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Most and traffic
Most traffic lights in Cairo appear not to function, but rather intersections are staffed by policemen who use subtle finger movements to indicate which cars may move.
Most major Network Rail lines carry freight traffic and some lines are freight only.
Most of its traffic was between Khartoum and Port Sudan.
Most modern search engines have the ability to analyze a page for keyword stuffing and determine whether the frequency is consistent with other sites created specifically to attract search engine traffic.
Most of the traffic on the Internet, especially traffic between the largest networks, occurs via private peering.
Most general aviation traffic uses the smaller North Las Vegas Airport and Henderson Executive Airport.
Most major traffic junctions consist of 2-lane roundabouts.
Blount County Road 13 ( Most of the through traffic from Nectar uses Tabernacle Road instead ) runs northwestward to connect to Alabama Highway 160 between the Hayden and Nectar communities.
Most of the town's economy is tourist food and craft stalls, restaurants, and other services for north-south traffic from Flagstaff and Page.
Most of the negative comments were in regard to increased traffic on Highway 94, which narrows to a two-lane road at the proposed site of casino.
Most Salem residents favor completion because it would remove through traffic from local roads.
Most travel had had long since been replaced by automobile and truck traffic along the roads which paralleled the Chicago and Alton: Route 4 in the teens, Route 66in the 1930s, and Interstate 55 in the 1970s.
Most traffic from outside the area comes in via Route 208 from the south due to its exit on Interstate 84 about five miles ( 9 km ) south of the village, as well as its intersection with paralleling NY 17K at Scotts Corners three miles ( 5 km ) to the south.
Most of the rail traffic that comes through town is local freight traffic going back and forth from Sanford to Greensboro or freight going to AC & W.
Most traffic collisions and injuries occur at intersections and the majority of the injuries to pedestrians crossing with the right of way.
Most are located along the highly traveled Carlisle Pike which serves as a major traffic route through the township connecting it to nearby Hampden Township, the most populated township in Cumberland county.
Most road traffic now uses the A149 Bypass, slightly to the north, but the narrow central arch restricts passage to boats needing headroom of less than, and is the lowest bridge on the Broads.
Most boat traffic came to an abrupt end only a few years later when Lake Washington was lowered in 1917.
Most of the traffic at Barcelona Airport is domestic and European, in which Vueling has an operational base.
Most of the subsequent traffic was local, competing with the Lower Avon for the delivery of coal to Evesham.
Most traffic now used the Selby route, and the transhipment facilities at Airmyn were closed in 1779.
Most of the commercial traffic using the navigation now consists of petroleum tankers and gravel barges.

Most and classes
Most Amber characters are members of the two ruling classes in the Amber multiverse, and are much more advanced in matters of strength, endurance, psyche, warfare and sorcery than ordinary beings.
Most other US Navy and allied navy destroyers, destroyer escorts, frigates, and several different classes of cruisers only carried the one ASROC ' matchbox ' MK 112 launcher with eight ASROC missiles ( although later in service, some of those missiles could be replaced by the Harpoon anti-ship missile ).
Most biocatalysts are protein-based, i. e. enzymes, but other classes of biomolecules also exhibit catalytic properties including ribozymes, and synthetic deoxyribozymes.
Most of England's traditional ruling classes regarded the Rump as an illegal government made up of regicides and upstarts.
Most people who could afford a book wanted it to be in French, since that was the common language of the ruling classes.
Most classes rely on a combination of lectures, recitations led by graduate students, weekly problem sets (" p-sets "), and tests.
Most of the structures that make up animals, plants and microbes are made from three basic classes of molecule: amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids ( often called fats ).
Most foods contain a mix of some or all of the nutrient classes, together with other substances, such as toxins of various sorts.
Most do not consider classes to be universals, although some prominent philosophers do, such as John Bigelow.
Most of the classes listed are not " complete " taxa, meaning that they do not include all the descendants of the first representative of the group.
Most societies have only two distinct, broad classes of gender roles, masculine and feminine, that correspond with the biological sexes of male and female.
Most high school marching band competitions occur in the fall when the majority of schools begin classes.
Most of the local schools show openness to Arab culture, even providing Arabic language classes for both Italians and Arabs, and encouraging integration with the autochthonous students.
Most major classes of predatory and parasitic arthropods contain species that eat pollen, despite the common perception that bees are the primary pollen-consuming arthropod group.
Most classes run a light and heavy category ( with some running super heavy ).
Most of the professional classes in the region, the literati, were German-speakers.
Most will prohibit alcohol at their regular classes and dances, both for liability reasons and to provide an atmosphere distinct from gay bars.
Most of the students are admitted after two to three years of classes préparatoires, which correspond to two years of post high-school education with heavy emphasis on Math and Physics ( freshman and sophomore years at US universities ).
Most foods contain a mix of some or all of the nutrient classes, together with other substances such as toxins or various sorts.
Most schools are taught in Romanian ; nonetheless, there are some Hungarian-language schools ( Báthory István, Apáczai Csere János and Brassai Sámuel high schools ), as well as mixed schools — e. g. George Coşbuc and Onisifor Ghibu high schools with Romanian / German classes and Romanian / Hungarian classes, respectively.
Most classes are offered in honors, college prep, and career paths.
Most classes are offered in honors, college prep, and career paths.
Most classes are offered in honors, college prep, and career paths.

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