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Most and today's
Most of the inhabitants were descendants of the original Puritan colonists, but there was also a small elite of Anglican " worthies " who were not involved in village life, who made their livings from estates, investments, and trade, and lived in mansions along " the Road to Watertown " ( today's Brattle Street, still known as Tory Row ).
Most ancient scientists were polymaths by today's standards.
Most of today's quartz clocks and watches use 32, 768 Hz quartz tuning forks for timekeeping.
Most of today's Ossetians are Eastern Orthodox Christians.
Most of today's desktop computers have one of the three major operating systems available.
Most scholars believe this culture is not derived from the Changbinian, but was brought across the Strait by the ancestors of today's Taiwanese aborigines, speaking early Austronesian languages.
Most historians prefer to use the term " Frankish Kingdoms " or " Frankish Realm " to refer to the area covering parts of today's Germany and France from the 5th to the 9th century.
Most of the today's buildings on the wharf including the Bay Street Theatre were built during this time.
Most of today's castle was constructed in the 18th century, following plans from Vauban.
Most of these became extinct before they were recorded, so the only trace of these ancient dialects is some words borrowed into local dialects of today's Croatia.
Most of today's sites handle buyer and seller payments, and usually deduct a small commission only after the sale is completed.
Most of today's Jyväskylä was built after the Continuation war, when refugees from Karelia and other parts of the country moved to the city and housing was badly needed.
Most of these solutions use stylus-based haptic rendering, where the user interfaces to the virtual world via a tool or stylus, giving a form of interaction that is computationally realistic on today's hardware.
Most of today's guitar pick shapes were created by the company that made the first plastic pick in 1922, D ' Andrea Picks.
Most of today's Big Six control subsidiaries with their own distribution networks that concentrate on arthouse pictures ( e. g., Fox Searchlight ) or genre films ( e. g., Sony's Screen Gems ); several of these specialty units were shut down or sold off between 2008 and 2010.
Most vehicles in today's collections are of Swiss origin.
Most of the American Flyer-branded product sold by Lionel, LLC today is reissues of 1950s designs utilizing refurbished old Gilbert tooling, decorated in traditional road names and paint schemes used by Gilbert, as well as an influx of some of today's modern railroad heralds.
Most commonly, investors are risk-averse and today's price is below the expectation, remunerating those who bear the risk.
Most of today's appliances produce sound pressure levels between 45 and 120 decibels at ten feet.
Most of today's Mexican cuisine is based on pre-Hispanic traditions, including the Aztecs, Maya, and the Indigenous peoples of Mexico combined with culinary trends introduced by Spanish colonists.
Most of today's consumer electronics are now RoHS compliant, examples include Apple's iPod portable music players, Dell and HP home computers and servers, Nintendo's Wii, Motorola and Nokia's wireless phones, Netgear routers, and Panasonic televisions and appliances.
Most of today's major pharmaceutical companies were founded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Most of today's actors on stage, television, and film owe much to Stanislavski's system.
Most of their knowledge was lost after the disaster, and today's Spellbinders only have a limited understanding of the science their technology is based on.

Most and large
Most arrangements for large ensembles, big bands, in the swing era, were written down, however, and credited to a specific arranger, as were later arrangements for the Count Basie big band by Sammy Nestico and Neal Hefti.
Most intercalators are large polyaromatic compounds and are known or suspected carcinogens.
Most uses of diamonds in these technologies do not require large diamonds ; in fact, most diamonds that are gem-quality except for their small size, can find an industrial use.
Most countries control bank mergers and are wary of concentration in this industry due to the danger of groupthink and runaway lending bubbles based on a single point of failure, the credit culture of the few large banks.
Most of Cambridge's large office towers are located here, giving the area somewhat of an office park feel.
Most material ejected from the crater is deposited within a few crater radii, but a small fraction may travel large distances at high velocity, and in large impacts it may exceed escape velocity and leave the impacted planet or moon entirely.
Most recently, the Tea Party movement, founded in 2009, has proven a large outlet for populist American conservative ideas.
Most Canadian whiskies are blended multi-grain liquors containing a large percentage of corn spirits, and are typically lighter and smoother than other whisky styles.
Most industry of this sort is located around the working-class perimeter of Santo Domingo and other large towns.
Most natural dyes are mordant dyes and there is therefore a large literature base describing dyeing techniques.
Most, however, possess large amounts of intelligence and human speech.
Most non-dinosaurian archosaurs, most therapsids, and most of the large amphibians were eliminated, leaving dinosaurs with little terrestrial competition.
Most passenger train services originate or terminate at Helsinki Central railway station, and a large proportion of the passenger rail network radiates out of Helsinki.
" Most agarose gels are made with between 0. 7 % ( good separation or resolution of large 5 – 10kb DNA fragments ) and 2 % ( good resolution for small 0. 2 – 1kb fragments ) agarose dissolved in electrophoresis buffer.
Most ( though not all, see Mott insulator ) insulators have a large band gap.
Most cultures have at some point had a practice of keeping large amounts of wealth stored in the form of jewellery.
Most of the large Roman baths were also cultural centres, built from the start with a library, a two room arrangement with one room for Greek and one for Latin texts.
Most importantly public awareness would need to improve for industrialized countries to realize the large payoff in reducing over-illumination.
Most locksmiths also do electronic lock servicing, such as making keys for transponder-equipped vehicles and the implementation and application of access control systems protecting individuals and assets for many large institutions.
Most large scale battery powered models use radio control.
Most developers instead stuck with the original POE concept of a single large server providing the operating system functionality.
Most people would probably agree that at some 7 500 strong the Army is unnecessarily large, but sensible plans will need to be made for the employment of any surplus soldiers before they are discharged.
Most of West Papua, at that time known as Dutch New Guinea, was occupied, as were large parts of the Territory of New Guinea ( the former German New Guinea, which was also under Australian rule after World War I ), but Papua was protected to a large extent by its southern location and the near-impassable Owen Stanley Ranges to the north.

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