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Mount and Jackson
Daniel Jackson also comments that it would mean that Ambrosius was 74 at the Battle of Mount Badon.
* Mount Jackson, Virginia
* Mount Jackson ( disambiguation ), several mountains
At, Grand Teton abruptly rises more than above Jackson Hole, almost higher than Mount Owen, the second highest summit in the range.
In Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book Five: The Last Olympian, Krios appears as a minor villain who stays behind to guard Mount Othrys.
* Telchines appear in the fourth book of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, The Battle of the Labyrinth under the name Telkhines, where they remade the scythe of Kronos in the fires of Mount St. Helens and claim to have made Poseidon's trident.
It would then have run parallel to the current alignment of Route 38 through the Mount Holly area and then travel along the northern border of the Fort Dix Military Reservation to Jackson Township, Ocean County, where it would then follow the present alignment of Interstate 195 to Wall Township.
The county is divided into seventeen townships: Bailey, Battleboro, Castalia, Coopers, Dry Wells, Ferrells, Griffins, Jackson, Mannings, Nashville, North Whitakers, Oak Level, Red Oak, Rocky Mount, Spring Hope, South Whitakers, and Stony Creek.
Clayton County also has a Math and Science Magnet and two fine arts magnet programs at Jackson Elementary and Mount Zion High Schools.
To the north are the Russian River, Steelhead Beach Park, and Mount Jackson ; to the west are the Redwood forests ; and to the East and South are many rolling hills on which are planted wine grape vineyards and apple orchards.
The Count toured Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, Yosemite, the San Bernardino Mountains, Zion, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Wasatch Mountains, Pocatello, Jackson Hole, and Grand Targhee areas.
Mount Ayr is a town in Jackson Township, Newton County, Indiana, United States.
Mount Auburn is a town in Jackson Township, Shelby County, Indiana, United States.
Mount Auburn is situate at the geographical center of Jackson Township, the southwest corner Township of the county, twelve miles southwest of Shelbyville, and five miles northeast of Edinburg, Johnson County, Indiana, on the I., M. and I. R. R.
There are four major east-west roads through Edgemont, notably Jackson Avenue, Ardsley Road, Mount Joy Avenue and Underhill / Old Army Road.
Mount Jackson is a town in Shenandoah County, Virginia, United States.
Sign showing gas prices in front of the Sheetz store in Mount Jackson, Virginia, at the beginning of the Hurricane Katrina-related price spike.
Mount Jackson is easily identified from I-81 exit 273 by the water tower painted as a basket of apples.
Mount Jackson is located at in the southern part of Shenandoah County, Virginia at ( 38. 749950 ,-78. 637638 ).
ca: Mount Jackson
es: Mount Jackson ( Virginia )
ht: Mount Jackson, Vijini
nl: Mount Jackson
pt: Mount Jackson

Mount and is
Forty miles farther north is Mount Moosilauke, Dartmouth's own mountain.
And on the summit of Mount Washington, where thirty-five degrees below zero is commonplace and the wind velocity has registered higher than anywhere else in the world, there is a kind of wisdom to be found that other men often seek in the Himalayas `` because it is there ''.
Aquarius is also sometimes identified with Ganymede, a youth in Greek mythology who was taken to Mount Olympus by Zeus to act as cup-carrier to the gods.
Mount Ararat, at the highest point in Turkey, is located in the Anti-Taurus.
* 1934 – The strongest surface wind gust in the world at 231 mph, is measured on the summit of Mount Washington, New Hampshire.
The largest of these, Mount Aragats, high, is also the highest point in Armenia.
Adelaide is north of the Fleurieu Peninsula, on the Adelaide Plains between the Gulf St Vincent and the low-lying Mount Lofty Ranges which surround the city.
The usual Eastern arrangement is exemplified in the plan of the convent of the Great Lavra, Mount Athos.
* 1942 – World War II: The flag of Nazi Germany is installed atop the Mount Elbrus, the highest peak of the Caucasus mountain range.
In the text, he is credited with winning the battle of Mount Badon.
At no great distance east of this rift-valley is Mount Kilimanjaro-with its two peaks Kibo and Mawenzi, the latter being, and the culminating point of the whole continent — and Mount Kenya, which is.
The city centre is laid out on two perpendicular axes: a water axis stretching along Lake Burley Griffin, and a ceremonial land axis stretching from Parliament House on Capital Hill north-eastward along ANZAC Parade to the Australian War Memorial at the foot of Mount Ainslie.
The larger scheme of Canberra's layout is based on the three peaks surrounding the city, Mount Ainslie, Black Mountain, and Red Hill.
The main symmetrical axis of the city is along ANZAC Parade and roughly on the line between Mount Ainslie and Bimberi Peak.
The precise alignment of ANZAC parade is between Mount Ainslie and Capital Hill ( formally Kurrajong Hill ).
Its highest rise is the conical Mount Oros ( 531 m ) in the south, and the Panhellenian ridge stretches northward with narrow fertile valleys on either side.
When the Olympian shakes the aegis, Mount Ida is wrapped in clouds, the thunder rolls and men are struck down with fear.
The clouds which strike Kathiawar and Kutch are deprived of a great deal of their moisture by the hills in those countries ( now the majority of this region is in Gujarat state within independent India ), and the greater part of the remainder is deposited on Mount Abu and the higher slopes of the Aravalli Range, leaving but little for Merwara, where the hills are lower, and still less for Ajmer.
Capp is buried in Mount Prospect Cemetery in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

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