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Most and light
Most of the Junkers were above the blinding light of the flares, and the radar-controlled shore gun had been knocked out by one of the first sticks of bombs.
Most eggs contain the pigment melanin which raises their temperature through the absorption of light and also protects them against ultraviolet radiation.
Most outback sheep stations and cattle stations have an airstrip and quite a few have their own light plane.
Most of the other light aircraft acquired by the FABF in the 1970s and 1980s have also now been retired along with the Mi-4 helicopters, but some recent acquisitions have been made, including a Beechcraft King Air, a Piper PA-34 Seneca, a CEAPR Robin light training aircraft, and a single Air Tractor AT-802 aerial sprayer aircraft for spraying insecticides, purchased after the northern part of the country suffered heavy crop damage from a 2004 invasion of swarming locusts.
Most plants must adapt to a variety of environmental factors, including changes in temperature, light and moisture.
Most psychologists and neuroscientists have not accepted these arguments — nevertheless it is clear that the relationship between a physical entity such as light and a perceptual quality such as color is extraordinarily complex and indirect, as demonstrated by a variety of optical illusions such as neon color spreading.
Most commuter ( or suburban ) trains are built to main line rail standards, differing from light rail or rapid transit ( metro rail ) systems by:
Most accounts of Cyril place him in better light like Theodoret of Cyrrhus who referred to Cyril as “ an earnest champion of the apostolic decrees of Nicaea and says nothing about Arian conspiracy to make him Maximus successor ”.
Most electromagnetic waves of higher frequency than visible light ( UV and X-rays ) are blocked by absorption from electronic excitation in ozone and dioxygen ( for UV ), and by ionization of air for energies in the extreme UV and above.
Most modern day electronics now use printed circuit boards made of materials such as FR4, or the cheaper ( and less hard-wearing ) Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper ( SRBP, also known as Paxoline / Paxolin ( trade marks ) and FR2 )-characterised by its light yellow-to-brown colour.
Most of the discovered extrasolar planets lie within 300 light years of the Solar System.
Most manufacturing is light assembly and food processing, geared to the domestic, U. S., and Central American markets.
Most mammals have light skin that is covered by fur, and biologists believe that early human ancestors started out this way also.
Most IKEA stores take back burned out light bulbs and drained batteries and makes sure they are recycled responsibly.
Most biographers consider the story of Mafia blackmail to be unlikely in light of the FBI's investigations of the Mafia.
Most practical lasers contain additional elements that affect properties of the emitted light such as the polarization, the wavelength, and the shape of the beam.
Most fluorescence microscopes are operated in the Epi-illumination mode ( illumination and detection from one side of the sample ) to further decrease the amount of excitation light entering the detector.
Most mirrors are designed for visible light ; however, mirrors designed for other types of waves or other wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are also used, especially in non-optical instruments.
Most researchers of the subject at the time used the perceived light of a dim phosphorescent surface as " detectors ", although work in the period clearly showed the change in brightness to be a physiological phenomenon rather than some actual change in the level of illumination.
Most optical phenomena can be accounted for using the classical electromagnetic description of light.
Most of these use a single scalar quantity to represent the electric field of the light wave, rather than using a vector model with orthogonal electric and magnetic vectors.
Most organisms that utilize photosynthesis to produce oxygen use visible light to do so, although at least three use infrared radiation.
Most photographs are created using a camera, which uses a lens to focus the scene's visible wavelengths of light into a reproduction of what the human eye would see.
Most 35 mm SLRs use a roof pentaprism or penta-mirror to direct the light to the eyepiece, first used on the 1949 Contax S from East Germany.

Most and annual
Most Apiaceae are annual, biennial or perennial herbs ( frequently with the leaves aggregated toward the base ), though a minority are shrubs or trees.
Most of the annual magistracies at Athens could only be held once in a lifetime.
Most of the special interest groups also have an annual conference.
The Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Award ( MVP ) is an annual Major League Baseball ( MLB ) award, given to one outstanding player in the American League and one in the National League.
Most of the plants in this family are annual vines but there are also woody lianas, thorny shrubs, and trees ( Dendrosicyos ).
She was No. 1 in Peoples annual 100 Most Beautiful People list in 2007.
Most females show biennial reproduction, although annual births have been reported.
Most famous Serbian ham ( pršut in Serbian ) is produced in Zlatibor mountain region, especially Mačkat village, where annual ham festival is held every January.
Most of the rain falls as summer thunderstorms: 85 % of the annual precipitation falls between the months of October and April.
Most of Thailand has a Tropical wet and dry or savanna climate ( Aw ) according to the Köppen climate classification, while the South and the eastern tip of the East have a tropical monsoon climate ( Am ); countrywide, temperatures normally range from an average annual high of to a low of.
Most precipitation falls between January and May ; precipitation is slight throughout the country, with annual averages ranging from in the Kopet Dag to in the northwest.
Most of the country also is quite arid, with average annual rainfall amounting to between and occurring mostly in winter and spring.
Most were held annually or at annual intervals on the Roman calendar.
She has appeared on Peoples annual list of The Most Beautiful every year since 1995, and came in at # 1 in 2004.
Most recently it hosted the second annual National Hockey League Winter Classic on January 1, 2009.
Most of the Pueblos have annual ceremonies that are open to the public.
Most rain falls during the short rainy season ( hivernage ), from July to September, and average annual precipitation varies from in the far south to less than in the northern two-thirds of the country.
Prince was also listed in TIME magazine's 2010 annual ranking of the " 100 Most Influential People in the World ".
Most are funded by the Washington University Student Union, which has a $ 2 million plus annual budget that is completely student controlled and is one of the largest student government budgets in the country.
Most of these enterprises employ the ethanolamine method to produce a total annual production of about 3, 000 tons.
Most of the city's annual rainfall of falls between April and October.
In 2011, he ranked No. 46 on AskMens annual rundown of the 49 Most Influential Men.
Most Dutch people continue to enjoy this as a cherished tradition and see Zwarte Piet as a fairy tale figure, without any racial implications, and look forward to his annual appearance, while a minority, as well as many visitors, see him as a racist caricature and fear it shapes Dutch children's perceptions of black people.
Witherspoon has been featured four times in the annual " 100 Most Beautiful " issues of People magazine.

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