most versions also have disciplinarian female hosts, similar in attitude and appearance to Robinson in the British version.
Most societies have only two distinct, broad classes of gender roles, masculine and feminine, that correspond with the biological sexes of male and female.
Most female mammals have an estrous cycle, yet only primates ( including humans ) have a menstrual cycle.
Most notable amongst performers in the leading female role has been Leyla Gencer.
Most of them took traditional female jobs.
Most species appear to be gonochorists, with separate male and female individuals.
Most species have separate male and female flowers, but a few have bisexual flowers.
Most public schools do not have school uniforms although some encourage traditional Emirati clothing such as the kandora for male students and abaya for female students.
Most commercial cultivars are hermaphroditic ; cultivars that produce only functionally female flowers require the presence of male trees.
Most fig inflorescences contain three kinds of flowers: male, short female, and long female.

Most and faces
Most children love the animated puppet faces and their flexible bodies, and they prefer to see them as though the puppets were in action, rather than put away in boxes.
" Most of the time you can see their faces ," he added, " That's really them in the trees.
Most of the Merops bee-eaters have a line through the eye and many have differently coloured throats and faces.
Most of the other buildings are Victorian or later and include: St. Alban Quad ( or " Stubbins "), designed by Basil Champneys, built on the site of the medieval St. Alban Hall ( elements of the older façade are incorporated into the part that faces onto Merton Street ); the Grove building, built in 1864 by William Butterfield but " chastened " in the 1930s ; the buildings beyond the Fellows ' Garden called " Rose Lane "; several buildings north of Merton Street, including a real tennis court, and the Old Warden's Lodgings ( designed by Champneys in 1903 ); and a new quadrangle in Holywell Street, some distance away from the college.
Most of the community is on a hillside that faces north or west towards Whidbey Island.
Most formats feature the original full-color " faces " album cover, composed of portrait photographs of the four band members: these include the 12 " vinyl LP, the audio cassette, and the original pressings of the European and Japanese CDs.
Most of the film depicts Luther's attempts to understand and deal with these two faces of Eve.
Most of the Garamond faces are more closely related to the work of a later punch-cutter, Jean Jannon.
Most scientists agree that during the perception of faces, major activations occur in the extrastriate areas bilaterally, particularly in the fusiform gyri and in the inferior temporal gyri.
Most importantly, through the use of mobile cameras and lighter sound equipment, the filmmakers were able to follow the candidates as they wound their way through cheering crowds, cram with them into crowded hotel rooms, and to hover around their faces as they awaited polling results.
Most files have teeth on all faces, but some specialty flat files have teeth only on the face or only on the edge, so that the user can come right up to another edge without damaging the finish on it.
Most of the geographical faces of the island consists of lower plains, swamps, small hills, beautiful beaches, white pepper fields and tin minings.
Team 3D quickly established themselves as faces by confronting the heel NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett and his allies, the NWA World Tag Team Champions, America's Most Wanted ( AMW ).
Most existing Byzantine enamels have soldered cloisons, however the use of solder to adhere the cloison wires has fallen out of favor due to its difficulty, with the exception of some " purist contemporary enamellists " who create fine watch faces and high quality very expensive jewelry.
Most distinctively, they bear five faces, each representing a different emotion.
Most have faces like porridge.
Most medieval European battle axes had a socketed head ( meaning that the broader, butt-end of the blade contained an opening into which a wooden haft was inserted ), and some included langets — long strips of metal affixed to the faces of the haft to prevent it from being damaged during combat.
The town was placed on the World Monuments Fund's 2006 Watch List of the 100 Most Endangered Sites, due to the threats it faces from erosion and unregulated tourism.
Col. Henry Boernstein, publisher of the Anzeiger des Westens a prominent German Language newspaper in St. Louis and commander of the 2 Regiment of Missouri Volunteers, remarked in his memoirs that he gave several of his men leave to visit their families on the morning of May 11 and that,Most of them did not return … until it grew dark, with clothing torn, faces beaten bloody, and all the signs of having suffered mistreatment … Two of them never returned and they were never heard of again .”
Most of the recent seasons have had a format in which gameplay cycles as follows: a challenge for all teams, followed by an elimination challenge in which the losing team faces off against a team selected by the winning team, resulting in elimination of the losers.
Most have shortened faces compared to larger rabbits, and some even preserve the rounded head, large eyes, or small ears of the Netherland dwarf. These features make them look little.
Most macaws nest in holes in large trees, however here there are no very large trees in its range so it nests in vertical fissures in cliff faces.
Later Boris Almazov made an important observation in a speech: " Most of our writers who describe the lives of Russian state officials and people from governmental spheres have only fleeting experiences of this kind ... More often than not they've served only formally, hardly noticing the faces of their chiefs, let alone those of their colleagues.
Most of the Monkees had some fuzzy growth on their faces and this has come to be known as the ' Beard Cover '.

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