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Most and foreign
" Despite having the quote presented to a notable organisation, it has also appeared in books such as " The Most Stupid Words Ever Spoken " as it is deemed by some Westerners as a prime example of a lack of understanding of foreign culinary traditions in the Western world.
Most U. S. conservatives prefer Republicans over Democrats, and most factions favor a strong foreign policy and a strong military.
Most foreign and domestic corporate debt indices also suffered in 2008, posting losses significantly worse than the average hedge fund.
Most foreign militaries operated under the umbrella of the Multinational force in Iraq ( the MNF – I ), authorized under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1546, 1637, 1723, and 1790 until December 31, 2008.
Most major foreign multinational corporations operating in Pakistan have their headquarters in Karachi.
Most of the foreign community in Malta, predominantly active or retired British nationals and their dependents, is centred on Sliema and surrounding modern suburbs.
Most of foreign tourists were from: Romania ( 14, 8 %), Russia ( 13, 0 %), Ukraine ( 11, 0 %), Germany ( 9, 3 %), USA ( 5, 2 %), Turkey ( 4, 4 %),
Most of the 100, 000 foreign residents are French or Spanish.
Most famously, Riggs Bank, in Washington D. C., was prosecuted and functionally driven out of business as a result of its failure to apply proper money laundering controls, particularly as it related to foreign political figures.
Most English words beginning with P are of foreign origin, primarily French, Latin, Greek, and Slavic.
Most foreign investments originated from Brazil, West Germany, the United States, Portugal, and Argentina in that order of importance.
Most foreign investors are German and Dutch companies ( see List of corporations in Poznań ), along with a few others.
Most voters support the government in its philosophy of armed neutrality underlying its foreign and defense policies.
Most foreign embassies in the Netherlands and 150 international organisations are located in the city, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, which makes The Hague one of the major cities hosting the United Nations, along with New York, Vienna and Geneva.
Most of this foreign aid ( in excess of $ 15 billion ) has been to Arab and Muslim countries.
Most were constructed by foreign companies in the interest of foreign aid.
Most of the tallest and most important government building and foreign embassies are based in Central Freetown.
Most price controls were removed, the laws affecting mining and oil exploration were improved, and an investment policy receptive to foreign investment was announced.
Most recently, former ambassador Dennis Ross advocated this approach to foreign policy in his 2007 book Statecraft: And How to Restore America's Standing in the World.
Most of the regalia of these kingdoms, however, have been lost at various points in time, due to the successive rise and fall of the Korean dynasties and the subsequent and frequent raiding of Korean royal tombs and palaces by both Korean and foreign armies.
Most of the Crown Jewels were plundered by foreign invaders such as the Swedes, Germans and Russians.
Most forms of ecotourism are owned by foreign investors and corporations that provide few benefits to local communities.
Most French men and women had faith in the Vichy government and its figurehead, Marshal Pétain, who continued to be widely-regarded as the " savior " of France, and this generous opinion of Vichy continued until its unpopular policies and collaboration with the foreign occupiers became broadly apparent.

Most and civilians
Most likely a comparable number of civilians died of war-induced disease and other indirect effects.
Most of the casualties were civilians or wounded soldiers recuperating in local hospitals, whereas factories survived the attack generally undamaged.
Most of the British subjects were escorted towards the border with Mozambique, women and other South African civilians were left heading for various destinations.
Most of the government officials, as well some Igbo civilians, followed Biafran troops across the Niger River.
Most of its victims were Irish Catholic civilians, who were often chosen at random.
Most unprivileged combatants who do not qualify for protection under the Third Geneva Convention do so under the Fourth Geneva Convention ( GCIV ), which concerns civilians, until they have had a " fair and regular trial ".
Most of the village was burned down, and three civilians were killed.
Most country towns and rural areas were patrolled by pairs of Guardia Civil, a military police for civilians, which functioned as his chief means of social control.
Most of these attacks aim to populated areas and cause Collateral Damage among civilians.
Most of these were bystanders or civilians manning small shops set up near the bank.
Most were former Union soldiers eager to invest their savings in this promising new frontier, and civilians lured south by press reports of " the fabulous sums of money to be made in the South in raising cotton.
Most area denial weapons pose long-lasting risks to anyone entering the area, specifically to civilians, and thus are often controversial.
Most of the British press, outraged by the reports of rape and the killings of civilians and wounded British soldiers, did not advocate clemency of any kind.
Most of the faculty are civilians.
Most of the levels in the game are restricted to two types of gameplay ; in some levels, referred to as Ride Levels in the game's instruction manual, Superman is instructed to fly through a series of hoops by Lex Luthor ; in between, he is also tasked to perform certain feats such as battling Luthor's minions the Dark Shadows and rescuing civilians from natural or artificial disasters, firstly stopping two cars from trapping civilians.
Most civilians were not killed and many were released into the country west of Warsaw, but some were sent to concentration camps or subjected to slave labour.
Most Muslim countries impose hanging for civilians arming themselves for conflict.
Most historians believe that the atrocities against Chinese civilians by the occupying Japanese forces in Nanking were systematic actions ordered by high level officials in Tokyo to demonstrate their rage against their inability to defeat China in three months ( as they have announced ) and also in hope to crush the Chinese will of continuing the resistance.
Most breeding programs are carried out by scientists but some can be made doctors and other civilians.
Most civilians do not recognize Garrett as a criminal, although wanted posters are frequently visible on City walls.
Most naval personnel were evacuated aboard the merchantman Empire Star on February 12, but Spooner and a few others remained behind to assist in organizing the evacuation of civilians from the island, which was now just days away from surrender.
Most civilians from areas near the border did not have a chance to evacuate when the Nazis began their invasion on June 22, 1941.
Most of the personnel located on the post are civilians employed by DoD, or employees of companies under contract with the DoD.

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