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Moving and On
* Phaenomena, a treatise on spherical astronomy, survives in Greek ; it is quite similar to On the Moving Sphere by Autolycus of Pitane, who flourished around 310 BC.
* Albert Einstein, On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies, included in The Principle of Relativity, page 38.
* 1905 – Albert Einstein publishes the article On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies, in which he introduces special relativity.
On November 20, 2004, Howl's Moving Castle opened to general audiences in Japan where it earned ¥ 1. 4 billion in its first two days.
On January 17, 2009, The Presidents released a single on the National Public Radio show Weekend America called " Moving In ," detailing the journey of Barack Obama in celebration of his inauguration as president.
* Grimsley, Mark, And Keep Moving On: The Virginia Campaign, May – June 1864 University of Nebraska Press, 2002.
Special relativity ( SR, also known as the special theory of relativity or STR ) is the physical theory of measurement in an inertial frame of reference proposed in 1905 by Albert Einstein ( after the considerable and independent contributions of Hendrik Lorentz, Henri Poincaré and others ) in the paper " On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies ".
It was introduced in Einstein's 1905 paper " On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies " ( for the contributions of many other physicists see History of special relativity ).
Annual arts events include ArtWave and the children's Patina Moving On Parade.
This total includes the number 1 hits " I'm Moving On ", " The Golden Rocket ", " I Don't Hurt Anymore ", " Let Me Go, Lover!
That same year he released his hit, " I'm Moving On.
" The first of seven number 1 hits on the country charts, " I'm Moving On " stayed at the top for 21 weeks, setting the all-time record for most weeks at number 1.
On the " 2112 / Moving Pictures " episode of the television series Classic Albums, Rush drummer / lyricist Neil Peart commented on the writing of the song " The Twilight Zone ," featured on 2112.
A few personnel changes are noted at the release of a similar album in 1973, the live Moving On.
* 1973: Moving On ( Polydor ) US, July 1972
Warwick's final Bacharach / David penned single was March 1971's " Who Gets the Guy " and her final " official " Scepter single release was " He's Moving On " backed with " Amanda " both from the soundtrack of the motion picture adaptation of Jacqueline Susann's The Love Machine.
Nineteen-year-old guitarist Buzzy Feiten, joined the band for its 1969 release, Keep On Moving, produced by Jerry Ragavoy, and Rod Hicks replaced Maugh on bass.
And Keep Moving On: The Virginia Campaign, May – June 1864.
His most famous paper, " Über die bewegende Kraft der Wärme " (" On the Moving Force of Heat and the Laws of Heat which may be Deduced Therefrom ")
On March 23, 2010, the band released a Greatest Hits album titled, Moving Forward in Reverse: Greatest Hits.
On August 24, three detailed patent applications were filed: the first for a " Kinetographic Camera ", the second for the camera as well, and the third for an " Apparatus for Exhibiting Photographs of Moving Objects ".
With the exception of Autolycus ' On the Moving Sphere, the Elements is one of the oldest extant Greek mathematical treatises and it is the oldest extant axiomatic deductive treatment of mathematics.
* 1970: Moving On — This 1970 book was given high reviews by several women's organizations for its unflinching depiction of the main character Patsy Carpenter ( who later appears in All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers, Terms of Endearment, and The Evening Star )
* 1972: All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers — a continuation of characters from Moving On
* 1975: Terms of Endearment — a continuation of characters from Moving On and All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers — adapted into a film of the same name

Moving and 1982
* Moving Targets: Writing with Intent, 1982 – 2004 ( 2004 )
Other key pieces include " North American Time Capsule " ( 1966 ), which employed a prototype vocoder to isolate and manipulate elements of speech ; Music On A Long Thin Wire ( 1977 ), in which a piano wire is strung across a room and activated by an amplified oscillator and magnets on either end, producing changing overtones and sounds ; Crossings ( 1982 ), in which tones play across a steadily rising sine wave producing interference beats ; Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas ( 1973 – 74 ), in which the interference tones between sine waves create " troughs " and " valleys " of sound and silence ; and Clocker ( 1978 ), which uses biofeedback and reverberation.
Moving back to Alfa Romeo in 1982, de Cesaris showed to be more capable than his latest result would have suggested.
* 1982 Przeprowadzka (" Moving ")
For many years, KGMB billed itself as " One of the Good Things About Hawaii " with its rich history of local television programming exclusively in Hawaii, especially in such shows as Skipper Al and Checkers & Pogo ( both children's programs ; the latter being the most remembered, airing from 1967 to 1982 and featured the late Morgan White ), The Hawaii Moving Company ( Originally a Disco / Dance program that transitioned into a general interest show ), and the 1982 TV special Rap's Hawaii starring the late Rap Reiplinger.
Moving to Berkeley in 1967, Jackson taught on campus, did his research at LBNL, and served in administrative positions at both ( Chair, UCB Physics Department, 1978 – 1981 ; Head, LBNL Physics Division, January 1982 – June 1984 ).

Moving and some
Moving to groups in general, let H be a subgroup of some group G. Let ~ be an equivalence relation on G, such that a ~ b ↔ ( ab < sup >− 1 </ sup > ∈ H ).
Moving at an early age from one location in the world to another alters a person's subsequent risk of MS. An explanation for this could be that some kind of infection, produced by a widespread microbe rather than a rare pathogen, is the origin of the disease.
* Parc du Futuroscope ( European Park of the Moving Image, some north of Poitiers ; theme is visual communication technology in ultramodern buildings )
# Moving east, there are some areas ( mostly in the northern and central county ) of higher ground with much better drainage.
Moving with speed and aggression, the French pushed the Allies over the Aisne river and while Blücher planned his counter with some 85, 000 men, Napoleon's 37, 000 troops struck.
Moving to Hoboken, New Jersey, he met a group of underground cartoonists such as Peter Bagge and Kazimieras G. Prapuolenis ( Kaz ), and had some of his earliest drawings appearing as Jerseyana in New Jersey Monthly magazine.
Greg Prato of Allmusic stated in his review of Rush that the album was weaker than some of Rush's later albums, such as Hemispheres and Moving Pictures, because Neil Peart was not yet a part of the band.
Moving within the orbit of Christianity and regarding itself as a distinctive Christian church it nevertheless holds that the other great religions of the world are also divinely inspired and that all proceed from a common source, though religions may stress different aspects of the various teachings and some aspects may even temporarily be ignored.
This can range from Tanith Lee's Red as Blood, where the stepmother queen is desperately trying to protect the land from her evil stepdaughter's magic, to Diana Wynne Jones's Howl's Moving Castle, where, although it is known that stepmothers are evil, the actual stepmother is guilty of nothing more than some carelessness, to Erma Bombeck's retelling where Cinderella is lazy and a liar.
* Moving across borders: People leave the country ; quarantine laws in some countries can be traumatic to pets and owners, so to avoid the stress, the pet is surrendered to an animal shelter.
Moving from continent to virtuous behavior requires training and some self-discipline.
Moving away from the patterns of song structure and melody of much rock music in America and Britain, some in the movement also drove the music to a more mechanical and electronic sound ( a group of 5 expatriate Americans, The Monks, who toured playing beat music clubs throughout Germany, were also exploring this industrial / mechanical sound, as evidenced on their 1965 German-only release LP " Black Monk Time ").
Moving further west, the foothills of the Andes are dominated by a series of low valleys discharging either towards the Atlantic through the Limay river, or to the Pacific through the Manso and Puelo rivers: deep blue-water lakes form in the Andean valleys, with some regions reaching very low altitudes ( under 400 meters, or 1300 ft, in the Pacific basin, and 750 meters, or 2500 ft, in the Atlantic basin ).
Moving away from Crown Square there is, next, a large grass area and some tennis courts.
They are probably members of the Castor Moving Group of stars that have a similar motion through space and share a common origin some 200 million years ago.
Moving some or all of these functions to dedicated hardware, a TCP offload engine, frees the system's main CPU for other tasks.
χ < sup > 1 </ sup > Ori is a candidate stream star member of the Ursa Major Moving Group, although there is some evidence to the contrary.
The group also had some success in the United States, where " Back To Life " reached the Top 10 and was certified platinum, and the album ( renamed as Keep On Moving for the US market ) reached the Top 20 and sold over two million copies.
* Moving the audio portion of the signal to some other frequency or sending it in a non-standard format.
The packet size, tables and control information transmitted by proprietary systems require proprietary non-DVB receivers, even though the video itself nominally in some form will often still adhere to the MPEG-2 image compression standard defined by the Moving Picture Experts Group.
Two hundred years later Theodosius ' wrote Sphaerics, a book that is believed to have a common origin with On the Moving Sphere in some pre-Euclidean textbook, possibly written by Eudoxus.
Richard Gilbert, co-author of Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight without Oil ( 2010 ), comments that producing hydrogen gas ends up using some of the energy it creates.
; Moving the goalposts: The event must be " shoehorned " to fit the prediction because it differs in some significant way.
Moreover, 903id club is linked to several radio programmes, such as << Sammy Moving >> and some of the DJs of those programmes work on projects supported by the club.
Moving the vote on the bill in September 1831, he pointed out that " it was notorious that the universal feeling of the working classes was in favour of some attempt to put down this odious system.

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