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Most and mountainous
Most of the larger islands are mountainous, with peaks ranging between meters above sea level in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, and Seram.
Most of Russia consists of two plains ( the East European Plain and the West Siberian Plain ), two lowlands ( the North Siberian and the Kolyma, in far northeastern Siberia ), two plateaus ( the Central Siberian Plateau and the Lena Plateau to its east ), and a series of mountainous areas mainly concentrated in the extreme northeast or extending intermittently along the southern border.
Most of the islands, rising steeply from the sea, are rugged and mountainous.
Most of Silesia is relatively flat, although its southern border is generally mountainous.
Most of the islands, including Saint Thomas and Saint John, are volcanic in origin and are mostly hilly to rugged and mountainous with little level land.
Most of Harris is mountainous, with large areas of exposed rock and Clisham, the archipelago's only Corbett, reaches in height.
Most of the islands are mountainous, some with active volcanoes, and enjoy a wet climate.
Most maquisards operated in the mountainous areas of Brittany and southern France, especially in the Alps and in Limousin.
Most of the province is mountainous, and in only a few areas such as around Kōchi and Nakamura is there a coastal plain.
Most of the terrain of Castile and León consists of a large portion of Spain's Meseta Central, surrounded by mountainous regions.
Most of the land is mountainous and is covered with a thriving second growth forest.
Most of the province is in the mountainous Sistema Ibérico area
Most of the territory is mountainous, and almost 80 % of it is forested.
Most of its territory is mountainous with some valleys, much of which is part of the Andes mountain range.
Most species in this family live in mountainous habitats in and around the Himalayas, and all are distributed in Eurasia except the American Bushtit, which is native to western North America.
Most of the islands have mountainous interiors surrounded by narrow coastal plains.
Most of the Soviet Union consisted of three plains ( East European Plain, West Siberian Plain, and Turan Lowland ), two plateaus ( Central Siberian Plateau and Kazakh Upland ), and a series of mountainous areas, concentrated for the most part in the extreme northeast or extending intermittently along the southern border.
Most of the region is mountainous or hilly, the main features being the Apennine chain along the internal boundary and an extensive system of hills descending towards the Adriatic.
The History Channel rated Eagle County Regional Airport as # 8 on its list of Most Extreme Airports in July 2010 due to the altitude, weather variability, an approach through mountainous terrain and challenging departure procedures.
Most of the province is hilly to very mountainous between Graaff-Reinet and Rhodes including the Sneeuberge ( English: Snow Mountains ), Stormberge, Winterberge and Drakensberg ( English: Dragon Mountains ).
Most of the area is mountainous.
Most of the canton is pastoral, this despite being mountainous.
Most of the land is mountainous allowing for little in the way of agriculture.
Most of the natural forest remains on these mountainous islands although much of the coastal and lowland areas have been cleared for clove planting since the sixteenth century, especially on the islands of Ternate and Tidore, while logging has occurred more recently on Halmahera and Morotai.

Most and boundary
Most of the boundary between Delaware and Pennsylvania was originally defined by an arc extending from the cupola of the courthouse in the city of New Castle.
Most configurations cannot be solved analytically, but can yield numerical solutions through finite element and boundary element methods.
* Most of the southern half of the boundary with Somalia is a Provisional Administrative Line, not an international boundary, which is ignored by rival clans within Ethiopia's Ogaden and southern Somalia's Oromo region
Most geologists and paleontologists would probably set the Proterozoic-Phanerozoic boundary either at the classic point where the first trilobites and reef building animals ( archaeocyatha ) such as corals and others appear ; at the first appearance of a complex feeding burrow called Treptichnus pedum ; or at the first appearance of a group of small, generally disarticulated, armored forms termed ' the small shelly fauna '.
Most of the southern half of the boundary is a Provisional Administrative Line.
Most CPUs can access individual bytes from each memory address, but they generally cannot access larger units ( 16 bits, 32 bits, 64 bits and so on ) without these units being " aligned " to a specific boundary.
Most of the dissipation occurs in a turbulent bottom boundary layer in shallow seas such as the European shelf around the British Isles, the Patagonian shelf off Argentina, and the Bering Sea.
Most directly, when using Fourier-related transforms to solve partial differential equations by spectral methods, the boundary conditions are directly specified as a part of the problem being solved.
Most of the time, hernias develop when pressure in the compartment of the residing organ is increased, and the boundary is weak or weakened.
Most of the Delaware – Pennsylvania boundary is an arc, and the Delaware – Maryland boundary does not run truly north-south because it was intended to bisect the Delmarva Peninsula rather than follow a meridian.
Most geographers, in fact, do not look upon India as bounded by the river Indus, but add to it the four satrapies of the Gedrose, the Arachotë, the Aria, and the Paropamisadë, the River Cophes thus forming the extreme boundary of India.
Most corals live within this boundary.
Most of the land within the county boundary is under Federal Trust for the exclusive use by enrolled Menominee Indians.
Most of the township's northern boundary is defined by the Minnesota River ; the Yellow Bank River, a tributary of the Minnesota, flows through the eastern part of the township.
Most violations occur due to the absence of a physical boundary and lack of navigational tools for small fishermen.
Most of the boundary walls have been subjected to rebuilding and restorations in the course of the first millennium AD ; but the most remarkable re-arrangement took place in the 16th century.
Most of its islands form the eastern boundary of the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean, with the remainder located in the southern Caribbean just north of South America.
Most important it gave the United States the Rio Grande boundary for Texas, and gave the U. S. ownership of California, and a large area comprising New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado.
Most directly, when using Fourier-related transforms to solve partial differential equations by spectral methods, the boundary conditions are directly specified as a part of the problem being solved.
Most of that water area is accounted for by the portions of the Wallkill which forms Montgomery's northern boundary ; there are no other significant bodies of water in the village.
Most modern SAME equipped radios can be programmed to receive alerts for more than one FIPS code if the user is located along a county boundary.

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