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Movable and are
Movable bridges are designed to move out of the way of boats or other kinds of traffic, which would otherwise be too tall to fit.
Movable partitions are used where the walls of a room are frequently opened to form one large floor area.
Movable property ( called personalty in common law states ) claims are governed by the law of the state in which the property is located at the time the rights are supposedly created.

Movable and with
Movable property on land, that which was not automatically sold with the land, included for example larger livestock ( wildlife and smaller livestock like chickens, by contrast, was often sold as part of the land ).
Movable do is frequently employed in Australia, China and Japan ( with 7th being si ), Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong and English-speaking Canada ( although a few American conservatories use French-style fixed do ).
Movable Type 5 was released in Open Source and Pro versions in January 2010, with several bug-fix and security updates appearing later in the year.
Of all these registers, 34 dealt exclusively with sprite control ( sprites being called MOBs, from " Movable Object Blocks ", in the VIC-II documentation ).
Movable type, with its ability to reproduce texts accurately and swiftly, extended the drive toward homogeneity and repeatability already in evidence in the emergence of perspectival art and the exigencies of the single " point of view ".
* Essay with Movable Parts ( 1998 )
Benjamin Trott, born, is a co-founder ( with wife Mena Trott ) of Six Apart, creator of Movable Type and TypePad.
Trott originally developed Movable Type in 2001 during a period of unemployment to help Mena Trott, his wife, with her blog, but the commercial potential was shown by over 100 downloads during the first hour it was made public.
Originally launched in October 2003, TypePad is based on Six Apart's Movable Type platform, and shares technology with Movable Type such as templates and APIs, but is marketed to non-technical users and includes additional features like multiple author support, photo albums and mobile blogging.
Movable materials ( mostly jewelry and weapons ) reveal all specific features associated with the ethno-cultural originality of the Autariatae.

Movable and information
On January 21, 2011, SAY Media announced that it was selling the Six Apart brand and the worldwide Movable Type business to Infocom, a Japanese information technology company.

Movable and .
* Movable Type ( until version 4. 0 ) – A proprietary weblog publishing system developed by California-based Six Apart
Movable metal type, and composing stick, descended from Gutenberg's press.
In 2010 a group of undergraduate students in the Media Studies Department established the Movable Type Academic Journal the first ever undergraduate academic journal of its kind.
* Movable v. Real Estate-In general, applicable matrimonial law depends on the nature of the property.
Image: Polea-simple-movil2. jpg | Movable pulley
* Movable: A movable pulley has an axle in a movable block.
Movable property roughly corresponds to personal property, while immovable property corresponds to real estate or real property, and the associated rights and obligations thereon.
* Movable type first used by King Taejong of Joseon — 1403 ( Movable type, which allowed individual characters to be arranged to form words, was invented in China by Bi Sheng between 1041 to 1048.
* Movable type printing is invented by Bi Sheng in China.
Movable type traces its origins to the punches used to make coin s: the reverse face of a Tetradrachm Ancient Greek coinage | Greek coin from Athens, 5th century BC, featuring letters and the owl symbol of Athena.
Movable type was invented in China by Bi Sheng during the Northern Song Dynasty.
Movable shutters, shades, shade screens, or window quilts can accommodate day-to-day and hour-to-hour solar gain and insulation requirements.
Movable Bollards were installed to add flexibility to the streetscape, accommodating main street events and festivals.
# Movable do, or solfa, in which each syllable corresponds to a scale degree.
Movable type, which allowed individual characters to be arranged to form words and which is an invention separate from the printing press, had been invented earlier in China.
Movable type on a composing stick on a type case.
* ( 7 ) " Design for the Movable Member of a Talking-Board " ( patent no. D56, 001 ; 10 August 1920: William Fuld )
* ( 10 ) " Design for the Movable Member of a Talking-Board " ( patent no. D56, 001 ; 10 August 1920: William Fuld )
Movable Type is a weblog publishing system developed by the company Six Apart.
On 12 December 2007, Movable Type was relicensed as free software under the GNU General Public License.

panels and maps
The panels show maps of the Dollis Hill area at different dates from the 16th to the 20th century, juxtaposed with interpretations of classical star maps.
Most stations do not have maps that cover the entire network, instead having only panels showing the names of stations on the current line or, in some cases, only showing a selected number of stations from the respective line.
Larger sheets, such as those with detailed maps or expansive photo spreads, are folded into four, five, or six panels.
Inside are images, maps and text etched into stainless steel panels telling the story of the Australians who served in the Korean War, on the left telling the general story and on the right telling of particular involvement of the Navy ( nine ships and an air group ), Army ( 3 RAR, and elements of 1 & 2 RAR ), and Air Force ( 77 Squadron and other elements ).
* It featured pages in which image maps overlayed the images so that objects in the images were links leading to other sites on the Web ( notably several panels in which the characters find themselves adrift in a " Sea of Links ").

panels and are
They are preoccupied riding herd on control panels, switches, flashing colored lights on pale green or gray consoles that look like business machines.
Modern embroidered panels, framed and meant to be hung on the wall, are another aspect of this trend.
Wall panels and structural timbers are standard as are windows and doors, making for a minimum of cutting.
The roof timbers are precut and the panels standard so that the house can be completely enclosed in a matter of three or four days.
The wall panels are constructed of a framework of standard Af and Af of a good grade, free from structural faults.
There are standard sliding glass windows in wood or aluminum frames for those panels requiring them.
The door panels are designed to accommodate standard doors which should be of exterior grade.
The filler panels for the gable ends are cut from full Af sheets as shown, leaving no wastage.
The essential difference between the new trans-illuminated boards and existing billboards is that the former, constructed of translucent plastic panels, are lighted from within.
new panels are exchanged for the old right in the field on a single trip.
As used by Industrial Electric Inc., the film panels are printed one at a time, as are 24-sheet posters.
Finished signs are produced by sliding the separate letter panels into channels of 0.025-in. aluminum, which may be mounted to various surfaces.
These are still in wide use today, particularly in semi-rigid formulations, for such applications as cores for sandwich-type structural panels, foamed-in-place insulation, automotive safety padding, arm rests, etc..
Rounded posts give a soft, sculptured look, paneled doors have decorative burl panels or cane insets plus softening arches, table tops are inlaid in Macassar ebony or acacia.
The panels will stay up until they are replaced next summer.
Insulating Concrete Forms ( ICFs ) are hollow blocks or panels made of either insulating foam or rastra that are stacked to form the shape of the walls of a building and then filled with reinforced concrete to create the structure.
ICFs are hollow blocks or panels made of fire-proof insulating foam that are stacked to form the shape of the walls of a building and then filled with reinforced concrete to create the structure.
The two conventional formats for newspaper comics are strips and single gag panels.
Single panels are square, circular or taller than they are wide.

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