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Most and text
Most of the information was displayed using ordinary ASCII text or ANSI art, though some BBSes experimented with higher resolution visual formats such as the innovative but obscure Remote Imaging Protocol.
Most of the quotations ( 300 of 400 ) of the Old Testament in the New Testament, while differing more or less from the version presented by the Masoretic text, align with that of the Septuagint.
Most scholars hold that the Hebrew text underlying the Septuagint version is older than the Masoretic text and that either the Masoretic evolved either from this vorlage or from a closely related version.
Most maps use text to label places and for such things as the map title, legend and other information.
Most Celticists consider Geoffrey's Caliburnus to be derivative of a lost Old Welsh text in which bwlch had not yet been lenited to fwlch.
Most of the manuscripts were, however, late Greek manuscripts of the Byzantine textual family and Erasmus used the oldest manuscript the least because " he was afraid of its supposedly erratic text.
* Moote, A. Lloyd The Great Plague: The Story of London's Most Deadly Year ( 2006 ) excerpt and text search
Most of this text explains how the free software philosophy works, and why it would be a good choice for the technology industry to follow.
Most icons incorporate some calligraphic text naming the person or event depicted.
Most types of books of high-volume text are printed with offset lithography, the most common form of printing technology.
Most books, indeed all types of high-volume text, are now printed using offset lithography.
Most of the text of the Book of Mormon consists of this compilation and his own writings, which may account for its title.
Most commonly, multipart / alternative is used for email with two parts, one plain text ( text / plain ) and one HTML ( text / html ).
Most email clients offer a user option to prefer plain text over HTML ; this is an example of how local factors may affect how an application chooses which " best " part of the message to display.
Most manuscripts were ruled with horizontal lines that served as the baselines on which the text was entered and with vertical bounding lines that marked the boundaries of the columns .”
Most of these translations relied ( though not always exclusively ) upon one of the printed editions of the Greek New Testament edited by Erasmus, a form of this Greek text emerged as the standard and is known as the Textus Receptus.
Most modern editions are based on the longer Folio version, but often incorporate Quarto readings of words when the Folio text appears to be in error.
Most programming languages are purely textual ; they use sequences of text including words, numbers, and punctuation, much like written natural languages.
Most SMS messages are mobile-to-mobile text messages though the standard supports other types of broadcast messaging as well.
Most Adventists make use of an officially produced " Sabbath School Lesson ", which deals with a particular biblical text or doctrine every quarter.
Most of the sermon's text consists of ten " considerations ":
Most modern Sifrei Torah are written with forty-two lines of text per column ( Yemenite Jews use fifty ), and very strict rules about the position and appearance of the Hebrew letters are observed.

Most and game
Most games use a standardized and unchanging board ( chess, Go, and backgammon each have such a board ), but many games use a modular board whose component tiles or cards can assume varying layouts from one session to another, or even while the game is played.
Most of these games however typically use a specially made deck of cards designed specifically for the game ( or variations of it ).
Most of the level design that ended up in the final game is that of John Romero and Sandy Petersen.
Most of its releases begin with these stories then add background material to explain the settings ( often as alternate worlds whose history diverges from our own ), adventures, and other game material.
Most of these games are designed to keep all players in the game as long as possible, so it is rare to be certain of victory or defeat until relatively late in the game.
Most of the syndicated programs were " nighttime " adaptations of network daytime game shows ; these game shows originally aired once a week, but by the late 1970s and early 1980s most ouf the games had transitioned to five days a week.
Most editions of the Worms video game series contain a weapon called Holy Hand Grenade.
Most I / O interface cards for PCs have a joystick ( game control ) port.
Most of the early Internet talkers were LPMuds with the majority of the complex game machinery stripped away, leaving just the communication commands.
By the 1970s, the idea that the game had been created solely by Charles Darrow had become popular folklore: it was printed in the game's instructions and even in the 1974 book The Monopoly Book: Strategy and Tactics of the World's Most Popular Game by Maxine Brady.
The Twins won 102 games and the American League Pennant in 1965, but they were defeated in the 1965 World Series by the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games ( behind the World Series Most Valuable Player, Sandy Koufax, with a 2 – 1 record, including winning the seventh game ).
Most Mancala games share a common general game play.
* Most of the 1986 Infocom game Leather Goddesses of Phobos occurs ( despite the name ) on Mars.
Most of the players who were the targets of questionable hits by the Saints, including Favre and Warner, claimed the bounties were merely part of the game.
Most notable among these is the 1986 NFC Championship game in which the Giants defeated the Redskins 17 – 0 to earn their first ever trip to the Super Bowl.
* Most games in the Medal of Honor video game franchise feature a fictional OSS agent as the main character.
Most video games at the time had their game logic written in plain C / C ++ and compiled into the executable, which is faster.
Most reviewers felt the game was best when played with others online.
In 1986, he won the American League ( AL ) Cy Young Award, the AL Most Valuable Player ( MVP ) Award, and the All-Star Game MVP Award, and he struck out an MLB-record 20 batters in a single game.
Most published modules for the game followed these themes.
Most NCAA conferences only apply the rule on the final day of a series for travel reasons or during conference tournaments in order to allow the next game to start.
Most versions of the game give points for removing tiles at once, where or, depending on the implementation.
Namath, who completed 17 out of 28 passes for 206 yards, was named the Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player, despite not throwing a touchdown pass in the game or any passes at all in the fourth quarter.

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