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Moving and along
Moving swiftly along Roman roads, Alaric sacked the cities of Aquileia and Cremona and ravaged the lands along the Adriatic Sea.
* Moving along a road ( with Seafarers, a line of ships )
Moving left-to-right along the line shows the constant maximum payload as the range increases.
Along the banks of the lake, patrons on the way to the casino were taken on a moving walkway the first of its kind open to the public, called The Great Wharf, Moving Sidewalk, it allowed people to walk along or ride in seats.
* Moving sidewalk, for transporting along a horizontal or inclined surface
* Moving the crossed index and middle finger along an edge evokes the perception of two parallel edges.
Moving south along the border one would encounter Lago San Martín, Lago Viedma, and finally Lago Argentino, the second largest lake in this region with an area of 1466 km < sup > 2 </ sup >.
Moving along the Phillips curve, this would lead to a higher inflation rate, the cost of enjoying lower unemployment rates.
Moving cautiously, the column was met at the farms and hamlets along its route by jubilant French civilians, leading to a mood of general relaxation among the soldiers.
Moving from A to B along a great circle can be considered as always going in the same direction ( the direction of B ), but not in the sense of keeping the same bearing, which applies when following a rhumb line.
Moving sheep up along a road in the Massif Central, France
Nestor, along with several other motion picture companies, including Laemmle's Independent Moving Pictures ( IMP ), was merged with Universal.
He made a public appearance along with Robert Kenner, Alice Waters, Gary Hirshberg, and Marcel Van Ooyen on June 5, 2009 at the Times Center in NYC following the screening of his new film Food, Inc. presented by the Museum of the Moving Image.
Instead, the program begins with a promo for a typical daytime network lineup: previews of a game show and soap opera are shown, along with a catchy jingle, " RBS: We're Moving Up!
* Moving right along in the Spirit ISBN 0-86065-196-7
Early hardcore producers such as SL2, Prodigy, Hyper-On Experience, DJ Jonny L and Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era, along with record labels such as Moving Shadow, Reinforced, XL and Formation evolved in a period where Techno was developing a harder edge, exploring the complex breakbeats that would later manifest themselves as jungle and the subsequent development of drum and bass.
There are five haunted houses on and around Clifton Hill: The House of Frankenstein ( which is located next to the Ripley's 4D Moving Theater ), Dracula's Haunted Castle ( located next to Brick City ), and The Haunted House ( near the bottom of Clifton Hill ) are on Clifton Hill, while Screamers House of Horrors and Nightmares Fear Factory are along Victoria Avenue.
Moving quickly, Metellus Pius was the first to meet him along the Via Appia, bringing new troops with him.
Moving west-northwest along the southern periphery of the subtropical ridge, Tropical Depression 23W was upgraded to Tropical Storm Sarika that day.

Moving and with
Moving by a series of jumps with both feet moving together.
Moving forward with temporary repairs, members of the MassDOT administration team decided not to let the news of the systemic failure and repair of the fixtures be released to the public or to Governor Deval Patrick's administration.
Canada Day also coincides with Quebec's Moving Day, when many fixed-lease apartment rental terms expire.
Moving with his father, by 15 he was working in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Hobby House Restaurant owned by the Clauss family.
Moving images were produced on revolving drums and disks in the 1830s with independent invention by Simon von Stampfer ( Stroboscope ) in Austria, Joseph Plateau ( Phenakistoscope ) in Belgium and William Horner ( zoetrope ) in Britain.
Moving into Villa Nellcôte with the guitarist during the sessions for Exile on Main Street, Parsons remained in a consistently incapacitated state and frequently quarreled with his much younger girlfriend, aspiring actress Gretchen Burrell.
The band's American breakthrough came with the third album, Travelling Without Moving in 1996, which yielded two big hits, " Virtual Insanity " and " Cosmic Girl ".
Moving clockwise around the outer bailey from Mortimer's Tower, the defences include a west-facing watergate, which would originally have led onto the Great Mere ; the King's gate, a late 17th century agricultural addition ; the Swan Tower, a late 13th century tower with 16th century additions named after the swans that lived on the Great Mere ; the early 13th century Lunn's Tower ; and the 14th century Water Tower, so named because it overlooked the Lower Pool.
Moving on to ophthalmia neonatorum, a gonococcal infection in infants, he achieved the first recorded cure with penicillin, on November 25, 1930.
Rush's popularity reached its pinnacle with the release of Moving Pictures in 1981.
As an example, Moving Target Indication can interact with Doppler to produce signal cancellation at certain radial velocities, which degrades performance.
The kind of signal integration used with Moving Target Indication can improve noise up to for each stage.
Italian animator Roméo Bossetti impressed audiences with his object animation tour-de-force, The Automatic Moving Company in 1912.
Moving to intercept the Parthians with only the troops at his immediate disposal, he was ambushed and killed.
Moving the top scale to the right by a distance of, by matching the beginning of the top scale with the label on the bottom, aligns each number, at position on the top scale, with the number at position on the bottom scale.
Dutch band Focus, containing Thijs van Leer and Jan Akkerman, began to assert symphonic prog with their second album Focus II ( Moving Waves ) ( 1971 ) despite their hit song " Hocus Pocus " ( which is noted for lead singer Thijs van Leer's yodeling ).
Moving eternally through the infinite void, they collide and unite, thus generating objects which differ in accordance with the varieties, in number, size, shape, and arrangement, of the atoms which compose them.
* Howl's Moving Castle ( 2004 ), coproduction with Studio Ghibli )
Moving, the cell stretches out and takes a more typical amoeboid form, with an obvious distinction between the clear periphery and pseudopods and the greenish interior.
Moving away from the pure electro-pop that he had made his name with, Numan then experimented with jazz, funk and ethereal, rhythmic pop.

Moving and population
Moving to a population, however, this analogy masks the fact that there are many individuals, and that it is meaningful to talk about their differences.
Moving the county seat to La Plata in 1895 drew population away but left the town with its historic significance intact.

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