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Most and often
Most avant-garde creators, true to their interest in the self-sufficiency of pure movement, have tended to dress their dancers in simple lines and solid colors ( often black ) and to give them a bare cyclorama for a setting.
`` Most often '', she says, `` it's the monogamous relationship that is dishonest ''.
Most alphabetic scripts of India and Eastern Asia are descended from the Brahmi script, which is often believed to be a descendant of Aramaic.
Most often, she is lovingly affectionate or teasing with her prejudices.
Most often, the term describes those who create within a context of the fine arts or ' high culture ', activities such as drawing, painting, sculpture, acting, dancing, writing, filmmaking, photography, and music — people who use imagination, talent, or skill to create works that may be judged to have an aesthetic value.
Most modern AFVs are superficially similar in design to their World War II counterparts, with significantly better armour, weapons, engines and suspension-however with an increase in the capacity of transport aircraft allowing AFVs to be practically transported by air, many armies are replacing some or all of their traditional heavy vehicles with lighter airmobile versions, often with wheels instead of tracks.
Most often the other technique is some form of chromatography.
Most storms in the interior of Alaska originate in the Gulf of Alaska, south of the state, though these storms often have limited precipitation due to a rain shadow effect caused by the Alaska Range.
Most often however the European numbering system for the international E-road network is used.
Most of the space in the brain is taken up by axons, which are often bundled together in what are called nerve fiber tracts.
Most often she appears as an ugly, frightening hag, but she can also appear as a stunningly beautiful woman of any age that suits her.
Most have highly-developed senses, especially vision and hearing, and often a highly acute sense of smell in many species, such as in the Canoidea.
Most victims die six months after initial symptoms appear, often of pneumonia due to impaired coughing reflexes.
Most Chinese emperors used a mix of Legalism and Confucianism as their ruling doctrine, often with the latter embellishing the former.
Most CL implementations do offer tail-call optimization, although often only when the programmer uses an optimization directive.
" Most meals would have consisted of rice, in the south, or wheat or other grain products in the north, accompanied with green vegetables, with protein often coming from foods like peanuts and soy.
Most notably, the Commonwealth of Nations, an association primarily of former members of the British Empire, is often referred to as simply " the Commonwealth ".
Most scholars disagree with this account because Saint Jerome often made statements more entertaining than factual.
* Most Reformation and post-Reformation churches use the term Catholic ( often with a lower-case c ) to refer to the belief that all Christians are part of one Church regardless of denominational divisions ; e. g., Chapter XXV of the Westminster Confession of Faith refers to the " catholic or universal Church ".
Most American club caddies earn between $ 35 and $ 100 per bag, though newer caddies will often earn less than more experienced caddies.
Most often and familiarly, defendants are persons: either natural persons ( actual human beings ) or legal persons ( persona ficta ) under the legal fiction of treating organizations as persons.
Most drummers have a single main ride, near their right hand, most often 20 " but 16 "- 24 " are not uncommon.
Most Arab nations still give credence to Egypt playing that role, though its effects are often limited.
Most epitaphs are brief records of the family, and perhaps the career, of the deceased, often with an expression of love or respect-" beloved father of ..."-but others are more ambitious.
Most side effects are mild and " dose-related " and can often be avoided or minimized by the use of the smallest effective amount.

Most and seen
Most of them had seen Our American Cousin before, and unless Miss Keene was on stage, there was not much to it.
Most psychiatrists dismiss these instances of that weird feeling as the deja vue ( already seen ) illusion, just as they dismiss dream previsions as coincidences.
Most boomerangs seen today, are of the tourist or competition sort, and are almost invariably of the returning type.
Most of the kinds commonly eaten fresh or dried, those of the genus Phaseolus, come originally from the Americas, being first seen by a European when Christopher Columbus, during his exploration, of what may have been the Bahamas, found them growing in fields.
Most of these interpretations are easily seen to be equivalent to counting k-combinations.
Although the March 2007 issue of Foreign Policy listed BJU as one of " The World's Most Controversial Religious Sites " because of its past influence on American politics, BJU has seen little political controversy since Stephen Jones became president.
Most modern CPUs are primarily von Neumann in design, but elements of the Harvard architecture are commonly seen as well.
Most of Oued Bouskoura's bed has been covered due to urbanization and only the part south of El-Jadida road can now be seen.
Most clearly seen in his two major exiles where Cyril was disgraced and forced to leave his position and his people behind.
Most releases that contain the label " director's cut " or " extended edition " include minor changes and / or scene additions not seen in a film's theatrical release, but that do not tend to greatly affect or change the plot, story or overall product.
Most sing well and several are commonly seen cagebirds ; foremost among these is the domesticated Canary ( Serinus canaria domestica ).
Most presidents in such countries are selected by democratic means ( popular direct or indirect election ); however, like all other systems, the presidential model also encompasses people who become head of state by other means, notably through military dictatorship or coup d ' état, as often seen in Latin American, Middle Eastern and other presidential regimes.
Most countries have seen a tremendous increase in life expectancy since 1945.
The Bahá ' í Faith has the concept of the Most Great Spirit, seen as the bounty of God.
Most other GTELs have been built for small passenger trains, and only a few have seen any real success in that role.
Most molecules are far too small to be seen with the naked eye, but there are exceptions.
Most animals are multicellular, but some are too small to be seen by the naked eye.
Most of these accompanied Prado in live presentations or were seen in Mexican films.
Most of the comets seen close to the Sun are believed to have reached their current positions through gravitational distortion of the Oort cloud by the tidal force exerted by the Milky Way galaxy.
Most Oxfordian researchers, including Charlton Ogburn, claim that Hamlet is the play most easily seen as portraying Oxford's life story.
Most community card poker games like Texas hold ' em are considered closed as well, because the only cards exposed before showdown belong to everyone ; the individual players ' cards are never seen until showdown.
Inasmuch as I am concerned, Most Excellent Sir, the effusion of my gratitude is inexplicable, at having had the unique satisfaction capable of filling the human heart, as is to deserve the public confidence in circumstances so critical to govern the independent Isthmus ; and I can only correspond to such high distinction with the sacrifices I am willing to make since I devoted myself, as it wished, to the mother country that has seen me be born and to who I owe all that I own ...
Most quasars cannot be seen with small telescopes, but 3C 273, with an average apparent magnitude of 12. 9, is an exception.
Most of the priests trained in Rome had seen malaria victims and were familiar with the shivering brought on by the febrile phase of the disease.
Most important was the populist argument ; that there was a need to " Awaken, in the senators ... a more acute sense of responsibility to the people ," which it was felt they lacked ; election through state legislatures was seen as an anachronism that was out of step with the wishes of the American people, and one that had led to the Senate becoming " a sort of aristocratic body-too far removed from the people, beyond their reach, and with no special interest in their welfare ".

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