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Mount and Sopris
Mount Sopris ( 12, 953 ft ) sits at the northwest end of the range and dominates the skyline of the lower Roaring Fork Valley and the town of Carbondale, serving as an unofficial symbol of the area.
It lies on the long ridge connecting the heart of the Elk Mountains with Mount Sopris to the northwest.
Mount Sopris is a high, twin-summitted mountain peak located at the northwest end of the Elk Mountains in western Colorado in the United States.
Mount Sopris is notable for having two summits, East Sopris and West Sopris, that are one-half mile ( 0. 8 km ) apart and have exactly the same elevation of 12, 965 feet.
In 2011 J. P. McDaniels petitioned to rename East Sopris " Mount John Denver " after the Colorado singer.
Mount Sopris dominates the skyline of Carbondale and the lower Roaring Fork Valley, serving as an unofficial symbol of the area.
The Mount Sopris Trail ascends to East Sopris via its east ridge.
* Live Mount Sopris webcam.
* Mount Sopris on Summitpost, an excellent article with many further links
* Rock Glacier on Mount Sopris at NASA Earth Observatory
Mount Sopris and the Roaring Fork River serve as symbols of the Roaring Fork Valley.
The highway roughly follows the Roaring Fork River along its entire route, offering scenic views of Mount Sopris in the lower end of the valley.

Mount and dominates
It features four ensembles of pitons ( volcanoes ) and mornes ( mountains ): the Piton Conil on the extreme North, which dominates the Dominica Channel ; Mount Pelée, an active volcano ; the Morne Jacob ; and the Pitons du Carbet, an ensemble of five extinct volcanoes covered with rainforest and dominating the Bay of Fort de France at.
Mount Apo is the highest point in the Philippines and dominates the skyline.
The cone of Mount Etna dominates over the eastern coast.
Mount Faron ( 584 metres ) dominates the city of Toulon.
Mount Shasta is not connected to any nearby mountain and dominates the northern California landscape.
From west to east, the region's highest peaks are, in the Friulian Dolomites — the Cima dei Preti,, Duranno, and Cridola ; in the Carnic Alps — Mount Peralba, Mount Bìvera and Mount Coglians ; in the Julian Alps, the Jôf Fuârt, the Jôf di Montasio, Mangart, and Canin, which dominates the plain.
An active volcano, Mount Iwate, dominates the view to the northwest of the city.
It is located on the northwestern edge of the plateau of the Murgia which dominates the Ofanto valley and the extensive plains of Tavoliere delle Puglie, ranging from Mount Vulture at the Gargano, to the Adriatic coast.
For several days, Ama Dablam dominates the eastern sky for anyone trekking to Mount Everest basecamp.
Rocks similar to those in the North Cascades continue north to the vicinity of Mount Meager in the Coast Mountains, where they abut the Stikinia Terrane of the Omineca-Intermontane Province that dominates the Interior Plateau of British Columbia.
The stratovolcano Mount Asphyxia dominates the western side of the island while the eastern half is a low-lying lava plain.
Mount Ibuki dominates the town.
The Amagi Mountain Range dominates the center of the peninsula with Mount Amagi ( 1406 m ) and Mount Atami ( 773 m ) in the east and Mount Daruma ( 982 m ) in the west, with the eastern and western portions of the range extending underwater into Sagami Bay and Suruga Bay.
Mount Jackson is a massive mountain that dominates the upland in the southern part of the Antarctic Peninsula.
Mount Fridtjof Nansen is a high massive mountain which dominates the area between the heads of Strom and Axel Heiberg Glaciers, in the Queen Maud Mountains of Antarctica.
Just across the Richelieu river, however, the isolated Mont Saint-Hilaire, which was known as Mount Belœil for most of the nineteenth century dominates the regional landscape with its 414 metres ( 1358 ft ).
Mount Evans dominates the Denver Metropolitan Area skyline, rising over 9, 000 feet above the area.
Mount Iwate, an active volcano, lies just to the north of Shizukuishi and dominates the landscape.
This range rises straight from ( and dominates ) the coast to the north of the town, and reaches its highest point with the 2610-metre Mount Manakau.
Mount Moran dominates the northern section of the Teton Range rising above Jackson Lake.
Pine Hill is a southern spur of Mount Cargill, the 660-metre volcanic outcrop that dominates the northern end of Dunedin's urban area and is topped by the city's main television transmitter tower.

Mount and lower
The clouds which strike Kathiawar and Kutch are deprived of a great deal of their moisture by the hills in those countries ( now the majority of this region is in Gujarat state within independent India ), and the greater part of the remainder is deposited on Mount Abu and the higher slopes of the Aravalli Range, leaving but little for Merwara, where the hills are lower, and still less for Ajmer.
However, a wall would imply the existence of a defensive ditch outside it, so an earlier wall could not be immediately adjacent to site of the tomb, which combined with the presence of the Temple Mount would make the city inside the wall quite thin ; essentially for the traditional site to have been outside the wall, the city would have had to be limited to the lower parts of the Tyropoeon Valley, rather than including the defensively advantageous western hill.
The site of Delphi is located in lower central Greece, on multiple plateaux / terraces along the slope of Mount Parnassus, and includes the Sanctuary of Apollo, the site of the ancient Oracle.
South of Mount Apo, this central mountain belt is somewhat lower than it is to the north, with peaks averaging only 1, 100 to 1, 800 meters.
Warren secretly excavated some tunnels near the Temple Mount walls and was the first one to document their lower courses.
The lower platform – which constitutes most of the surface of the Temple Mount – has at its southern end the al-Aqsa Mosque, which takes up most of the width of the Mount.
Maimonides, perhaps the greatest codifier of Jewish Law, wrote in Laws of the Chosen House ch 7 Law 15 " One may bring a dead body in to the ( lower sanctified areas of the ) Temple Mount and there is no need to say that the ritually impure ( from the dead ) may enter there, because the dead body itself can enter ".
There are many other mountains at lower elevations in the municipality, such as the Montes Llanos ridge and Mount Diablo, at 2, 231 feet ( 680 m ) and Mount Marueño, at 2, 100 feet ( 640 m ), and Pinto Peak, among others.
The Collect Pond was located in the eastern section of the valley, with Kalck Hoek to the west and Bayard Mount — at 110 ft. the tallest hill in lower Manhattan — to the northeast.
Much of the northwest corner of town is dominated by Mount Wilcox and the lower portion of Beartown State Forest.
Several other lower peaks dot the land north and town of the river, including Bald Mountain and Westfield Mountain north of the center of town, and, just over the Hawley town line, Mount Peak and Mount Institute.
Various measurements of the peak originally called Kosciuszko showed it to be slightly lower than its neighbour, Mount Townsend.
Nichiren Shōshū is a school of Mahayana Buddhism with its Head Temple, Taiseki-ji, located on the lower slopes of Mount Fuji in Japan.
The summit station of Mount Washington has an alpine climate ( Köppen ET ), though warming to a subarctic climate ( Köppen Dfc ) with lower elevation, although it receives an extremely high amount of precipitation, atypical for most regions with such cold weather.
Mount Nyiragongo is dangerous because its magma has an unusually low silica content, making it quite fluid ( even when comparing to Hawaiian lava ) and having lower viscosity.
Together with the nearby Mount Meeker, the two are sometimes referred to as the Twin Peaks ( not to be confused with a nearby lower mountain called Twin Sisters ).
It is trasmitted via the lower radio tower on Mount Claffin.
Small, isolated populations also occur east of the Pacific Coast such as in the inland coniferous rainforests of British Columbia's Columbia Mountains ( interior wet-belt ), just west of the Canadian Rockies, and have been seen at lower elevations near creeks and damp areas of Mount Revelstoke National Park.
Although there is a significant net altitude gain this way, starting at a lower altitude allows the hiker time to acclimatize to the elevations of the trail rather than immediately having to tackle a 6, 000-foot ( 1, 800 m ) climb to the summit of Mount Whitney.
K2 is just lower than the tall Mount Everest.
Nepenthes copelandii lower pitcher on Mount Apo
A stand of white spruce growing on a lower slope of Mount McKinley is called the Drunken Forest because of the oddly leaning trees which seem to look " drunk.

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