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Most and individuals
Most of the remaining individuals in this sample have been classified definitively only as belonging to macro-haplogroup M.
Most individuals who balance their cheque-book each month are using such a system, and most personal finance software follows this approach.
Most of these incidents did not involve bloodshed, although individuals were at times manhandled, and the Boys sometimes did extensive property damage when driving tenants out.
Most commonly, a household is a family unit of some kind, though households may be other social groups, organizations or individuals.
Most individuals are relatively tame within a short period of time, and are capable of recognizing individual humans and discriminating between more familiar keepers.
Most locksmiths also do electronic lock servicing, such as making keys for transponder-equipped vehicles and the implementation and application of access control systems protecting individuals and assets for many large institutions.
Most of these are installed in government offices, collective farms, and state-owned enterprises ( SOEs ), with only perhaps 10 percent controlled by individuals or households.
Most individuals understand that they are suffering from an irrational fear, but they are powerless to override their initial panic reaction.
Most studies evaluated individuals aged 50 or older and the increased risk of fractures was primarily in this group.
Most cultures, however, recognize the ability of individuals to withhold certain parts of their personal information from wider society-a figleaf over the genitals being an ancient example.
Most individuals associated with the project, including O ' Brien, agree that the film will probably never be made, owing to the failure of Shock Treatment and the aging of the cast.
Most of these branches committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, and many individuals were tried for these offences after the war.
Most individuals require initial antibiotics to clear any infection and intermittently afterwards to treat acute exacerbations of chronic rhinosinusitis.
Most scorpions reproduce sexually, and most species have male and female individuals.
Most of what is known about Malory stems from the accounts describing him in the prayers found in the Winchester Manuscript, distinguishing him from the other six individuals also bearing the name Thomas Malory in the 15th century when Le Morte d ' Arthur was written.
Most escapes were by individuals or small groups ; occasionally, there were mass escapes, such as with the Pearl incident.
Most of human prehistory was spent as small bands of hunter-gatherers ; these bands were rarely larger than 150 individuals, and were not in contact with other bands very often.
Most individuals who enter an emergency department and are unaware of their names are generally in a psychotic state.
Most internet sites containing personal profiles require individuals to fill in " personal information " sections.
Most species appear to be gonochorists, with separate male and female individuals.
Most of the time, such individuals were sent back to the place of their origin, being appointed important positions in the local governing body.
Most Culture individuals opt to have drug glands that allow for hormonal levels and other chemical secretions to be consciously monitored, released and controlled.
Most species stay within their breeding range all year, but make short seasonal movements ; many individuals of the Ptarmigan ( called Rock Ptarmigan in America ) and Willow Grouse ( called Willow Ptarmigan in America ) migrate hundreds of kilometers.
Most of the fossil echinoids from the Paleozoic era are incomplete, consisting of isolated spines and small clusters of scattered plates from crushed individuals, mostly in Devonian and Carboniferous rocks.

Most and involved
Most Aster CT-80's ( about 10 thousand of them ) were sold to schools for computer education, in a project first known as the " honderd scholen project " ( one hundred schools project ), but which later involved many more than just one hundred schools.
Most Protestants deny the need for this type of continuity and the historical claims involved have been severely questioned ; Eric Jay comments that the account given of the emergence of the episcopate in chapter III of Lumen Gentium " is very sketchy, and many ambiguities in the early history of the Christian ministry are passed over " Their reasons are given in detail below.
Most AC-III's are integral membrane proteins involved in transducing extracellular signals into intracellular responses.
Most of the inhabitants were descendants of the original Puritan colonists, but there was also a small elite of Anglican " worthies " who were not involved in village life, who made their livings from estates, investments, and trade, and lived in mansions along " the Road to Watertown " ( today's Brattle Street, still known as Tory Row ).
Most recently Chuck D became involved in Let Freedom Sing: The Music of the Civil Rights, a 3-CD box set from Time Life.
Most members of Enterobacteriaceae have peritrichous, type I fimbriae involved in the adhesion of the bacterial cells to their hosts.
Most of the colonists ' endeavors involved making hourly weather observations and gradually developing a rudimentary infrastructure on the island, including the clearing of a landing strip for airplanes.
Most commonly, the abducens nerve ( sixth nerve ) is involved.
Most inventions involved costly, intricate mechanisms and required the user to perform complex manipulations.
Most early processes in Europe and Africa involved smelting iron ore in a bloomery, where the temperature is kept low enough so that the iron does not melt.
Most of their efforts were centered around crippling Malaysia's economy and involved sabotage against trains, rubber trees, water pipes, and electric lines.
Most such changes are sporadic, but occasionally a sound law is involved, as Romance * tl > Spanish ld, thus * kapitlu, * titlu " chapter ( of a cathedral )", " tittle " > Spanish cabildo, tilde.
Most of the others involved China or neighboring peoples.
Most capital market transactions are executed electronically, sometimes a human operator is involved, and sometimes unattended computer systems execute the transactions, as happens in algorithmic trading.
Most advanced nations like to use capital controls sparingly if at all, as in theory allowing markets freedom is a win-win situation for all involved: investors are free to seek maximum returns, and countries can benefit from investments that will develop their industry and infrastructure.
Most synthetic rubies originate from flame fusion, due to the low costs involved.
Most of the groups involved with establishing this protected land were involved with hunting and were motivated by their personal observations of declining wildlife and habitat.
Most of his work involved research in temperament, conditioning and involuntary reflex actions.
Most Russian rural residents are involved in agricultural work, and it is very common for villagers to produce their own food.
** Most famously HMS Terror ( 1813 ), sister ship of HMS Erebus and involved in Captain Sir John Franklin's lost expedition through the Arctic
Most peregrini or exiles of this type were seeking personal spiritual fulfillment, but many became involved in missionary endeavors.
Most of his scenes involved Claude Rains and Jose Ferrer, both of whom had previously worked with Lean on Lawrence of Arabia.
Both Granger and Dunleavy were involved in the voting for Most Improved Player, with Dunleavy finishing in the top 10.

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