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Most and polymers
Most often the term monomer refers to the organic molecules which form synthetic polymers, such as, for example, vinyl chloride, which is used to produce the polymer polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ).
Most polymers ( a category that includes all plastics and rubbers ), are organic synthetic or semi-synthetic compounds.
Most proteins consist of linear polymers built from series of up to 20 different-α-amino acids.
Most of the approximately 5 billion kilograms of acetic acid produced annually in industry are used in the production of acetates, which usually take the form of polymers.
Most polymers, sometimes referred to as resins, may be used, including all thermoplastics, some thermosets, and some elastomers.
Most of the common addition polymers are formed from unsaturated monomers ( usually having a double bond ).
Most polymers can be degraded by photolysis to give lower molecular weight molecules.
Most non-brittle metals with a reasonably high melting point as well as several polymers can be strengthened in this fashion.
Most variations in coupling polymers with other polymers or small molecules have been explored.

Most and can
Most members of the U.S. Senate, because they are human, like to eat as high on the hog as they can.
Most frogs can be classified as either prolonged or explosive breeders.
Most salamanders are considered voiceless but the California giant salamander ( Dicamptodon ensatus ) has vocal cords and can produce a rattling or barking sound.
Most acids encountered in everyday life are aqueous solutions, or can be dissolved in water, and these two definitions are most relevant.
Most broadly, all numbers that can be defined explicitly or implicitly in terms of polynomials, exponentials, and logarithms are called " elementary numbers ", and these include the algebraic numbers, plus some transcendental numbers.
Most Christians deny that entry into Heaven can be properly earned, rather it is a gift that is solely God's to give through his unmerited grace.
Most metals and alloys can be work hardened by creating defects in their crystal structure.
Most of our information about him is derived from Herodotus ( 2. 161ff ) and can only be imperfectly verified by monumental evidence.
Most Amiga models can be upgraded either by direct CPU replacement or through expansion boards.
Most acute aphasia patients can recover some or most skills by working with a Speech-Language Pathologist.
Most professional astrologers are paid to predict the future or describe a person's personality and life, but most horoscopes only make vague untestable statements that can almost apply to any individual.
" Most tellingly, Pirckheimer wrote in a letter to Johann Tscherte in 1530: " I confess that in the beginning I believed in Luther, like our Albert of blessed memory ... but as anyone can see, the situation has become worse.
Most viruses encode proteins that can inhibit apoptosis.
Most legal cases in adversarial systems do not go to trial ; this can lead to great injustice when the defendant has an unskilled or overworked attorney, which is likely to be the case when the defendant is poor.
Most parts of Alaska that are off the road system can only be reached by small airplane.
Most bridges are utiltiarian in appearance, but in some cases, the appearance of the bridge can have great importance.
Most games use a standardized and unchanging board ( chess, Go, and backgammon each have such a board ), but many games use a modular board whose component tiles or cards can assume varying layouts from one session to another, or even while the game is played.
A Most Valuable Player ( MVP ) award is given to the outstanding player in each series, though voters can consider performances made during the divisional series.
* Most Blu-ray players can also play standard DVDs and CDs ( although this feature is not compulsory in the Blu-ray standard ).
Most often she appears as an ugly, frightening hag, but she can also appear as a stunningly beautiful woman of any age that suits her.
Most structural bricks are made by this method, as it produces hard, dense bricks, and suitable dies can produce holes or other perforations.
Most studies have been based only on bipolar I, however, and treatment during the acute phase can be a particular challenge.
Most are administered orally ; however, they can also be given intravenously, intramuscularly or rectally.
Most modern ciphers can be categorized in several ways
Most scholars of copyright agree that it can be called a kind of property, because it involves the exclusion of others from something.

Most and suffer
Most of the analog systems also suffer from generation loss.
Most of these patients have complex partial seizures sometimes preceded by an aura, and some TLE patients also suffer from secondary generalized tonic-clonic seizures.
Most theories containing gravitons suffer from severe problems.
Most of those works on RN1 and RN2 who were already stopped suffer a Major setback during the earthquake of January 12, 2010.
Most people do not suffer ill effects up to an altitude of 1800 – 2500 m ( 6000 – 8000 feet ), and maintaining cabin pressure at this equivalent altitude significantly reduces the pressure difference and therefore the required hull strength and weight.
Most people who do not receive medical attention within the first 48 hours of the injury will suffer from severe swelling, pain, and an on-fire feeling where the injury occurred.
Most rabbis feel that nocturnal emissions are associated with daytime thoughts, and there are comments impinging the wisdom of those who suffer from immodest dreams.
Most other subgenres of fantasy suffer if the world-building is neglected.
Most of these higher hierarchies either are stable or suffer from internal perturbations.
Most standards suffer from " gray areas " where differences in interpretation of standards lead to small variations from platform to platform.
Most buildings, except reinforced or blast-resistant structures, will suffer moderate damage when subjected to overpressures of only 35. 5 kilopascals ( kPa ) ( 5. 15 pounds-force per square inch or 0. 35 atm ).
Most people with this disorder are overweight and often obese, but people of a healthy weight can also suffer from it.
Most were not so lucky ; amongst the most prominent men to suffer death were the orator Cicero, his younger brother Quintus Tullius Cicero ( one of Julius Caesar's legates ) and Marcus Favonius.
Most deep sea fish species suffer from the sudden pressure change when wound to the surface from great depths ; these species cannot adjust their body's physiology quickly enough to follow the pressure change.
Most motorways suffer from severe congestion, and are home to many bottlenecks, mostly outdated tunnels, viaducts and bridges.
: Most Holy Mother of sorrows, by that intense martyrdom which thou didst suffer at the foot of the cross during the three hours of the agony of Jesus ; deign to aid us all, who are the children of thy sorrows, in our last agony, that by thy prayers we may pass from our bed of death to adorn thy crown in Paradise.
Most remaining city workers, including firefighters, will work fewer hours and suffer a pay cut as part of the budget cuts.
Most viewfinders are separate, and suffer parallax, while the single-lens reflex camera lets the viewfinder use the main optical system.
Most revision operators suffer from the problem of representational blow up: the result of revising two formulae is not necessarily representable in space polynomial in that of the two original formulae.
Most characters wish for nothing more than to escape the supposed idyll of the Basque Country, though those who do are fated to return and suffer the consequences of inescapable roots and blood ties.
Most of the remains of the division were forced into the Ruhr Pocket, continuing to suffer staggering losses while holding lines on the south flank of Army Group B until they surrendered to American forces in April 1945.
Most fasciculations are benign and people who suffer from an inordinate amount of benign fasciculation are more often diagnosed with Benign Fasciculation Syndrome ( BFS ).
Most animals infected with coccidia are asymptomatic ; however, young or immuno-compromised animals may suffer severe symptoms, including death.
Most women with this problem suffer from inverted nipples Grade 2.

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