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Moving and forward
Moving a full-stop a few words forward or back or inserting a comma can profoundly alter the meaning of many passages, and such divisions and meanings must be determined by the translator.
Moving or increasing sail area forward can also help, for example by raising the jib ( and maybe lowering the staysail ) on a cutter.
Moving one wing forward relative to the other can help increase lift and reduce drag, though it may distort the box girder effect of the wing and reduce the structural benefits of the biplane layout.
Moving the engine forward, compared with the three-wheeled cars, made a lot more room inside for the driver and front passenger.
Moving forward on his own initiative, Lt. Parker received a message from his colonel, ordering him to detach one gun to General Shafter's aide, Lt. John D. Miley, then to take the remaining three guns forward " to the best point you can find ".
Moving away from the traditional metalcore sound that they had helped establish and created with The Opposite of December, the band moved into more straight forward songwriting with more melody and more of an overall rock sound.
Moving forward into 2012, Key is now working on new material for Skinny Puppy with eyes on a Tour for Handover and new ideas, as well as a new Download album, with planned live shows in 2012 in Russia and other countries.
Moving it forward also allowed the rocket engine to be enlarged, so it was replaced by a new dual-thrust engine that quickly accelerated the missile to higher speeds, and then settled to a lower thrust for cruise.
Moving the lever forward, backward, left, and right into specific positions selects particular gears.
Moving forward himself he flung in more grenades which produced a cry of " Kamerad ".
Moving to the Hurtgen Forest, the 83d thrust forward from Gressenich to the west bank of the Roer.
Moving westward with a steady forward speed of 18 knots, it strengthened into Tropical Storm Frederic at 1200 ( GMT ) on August 30 and was further upgraded to a hurricane at 0600 ( GMT ) on September 1, while centered approximately 650 miles ( 1045 km ) east of Barbados.
Moving forward again, D Company continued east.
Moving forward with the initial assault wave, a hail of fire from two enemy emplacements halted his section's advance.
*《 在歡樂的鼓聲中前進 》 Moving forward in the Happy Sounds of the Drum
Moving forward is a question of applying to the wider field of law-making / regulation the reasons that in economics arguably made free-market economies stronger than command economies during the Cold War ( tapping into greater flexibility / creativity / citizen-involvement etc ).
Moving forward, Google would be paying more attention to a diversified link profile which has a mix of anchor text and other types of links.
Moving forward, we see the King as a grown man, pacing back and forth in a waiting room.
* The Hamilton Grand ( Moving forward Main St. & John St. Hamilton, Ontario )
Moving forward at speed up the flank with the ball, Barton was a constant threat to defences because, given the chance to put the ball into the box, his accuracy was unerring.
Moving forward, the law school's Space Committee will be working with offices, departments, programs, faculty, and staff to move to the design phase.
Moving forward, he crossed the Ghaza Bund and took Quetta.
# Moving forward and backward ( surging );

Moving and with
Moving by a series of jumps with both feet moving together.
Canada Day also coincides with Quebec's Moving Day, when many fixed-lease apartment rental terms expire.
* Moving along a road ( with Seafarers, a line of ships )
Moving with his father, by 15 he was working in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Hobby House Restaurant owned by the Clauss family.
Moving images were produced on revolving drums and disks in the 1830s with independent invention by Simon von Stampfer ( Stroboscope ) in Austria, Joseph Plateau ( Phenakistoscope ) in Belgium and William Horner ( zoetrope ) in Britain.
Moving into Villa Nellcôte with the guitarist during the sessions for Exile on Main Street, Parsons remained in a consistently incapacitated state and frequently quarreled with his much younger girlfriend, aspiring actress Gretchen Burrell.
The band's American breakthrough came with the third album, Travelling Without Moving in 1996, which yielded two big hits, " Virtual Insanity " and " Cosmic Girl ".
Moving clockwise around the outer bailey from Mortimer's Tower, the defences include a west-facing watergate, which would originally have led onto the Great Mere ; the King's gate, a late 17th century agricultural addition ; the Swan Tower, a late 13th century tower with 16th century additions named after the swans that lived on the Great Mere ; the early 13th century Lunn's Tower ; and the 14th century Water Tower, so named because it overlooked the Lower Pool.
Moving on to ophthalmia neonatorum, a gonococcal infection in infants, he achieved the first recorded cure with penicillin, on November 25, 1930.
Rush's popularity reached its pinnacle with the release of Moving Pictures in 1981.
As an example, Moving Target Indication can interact with Doppler to produce signal cancellation at certain radial velocities, which degrades performance.
The kind of signal integration used with Moving Target Indication can improve noise up to for each stage.
Italian animator Roméo Bossetti impressed audiences with his object animation tour-de-force, The Automatic Moving Company in 1912.
Moving to intercept the Parthians with only the troops at his immediate disposal, he was ambushed and killed.
Moving the top scale to the right by a distance of, by matching the beginning of the top scale with the label on the bottom, aligns each number, at position on the top scale, with the number at position on the bottom scale.
Moving along with the population, many companies also located their offices and other facilities in the outer areas of the cities.
Dutch band Focus, containing Thijs van Leer and Jan Akkerman, began to assert symphonic prog with their second album Focus II ( Moving Waves ) ( 1971 ) despite their hit song " Hocus Pocus " ( which is noted for lead singer Thijs van Leer's yodeling ).
Moving eternally through the infinite void, they collide and unite, thus generating objects which differ in accordance with the varieties, in number, size, shape, and arrangement, of the atoms which compose them.
* Howl's Moving Castle ( 2004 ), coproduction with Studio Ghibli )
Moving, the cell stretches out and takes a more typical amoeboid form, with an obvious distinction between the clear periphery and pseudopods and the greenish interior.
Moving away from the pure electro-pop that he had made his name with, Numan then experimented with jazz, funk and ethereal, rhythmic pop.

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