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Most and musical
Most of his written musical observations are found in his commentary on Aristotle's Poetics.
Most communities across the country will host organized celebrations for Canada Day, usually outdoor public events, such as parades, carnivals, festivals, barbecues, air and maritime shows, fireworks, and free musical concerts, as well as citizenship ceremonies for new citizens.
Most obviously, the musical film was born ; the first classic-style Hollywood musical was The Broadway Melody ( 1929 ) and the form would find its first major creator in choreographer / director Busby Berkeley ( 42nd Street, 1933, Dames, 1934 ).
The musical numbers " Ah, But Underneath " ( replacing " The Story of Lucy and Jessie "), " Country House ", " Make the Most of Your Music " ( replacing " Live, Laugh, Love "), " Social Dancing " and a new version of " Loveland " have been incorporated into various productions.
Most of Schmidt's principal musical friends were Jews, and they benefited from his generosity.
Most Center for the Arts events take place here, including operas, orchestras, ballets, and musical and theatrical performances such as Kid Cudi in 2010.
Most of the musical films of the 1950s and 1960s such as Oklahoma!
Most orchestrators often work from a draft ( sketch ), or short score, that is, a score written on limited number of independent musical staves.
Most films require 30 to 120 minutes of musical score.
Most of the world's foremost authorities on Gagaku music ( the ancient classical Shinto music of the imperial court of Japan ) are also Tenrikyo followers, and Gagaku music is actively promoted by Tenrikyo, although, strictly speaking, the Mikagura-Uta and Gagaku are separate musical forms.
Most characteristic are the productions of Jerzy Grzegorzewski ( Theatre director between 1997 – 2002 ), who, employing complicated stage equipment ( metaphoric scenographic elements such as pantographs, huge musical instruments, or symbolic props ) and creating his own montage of classic texts, testing their value, searching for their relevance to the here and now.
* Most nominated with fewer wins: The musical The Scottsboro Boys ( 2011 ) was nominated for 12 Tony Awards but did not win any.
Most of these musical styles are also be played by wind ensembles of varying sizes at popular festivals around the country.
The subculture surfaced on Broadway as musical comedy in The Nervous Set ( 1959 ) by Neurotica editor Jay Landesman and Theodore J. Flicker with music by Tommy Wolf and lyrics by Fran Landesman ; this was the source of two jazz standards, " Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most " and " The Ballad of the Sad Young Men " ( recorded by Gil Evans, Anita O ' Day, Roberta Flack, Petula Clark, Rod McKuen, Shirley Bassey and others ).
Most of Aiken's dialogue is lifted verbatim from Stowe's novel and it included four full musical numbers written by the producer, George C. Howard.
Most notably, Cyril Ritchard played Captain Hook in the 1954 musical adaptation which starred Mary Martin as Peter Pan.
Most march composers come from the United States or Europe, and have some type of musical background.
Most famously, it was adapted as the Broadway musical and later film versions of Fiddler on the Roof.
Most historians agree that Dvořák is referring to the pentatonic scale, which is typical of each of these musical traditions.
Most machines were capable of holding only one musical selection, the automation coming from the ability to play that one selection at will.
Most of the teen idols in the 1990s were from boy bands and musical acts.
Most of his writings, which dealt with philosophy, ethics and music, have been lost, but one musical treatise, Elements of Harmony, survives incomplete, as well as some fragments concerning rhythm and meter.
Since 1982, Shaffer has served as musical director for David Letterman's late night talk shows: as leader of " The World's Most Dangerous Band " for Late Night with David Letterman ( 1982 – 1993 ) on NBC, for which he also composed the theme song, and as leader of the CBS Orchestra for the Late Show with David Letterman ( 1993 – present ) on CBS.

Most and instruments
Most Protestant denominations deny the need of maintaining episcopal continuity with the early Church, holding that the role of the apostles was that, having been chosen directly by Jesus as witnesses of his resurrection, they were to be the " special instruments of the Holy Spirit in founding and building up the Church ".
Most drummers extend their kits from this basic pattern, adding more drums, more cymbals, and many other instruments.
Most modern harpsichords based on historic instruments have plastic ( delrin or celcon ) plectra.
Most modern instruments provide simple solutions for micro-photography and image recording electronically.
Most mirrors are designed for visible light ; however, mirrors designed for other types of waves or other wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are also used, especially in non-optical instruments.
Most recently lap style slide has been re-born via artists like Jack White, Sean Kirkwood and Xavier Rudd-both players of weissenborns, the former using original early 1900s instruments long with modern day variations such as his own co-designed Asher signature model, the latter using modern reproductions of weissenborn.
Most of these instruments are made of wood but can be made of other materials, such as metal or plastic.
Most sousaphones are manufactured from sheet brass, usually yellow or silver, with silver, lacquer, and gold plating options, much like many brass instruments.
Most of these, though using the same conservation of angular momentum as a gyro, were not utilized as instruments.
Most Earth observation satellites carry instruments that should be operated at a relatively low altitude.
Most string instruments can be fitted with piezoelectric or magnetic pickups to convert the string's vibrations into an electrical signal that is amplified and then converted back into sound by loudspeakers.
Most modern brass instruments are considerably longer than the cornett, which permits the use of harmonics, the sound being altered by slides or valves to control the pitch.
Most physicians advise against sharing hair care instruments like combs and clips, to prevent spreading hair conditions like dandruff and head lice.
Most optical telescopes are housed within a dome or similar structure, to protect the delicate instruments from the elements.
Most reeds for woodwind instruments are made from cane, but synthetic reeds are used by a small number of clarinetists, saxophonists, and double reed players, as well as by bagpipers.
Most PACSs handle images from various medical imaging instruments, including ultrasound ( US ), magnetic resonance ( MR ), positron emission tomography ( PET ), computed tomography ( CT ), endoscopy ( ES ), mammograms ( MG ), Digital radiography ( DR ), computed radiography ( CR ) ophthalmology, etc.
Most percussion instruments are examples of this, for instance the xylophone.
Most regulated aircraft have these flight instruments:
Most military combat aircraft have an angle of attack indicator among the pilot's instruments, which lets the pilot know precisely how close to the stall point the aircraft is.
Most modern instruments sound at concert pitch.
Most notably, apart from a few brief shots ( a close-up of Lennon lip-synching and a shot of the group under a tree miming playing their instruments ) the " Rain " clip virtually abandons any pretense of performance and has no obvious narrative structure.
Most instruments are said to have a nonhuman origin, but some are believed invented by humans, e. g., the xylophone and the lamellophone.

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