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Most and students
Most students of literature, whether they call themselves scholars or critics, are ready to argue that it is possible to understand literary works as well as to enjoy them.
Most of Aristotle's work is probably not in its original form, since it was most likely edited by students and later lecturers.
Most American middle schools, high schools, and colleges have organized cheerleading squads made up solely of students.
Most of these " limited matriculation " students enrolled in the Evening Session, and paid tuition.
Most of these programs were offered to students in low-income families, low performing schools, or special-education programs.
Although the Chinese and Indian communities could maintain their own Chinese and Tamil-language primary schools, all their students were required to learn Malay, and to study an agreed “ Malayan curriculum .” Most importantly, the entry exam to the University of Malaya ( which moved from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in 1963 ) would be conducted in Malay, even though most teaching at the university was in English until the 1970s.
Most are covered with thousands of square concrete features, called " warts " by the students, which would be perfectly suited to buildering except that, while some are set into the wall, others are simply glued on.
Most of the students had already signed, so the mass murder would appear to be a mass suicide instead.
Most students became Christians, due to the influence of Dr. Fulton.
Most classes rely on a combination of lectures, recitations led by graduate students, weekly problem sets (" p-sets "), and tests.
Most fear that the focus on achievement by all students will result in " dumbing down " the definition of academic competence to a level that is achievable by even the weakest students.
Most students have one Alternating Unassigned Time, referred to as AUT, during which students are allowed to go the library and computer labs, seek help from teachers, or, with parental permission, leave campus.
Most of the students, staff and faculty members of the University reside in Ciudad Colon, making it one of the most multi-cultural places in the world for its size.
Most of the victims were high-school students on their way to school.
Most of the earnings from this project and his other writings were directed towards the educating of students to the priesthood.
Most Sunday afternoons when they were in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Whiteheads hosted an open house to which all Harvard students were welcome, and during which talk flowed freely.
Most of the local schools show openness to Arab culture, even providing Arabic language classes for both Italians and Arabs, and encouraging integration with the autochthonous students.
Most scholars believe that he never taught at Magnaura or at any other university ; Vasileios N. Tatakes asserts that, even while he was patriarch, Photios taught " young students passionately eager for knowledge " at his home, which " was a center of learning ".
Most cosmetology programs in the United States require students to purchase practice heads that are made with real human hair.
Most public schools in Canada do not require that students wear uniforms, but most include rules against indecent or offensive clothing.
Most schools, whether public or private, prohibit the students from wearing long hair and / or coloring it.
Most schools in richer area tends to issue neckties for their students.
Most girls schools require their students to wear a tie.

Most and U
Most major powers repudiated Cold War assassination tactics, though many allege that this was merely a smokescreen for political benefit and that covert and illegal training of assassins continues today, with Russia, Israel, the U. S., Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, and other nations accused of still regularly engaging in such operations.
Most modern assassinations have been committed either during a public performance or during transport, both because of weaker security and security lapses, such as with U. S. President John F. Kennedy and former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, or as part of coups d ' état where security is either overwhelmed or completely removed, such as with Patrice Lumumba and likely Salvador Allende.
Most is from the U. S. military occupation of the island from 1942 to 1946.
Most of the U. S. federal courts of appeal have adopted a rule under which, in the event of any conflict in decisions of panels ( most of the courts of appeal almost always sit in panels of three ), the earlier panel decision is controlling, and a panel decision may only be overruled by the court of appeals sitting en banc ( that is, all active judges of the court ) or by a higher court.
Most commercial curry powders available in Britain, the U. S. and Canada, rely heavily on ground turmeric, in turn producing a very yellow sauce.
Most conservatives in the U. S. support the death penalty.
Most U. S. conservatives prefer Republicans over Democrats, and most factions favor a strong foreign policy and a strong military.
Most CCC work, except for wildland firefighting, was shifted onto U. S. military bases to help with construction.
Most manufacturing is light assembly and food processing, geared to the domestic, U. S., and Central American markets.
Most U. S. assistance to Guatemala is provided through the U. S. Agency for International Development's ( USAID ) offices for Guatemala.
Most of Melville's novels were published first in the United Kingdom and then in the U. S. Sometimes the editions contain substantial differences with Melville acceding to his different publishers ' requirements for different audiences.
Most exposure occurs through ingestion or inhalation ; in the U. S. the skin exposure is unlikely as leaded gasoline additives are no longer used.
Most women in the U. S. found it necessary to marry, to a " front " such as a gay man where both could pursue homosexual relationships with public discretion, or to a man who expected a traditional wife.
It is used by most research and academic libraries in the U. S. and several other countries ; for example, Australia and Taiwan, ROC Most public libraries and small academic libraries continue to use the older Dewey Decimal Classification ( DDC ).
Mötley Crüe has been described through the years as the World's Most Notorious Rock Band and has sold more than 80 million album copies worldwide, including 25 million in the U. S.
Most histories of M & A begin in the late 19th U. S. However, mergers coincide historically with the existence of companies.
Most U. S. states, counties, and municipalities have some part of their election cycle coincident with this date.
Most U. S. NTSC broadcasters were required by the FCC to shut down their analog transmitters in 2009.
Most of the Paramount cartoons and shorts went to various television distributors, with U. M .& M.
Most Polish exports to the U. S. receive tariff benefits under the Generalized System of Preferences ( GSP ) program.
Most U. S. states have physical therapy practice acts that recognize both Physical Therapists ( PT ) and Physical Therapist Assistants ( PTA ), and some jurisdictions also recognize Physical Therapy Technicians ( PT Techs ) or Aides.
Second place may go to the area of Chelyabinsk U. S. S. R. ( see reference below ) as the " Most polluted place on the planet ".
Among the tracks on The Paul Simon Songbook that were rerecorded ( some with electric backing ) for Sound of Silence were " I Am a Rock " ( which as a single reached U. S. No. 3 in the summer of 1966 ), " Leaves That Are Green ", " April Come She Will ", " A Most Peculiar Man ", and " Kathy's Song ".
Most of the information here is derived from the U. S. Department of State website on Togo.

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