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Most and major
Most of us remember and think of the Wagner-Peyser Act in its historical sense, as a major milestone in the development of public placement services.
Most of the population lives in the western and northwestern parts of the country, where the two major cities, Yerevan and Gyumri ( which was called Aleksandropol ' during the tsarist period ), are located.
Most of the major temples, including the Parthenon, were rebuilt under the leadership of Pericles during the Golden Age of Athens ( 460 – 430 BC ).
Most recently the 2008 movie Iron Man used the Larghetto movement from Salieri's Piano Concerto in C major.
Most of the major developments in analytical chemistry take place after 1900.
Most major powers repudiated Cold War assassination tactics, though many allege that this was merely a smokescreen for political benefit and that covert and illegal training of assassins continues today, with Russia, Israel, the U. S., Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, and other nations accused of still regularly engaging in such operations.
Most of Australia's iron ore is also mined in the Pilbara and it also has one of the world's major manganese mines,
Most of the major highways have an excellent bitumen surface and other major roads are usually well-maintained dirt roads.
Most of the major Beanoland attractions remain in operation today but have been rethemed as " Wild Asia ".
Most imperial powers had not foreseen a need to prepare their colonies for independence ; for example, Britain had given limited self-rule to India and Sri Lanka, while treating British Somaliland as little more than a trading post, while all major decisions for French colonies were made in Paris and Belgium prohibited any self-government up until it suddenly granted independence to its colonies in 1960.
Most clearly seen in his two major exiles where Cyril was disgraced and forced to leave his position and his people behind.
Most of his roles are cameo appearances, as in Into The Night, Jason X, To Die For, Blood_and_Donuts and Alias, but on occasion he has played major roles, as in Nightbreed or Last Night.
Most of the docks themselves have survived and are now used as marinas or watersports centres ( the major exception being the Surrey Commercial Docks, now largely filled in ).
Most obviously, the musical film was born ; the first classic-style Hollywood musical was The Broadway Melody ( 1929 ) and the form would find its first major creator in choreographer / director Busby Berkeley ( 42nd Street, 1933, Dames, 1934 ).
Most of the film noirs of the classic period were similarly low-and modestly budgeted features without major stars — B movies either literally or in spirit.
It was the second major " wanted " list following the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.
Most major circuits in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom saw the series visit at least once.
Most soils have three major horizons -- the surface horizon ( A ), the subsoil ( B ), and the substratum ( C ).
Most of the major parts, however, were made elsewhere, including some probably fabricated at the West Milwaukee railshops where oldest brother William A. Davidson was then toolroom foreman.
Most classical Italian poems are composed of hendecasyllables ; for example, the major works by Dante, Francesco Petrarca, Ludovico Ariosto, and Torquato Tasso.
Most hotels and major hospitality companies that operate hotels have set widely accepted industry standards to classify hotel types.
Most major compiler vendors for Windows still provide free copies of their command-line tools, including Microsoft ( Visual C ++, Platform SDK,. NET Framework SDK, nmake utility ), Embarcadero Technologies ( bcc32 compiler, make utility ).
Most major IC / BPS clinics now evaluate the pelvic floor and / or refer patients directly to a physical therapist for a prompt treatment of pelvic floor muscle tension or weakness.

Most and companies
Most hardware companies today have more software programmers on the payroll than hardware designers, since software tools have automated many tasks of Printed circuit board engineers.
Most companies had their software on the books for 0 dollars, unable to claim it as an asset ( this is similar to financing of popular music in those days ).
Most recently in 2010, Payscale also ranked Dartmouth first in producing CEOs of for-profit companies, out of all undergraduate programs at United States universities.
Most of the individuals involved have moved on to other companies or efforts.
Most auto insurance companies offer this coverage to consumers as well.
Most tourist attractions are operated by private companies, including companies owned, or funded by the States of Jersey.
Most of those who remain trade union members in Poland work for former state-owned companies.
Most regulations permit a threshold level of lubricant that may be present in waste streams and companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually in treating their waste waters to get to acceptable levels.
Most histories of M & A begin in the late 19th U. S. However, mergers coincide historically with the existence of companies.
Most notable of the professional companies are Nashville Children's Theatre, Tennessee Repertory Theatre, the Nashville Shakespeare Festival, the Dance Theatre of Tennessee and the Tennessee Women's Theater Project.
Most companies operated well below their capacity.
Most foreign investors are German and Dutch companies ( see List of corporations in Poznań ), along with a few others.
Most of these companies failed because of a shortage of funds.
Most counties have companies that do ticketing, marketing and financing of local passenger rail, but the actual operation are done by the above mentioned companies.
Most of the companies are in the engineering, graphics, motion picture, or video game industries.
Most companies that harvest in Canadian forests are certified by an independent third party agency such as the Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC ), Sustainable Forests Initiative ( SFI ), or the Canadian Standards Association ( CSA ).
Most broadcasting organisations, BBC and commercial, lease transmission facilities from one or more of the transmission companies.
Most companies signed up for top level domains like. com instead.
Most were constructed by foreign companies in the interest of foreign aid.
Most British colonies mustered ill-trained militia companies to deal with native threats, but did not have any standing forces.
History's Most Influential Super-heroes " < nowiki >< nowiki ></ nowiki ></ ref > However, there have been significant heroes owned by others, especially since the 1990s when Image Comics and other companies that allowed creators to maintain trademark and editorial control over their characters developed.

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