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Most and scholars
Most students of literature, whether they call themselves scholars or critics, are ready to argue that it is possible to understand literary works as well as to enjoy them.
Most scholars, while willing to accept a survival ( revival??
Most of the still extant works of Aristotle, as well as a number of the original Greek commentaries, were translated into Arabic and studied by Muslim philosophers, scientists and scholars.
Most scholars consider this work to be that of Pseudo-Ambrose as well.
Most scholars believe that Amos gave his message in the autumn of 750 BC or 749 BC.
Most scholars hold that the Hebrew text underlying the Septuagint version is older than the Masoretic text and that either the Masoretic evolved either from this vorlage or from a closely related version.
Most modern scholars believe it was written around 95 AD, with some believing it dates from around 70 AD.
Most modern day biblical scholars assert that the Book of Lamentations was written by one or more authors in Judah, shortly after the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in 586 BC ; and was penned as a response to Babylonian Exile, the intense suffering of the people of Judah, and the complete and utter destruction of Jerusalem.
Most scholars today accept the basic authenticity of the book, but see in it significant additions by a " school " of later followers of the original prophet.
Most scholars of copyright agree that it can be called a kind of property, because it involves the exclusion of others from something.
Most scholars attribute the origins of this idea to futurologist Herman Kahn's World Economic Development: 1979 and Beyond.
Most scholars believe that Cyril was born and brought up in Caesarea of Palestine but some say he may have been born in Jerusalem because of his early knowledge of the city's layout, but this could have been attributed to research or information he learned after moving there to become bishop.
Most scholars disagree with this account because Saint Jerome often made statements more entertaining than factual.
Most scholars regard it as being entirely fictional, its geography being perfect for romance writers ; Arthurian scholar Norris J.
Most scholars date it to the early 2nd century, and distinguish in it two separate Eucharistic traditions, the earlier tradition in chapter 10 and the later one preceding it in chapter 9.
Most scholars hold that Ezra lived during the rule of Artaxerxes I, though some have difficulties with this assumption: Nehemiah and Ezra " seem to have no knowledge of each other ; their missions do not overlap ; and no reflection of Ezra's activity appears in Jerusalem of Nehemiah.
Most New Testament scholars believe Paul of Tarsus wrote this letter from Corinth, although information appended to this work in many early manuscripts ( e. g., Codices Alexandrinus, Mosquensis, and Angelicus ) state that Paul wrote it in Athens after Timothy had returned from Macedonia with news of the state of the church in Thessalonica (; ).
Most scholars believe that the community at Qumran that allegedly produced the Dead Sea Scrolls was an offshoot of the Essenes ; however, this theory has been disputed by some, for example, by Norman Golb:
Most modern scholars agree that Luke used the Gospel of Mark as one of his sources.
Most contemporary scholars regard Mark as a source used by Luke ( see Markan Priority ).
Most Muslim scholars have regarded the story as historically implausible, while opinion is divided among western scholars such as Leone Caetani and John Burton, who argue against, and William Muir and William Montgomery Watt, who argue for its plausibility.
Most modern scholars agree that the actual Greek fire was based on petroleum, either crude or refined ; comparable to modern napalm.
Most scholars reject the historicity of the later legends of King Arthur, which seem to be set in this period, but some such as John Morris see it as evidence behind which may lie a plausible grain of truth.
Most scholars reject the idea that Hamlet is in any way connected with Shakespeare's only son, Hamnet Shakespeare, who died in 1596 at age eleven.

Most and see
Most children love the animated puppet faces and their flexible bodies, and they prefer to see them as though the puppets were in action, rather than put away in boxes.
Most modern English grammarians no longer use the Latin accusative / dative model, though they tend to use the terms objective for oblique, subjective for nominative, and possessive for genitive ( see Declension in English ).
" Most tellingly, Pirckheimer wrote in a letter to Johann Tscherte in 1530: " I confess that in the beginning I believed in Luther, like our Albert of blessed memory ... but as anyone can see, the situation has become worse.
According to this view, though Mark has Jesus as the Son of God, references occurring at the strategic points in 1: 1 (" The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God ", but not in all versions, see Mark 1 ), 5: 7 (" What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?
Most commentators see Lamentations as reflecting the period immediately following the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC, though Provan argues for an interpretation that is ahistorical.
Most modern interpreters, however, see Joel speaking of a literal locust plague given a prophetic / apocalyptic interpretation.
Most of these early synchronous CPUs ran at low clock rates compared to modern microelectronic designs ( see below for a discussion of clock rate ).
" Most of the time you can see their faces ," he added, " That's really them in the trees.
Most paleontologists regard birds as the only surviving dinosaurs ( see Origin of birds ).
Most rounds fired were not aimed at an enemy combatant, but instead fired in the enemy's direction to keep them from moving and firing back ( see suppressive fire ).
Most modern semiconductor volatile memory is either Static RAM ( see SRAM ) or dynamic RAM ( see DRAM ).
Most of the rumors circle from the same source of Saint Jerome who claimed “ Cyril was an out and out Arian, was offered the see on Maximus death on the condition that he would repudiate his ordination at the hands of that Bishop ”.
Most fictional depictions describe a solid shell of matter enclosing a star, which is considered the least plausible variant of the idea ( see below ).
" This was probably a circular letter to be read in more than one place .... Most likely, the author did not know the readers personally ( see 1: 15, 3: 2-4, and 6: 23-24 ).
Most commentators seem to agree that Matthew, alone among the gospels, alternates five blocks of narrative with five of discourse, marking each off with the phrase " When Jesus had finished ..." ( see Five Discourses of Matthew ).
Most other hybrids involve the zebra ( see Zebroid ).
Most of the Taborites now went over to the party of the Utraquists ; the rest joined the " Brothers of the Law of Christ " () ( see Unity of the Brethren ; also Bohemian Brethren and Moravian Church ).
Most ( though not all, see Mott insulator ) insulators have a large band gap.
Most of this land is part of the great Syrian ( or North Arabian ) Desert ( see fig.
Most of Noland's paintings fall into one of four groups: circles, or targets ( see Beginning illustrated ), chevrons, ( see infobox ), stripes, and shaped canvases.

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