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Most and parts
Most of the population lives in the western and northwestern parts of the country, where the two major cities, Yerevan and Gyumri ( which was called Aleksandropol ' during the tsarist period ), are located.
Most of the forests are evergreen, but there are areas of deciduous forest on North Andaman, Middle Andaman, Baratang and parts of South Andaman Island.
Most parts of the territory are on the Opalinuston-Formation ( Opalinum Clay Formation ) of the Aalenian subdivision, which is named after Aalen.
Most parts of Dewangen and Fachsenfeld are founded on formations of Jurensismergel ( Jurensis Marl ), Posidonienschiefer ( cf.
Most commonly, the line is divided into two equal parts by a caesura between the sixth and seventh syllables.
Most parts of Alaska that are off the road system can only be reached by small airplane.
Most bridges are fixed bridges, meaning they have no moving parts and stay in one place until they fail or are demolished.
Most forest areas are in Central, Eastern and Western parts of Bosnia.
Most of the 8th-and 9th-century texts of Bede's Historia come from the northern parts of the Carolingian Empire.
Most public or private buses and coaches, once they have reached the end of their service with one or more operators, are sent to the wrecking yard for breaking up for scrap and spare parts.
Most of the present-day inhabitants of the Banda Islands are descended from migrants and plantation labourers from various parts of Indonesia, as well as from indigenous Bandanese.
Most parts of the country are accessible by road.
Most parts of the plants contain toxic hallucinogens, and datura has a long history of use for causing delirious states and death.
Most parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are used in science for spectroscopic and other probing interactions, as ways to study and characterize matter ..
Most of the county's territory became part of an independent Belgium in 1830, and during the 19th and 20th centuries, it became increasingly commonplace to refer to the entire Dutch-speaking and northern part of Belgium as " Flanders ", including the Belgian parts of the Duchy of Brabant and Limburg.
Most of these gardens were built around a central axis and they were divided into different parts by hedges.
Most parts of Greenwich Village comprise mid-rise apartments, 19th-century row houses and the occasional one-family walk-up, a sharp contrast to the hi-rise landscape in Mid-and Downtown Manhattan.
Most of the major parts, however, were made elsewhere, including some probably fabricated at the West Milwaukee railshops where oldest brother William A. Davidson was then toolroom foreman.
Most intelligent design advocates accept that evolution occurs through mutation and natural selection at the " micro level ", such as changing the relative frequency of various beak lengths in finches, but assert that it cannot account for irreducible complexity, because none of the parts of an irreducible system would be functional or advantageous until the entire system is in place.
Most of present-day Kazakhstan was in the Steppe District, and parts of present-day southern Kazakhstan, including Almaty ( Verny ), were in the Governor-Generalship.
Most of the dark parts of its body are medium gray instead of black, although it has a dark gray patch called a " dorsal cape " stretching back from its forehead to just behind its dorsal fin.
The independence of Pakistan in 1947 saw the settlement of the what is now the largest ethnic community in the city, the Muhajirs who migrated from India in search of a Muslim homeland and settled in Pakistan, that's why the culture of Karachi is very similar to any Indian Muslim dominant city and the city's first language is Urdu because of these Muhajir unlike other parts of the country Most properties vacated by Hindus were granted to Urdu-speaking Muslim migrants who had migrated from India, Known as Muhajirs, their descendants now form the majority of Karachi's residents, these Mohajirs of Urdu, Gujrati, Marathi, Konkani Muslims from India and Bengali origin are around 13 million.
Most parts of LDAP are extensible.
Most commonly, multipart / alternative is used for email with two parts, one plain text ( text / plain ) and one HTML ( text / html ).
Most parts of Nevada receive scarce precipitation during the year.

Most and North
Most Republicans agreed with Lincoln that the North was the aggrieved party, as the Slave Power tightened its grasp on the national government with the Dred Scott decision and the presidency of James Buchanan.
Most of these are concentrated in the city centre along the cultural boulevard of North Terrace, King William Street and in various districts of the metropolitan area.
Most North American speech is rhotic, as English was in most places in the 17th century.
Most of the current amateur clubs and leagues in existence have developed since the 1980s, when leagues began to be established in North America, Europe and Asia.
Most of the Mesozoic supercontinent of Pangea was now assembled, although North China ( which would collide in the Latest Carboniferous ), and South China continents were still separated from Laurasia.
Most temples of the Alpha et Omega and Stella Matutina closed or went into abeyance by the end of the 1930s, with the exceptions of two Stella Matutina temples: Hermes Temple in Bristol, which operated sporadically until 1970, and the Whare Ra in Havelock North, New Zealand, which operated regularly until its closure in 1978.
Most of the expelled Spanish Jews moved to North Africa, Poland, to the Ottoman Empire and to Israel.
Most of North Africa came under Nazi control and many Jews were used as slaves.
Most of Italy's rivers drain either into the Adriatic Sea ( like Po, Piave, Adige, Brenta, Tagliamento, Reno ) or into the Thyrrhenian ( like Arno, Tiber and Volturno ), though the waters from some border municipalities ( Livigno in Lombardy, Innichen and Sexten in Trentino-Alto Adige / Südtirol ) drain into the Black Sea through the basin of the Drava, a tributary of the Danube, and the waters from the Lago di Lei in Lombardy drain into the North Sea through the basin of the Rhine.
Most of this land is part of the great Syrian ( or North Arabian ) Desert ( see fig.
Most Mormons are distributed in North and South America, the South Pacific, and Western Europe.
Most populations of the woolly mammoth in North America and Eurasia, as well as all the Columbian mammoths in North America, died out around the time of the last glacial retreat, as part of a mass extinction of megafauna in northern Eurasia and the Americas.
Most of the South Korean leftists and communist sympathizers who defected to the North in 1945 – 1953 were also accused of espionage and other crimes and killed, imprisoned or exiled to remote agricultural and mining villages.
Most of the population remained rather isolated on the island, allowing the dialects time to develop independently of those on the North American continent.
Most modern potatoes grown in North America arrived through European settlement and not independently from the South American sources.
Most of Russia consists of two plains ( the East European Plain and the West Siberian Plain ), two lowlands ( the North Siberian and the Kolyma, in far northeastern Siberia ), two plateaus ( the Central Siberian Plateau and the Lena Plateau to its east ), and a series of mountainous areas mainly concentrated in the extreme northeast or extending intermittently along the southern border.
Most species are native to Asia, with smaller numbers native to Europe, North America, and northwest Africa.
Most of the mineral deposits in the Korean Peninsula are located in North Korea, with the South only possessing an abundance of tungsten and graphite.
Most of the Sinai Peninsula is divided among two Egyptian governorates, or provinces, named Ganub Sina (" South Sinai ") and Shamal Sina (" North Sinai ").
Most countries of the Middle East and North Africa maintain a dual system of secular courts and religious courts, in which the religious courts mainly regulate marriage and inheritance.
Most shrike species have a Eurasian and African distribution, with just two breeding in North America ( the Loggerhead and Great Grey shrikes ).
* Most trams can be driven from either end ( the major exception being the PCC car used in North America ).
Most small trucks such as sport utility vehicles ( SUVs ) or pickups, and even light medium-duty trucks in North America and Russia will use petrol engines ( gasoline engines ), but many diesel engined models are now being produced.

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