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Most and professors
Most of his friends were as dumbfounded as the professors at the Schola when they heard about his new plan to return to the classrooms, especially as d ' Indy was an admiring pupil of Saint-Saëns, not particularly favoured by Satie.
Most of these two founding groups of professors remained at Stanford until their retirement and were referred to as the " Old Guard ".
* Most accessible professors, number 7
Most of the professors ’ offices are also in these halls.
Most professors and faculties advertise their open positions on their Websites.
Most are professors and graduate students, but a significant minority is composed of architects, monks, undergraduate students, fiction authors, and other independent scholars and enthusiasts.
Most of the earliest faculty held to theologically and socially conservative views, though professors with differing perspectives arrived in the 1960s and 1970s.
Most of the Talmud professors at JTS follow his source-critical approach.
Most of its senior researchers hold part-time professorships at other Dutch universities, with the institute producing over 170 full professors during the course of its history.
Most of the professors returned after the hostilities ended, and the faculties reopened on October 1, 1939.
Most professors who were not proficient in Polish left the Polytechnic.
Most of the teachers, half of whom are professors and associate professors, have got degrees of post-doctor, doctor and master respectively.
Most recently, the society gave a $ 777, 777. 77 grant to fund the Mead Endowment, founded in honor of Ernest Mead, which awards grants to professors to teach their " dream classes.
Most of these events center around inviting one or more Penn professors to the Halls to present on their research.
Most work in normal, secular jobs ( bankers, professors, doctors, lawyers, accountants, businessmen ).
Most of them repaid the debt for Poland during the Polish Defensive War of 1939, while the majority of professors formed the staff of Poznań Army, the most successful of Polish Armies in the 1939 campaign.
Most BARBRI lecturers are full-time tenured law professors, and some have lectured for the company for many years.
Most of those who gave themselves up were students under twenty-five years of age, from Damascus and other large cities ; others were schoolteachers, professors or engineers.
Most professors at the university were Austrian or German-speaking members of various of the Empire.
Most professors worked part time, were paid on an hourly basis, and had little time for contact with students.
Most casebooks are authored by law professors, usually with two, three, or four authors, at least one of whom will be a professor at the top of his or her field in the area under discussion.
Most of these measurements are acquired by voluntary self-reporting from each law program ; others are compiled through a formal process of polling judges, legal professionals, recent graduates, law professors, and school administrators.
Most legal professionals ( judges, practitioners, or professors ) rank the University of Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, NYU, Stanford, and Yale in the top echelon of American law schools, with Yale Law School, Harvard Law School, and Stanford Law School being considered the most prestigious and the most selective schools to gain admission as measured by reputation scores from U. S. News Surveys and admissions rate.

Most and course
Most nations also host at least one banquet per week, where a three course dinner is served.
* Most moral epistemologies, of course, posit that moral knowledge is somehow possible, as opposed to moral skepticism.
Most midwives now qualify via a direct entry course, which refers to a three-or four-year course undertaken at university that leads to a degree in midwifery ( diploma courses in midwifery have been discontinued ) and entitles them to apply for admission to the register.
Most midwives undergo a 36 month direct entry degree program, or an 18 month nurse conversion course ( on top of the 36 month nurse training course ).
Most countries of Europe adopted a national flag in the course of the 19th and early 20th centuries, often based on older ( medieval ) war flags.
Most rings were thought to be unstable and to dissipate over the course of tens or hundreds of millions of years, but it now appears that Saturn's rings might be quite old, dating to the early days of the Solar System.
Most races are held on an oval course, but there are exceptions.
Most cases are due to a viral infection and resolve over the course of 10 days.
Most of the laws of physics themselves as we experience them today appear to have emerged during the course of time making emergence the most fundamental principle in the universe and raising the question of what might be the most fundamental law of physics from which all others emerged.
Most lugers " visualize " the course in their minds before sliding.
Most international versions offer a top prize of one million units of the local currency ; the actual value of the prize of course varies widely, depending on the value of the currency.
Most organized skiing competitions are dependent on a team of Race Officials and course workers who plan, organize and run the events.
Most but not all of them were conscientious objectors, which of course added to the group ’ s controversies.
' Most editorials were similar to the Daily Telegraph, which declared: ' of course there can only be one answer to this grotesque challenge.
Most other Polish cities have suffered similarly, but the processes in Białystok, have had a particularly intense course.
Most epigenetic changes only occur within the course of one individual organism's lifetime, but, if a mutation in the DNA has been caused in sperm or egg cell that results in fertilization, then some epigenetic changes are inherited from one generation to the next.
Most of these drugs are approved only for the relapsing-remitting course.
Most of the buildings on Trantor were destroyed during the sack, and over the course of the next two centuries the metal on Trantor was gradually sold off, as farmers uncovered more and more soil to use in their farms.
Most of the arguments to save her center on a debate over which course adheres best to strict justice.
Most of the original dialogue and all of the characters ' names ( with the exception of Bruce Baldwin, Hildy's fiance, who was of course a woman in the play ) were left the same.
Most of the songs were conceived during a transcendental meditation course with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh, India in the spring of 1968.

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