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Clayton and Nairne
When the Achaeans entertained Wednesday last at their annual Carnival masquerade ball, Miss Margaret Pierson was chosen to rule over the festivities, presented at the Muncipal Auditorium and chosen as her ladies in waiting were Misses Clayton Nairne, Eleanor Eustis, Lynn Chapman, Irwin Leatherman of Robinsonville, Miss. and Helene Rowley.

Clayton and whose
The highest-ranking official whose term unquestionably continued during the interim was Polk's Secretary of State, James Buchanan ( later elected President himself in 1856 ), whose term did not formally expire until his successor, John M. Clayton, took office on March 7.
Section 7 elaborates on specific and crucial concepts of the Clayton Act ; " holding company " defined as a " common and favorite method of promoting monopoly ", but more precisely as " a company whose primary purpose is to hold stocks of other companies " which the government saw as an abomination and a mere corporated form of the ' old fashioned ' trust.
, the Mayor of the Borough of Clayton is Jeff Radio, whose term of office ends on December 31, 2011.
Scarlett's upbringing resembled that of Mitchell's maternal grandmother, Annie Fitzgerald Stephens ( 1844 – 1934 ), who was raised on a plantation in Clayton County, Georgia ( where the fictional Tara was placed ), and whose father was an Irish immigrant.
It continued in the crown from the time of Richard III's marriage with Anne Neville, until Queen Mary granted it to William Lord Paget, in whose family it continued more than a century ; after which, it passed, by purchase, to Sir Humphrey Winch, in 1670 ; to Lord Falkland in 1686 ; to Sir James Etheridge in 1690 ; to Sir John Guise in 1718 ; and to Sir William Clayton in 1736.
The centerpiece of the collection is the portal adjacent to the M Street Parking Lot in Washington, D. C. A wooden entrance arbor is dedicated to the memory of Jeanne Yeutter, wife of former Secretary of Agriculture Clayton Yeutter, whose sponsorship of the project helped the concept of a Grove of State Trees to be realized.
Harold Clayton Urey ForMemRS ( April 29, 1893 – January 5, 1981 ) was an American physical chemist whose pioneering work on isotopes earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1934.
Following this Clayton, whose PhD thesis concerned Joynson-Hicks ' moral policies at the Home Office, has announced that he plans to write a new biography of Joynson-Hicks with the aid of these sources.
" The New York Times critic Clayton Riley viewed the film more favorably, commenting on its aesthetic innovation, but stated of the character of Sweetback that he " is the ultimate sexualist in whose seemingly vacant eyes and unrevealing mouth are written the protocols of American domestic colonialism.
There is also Clayton ( Monte Markham ), a younger brother whose subsequent revelation as being gay troubled Blanche to some extent ; Blanche's reluctance to accept Clayton's sexual orientation nearly cost her relationship with him.
Ms. Clayton said, “ This is a lasting memorial to those whose contributions were testaments to the fact that human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable.
Two regular actors from Homicide ( Peter Gerety, Andre Braugher ) and two recurring ones ( Clayton LeBouef, Željko Ivanek ), whose characters regularly interacted with Munch on that series, have appeared as different, unrelated characters on SVU, sometimes sharing scenes with Munch.
The song has since been recorded numerous times, such as by New Lost City Ramblers, The Wolfe Tones, Henry Whitter, Ernest Stoneman, Clayton McMichen, The Carter Family, Blue Sky Boys ( whose version, performed in 1936, appears in the soundtrack of the 1973 film Paper Moon ), Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner, Pete Seeger, Monroe Brothers, Joan Baez, Olivia Newton-John ( with Mike Sammes, in 1971, her second commercial single in the United States ), Dave Guard and the Whiskeyhill Singers, Mike Ireland and Holler, and Doc Watson, with slightly different lyrics when sung by a female.
Previous defender of Shuggazoom City, whose secret identity was the wealthy billionaire playboy industrialist Clayton Carrington.
Comedian Robin Williams is one such victim, whose identity was allegedly ' stolen ' by professional look-alike Michael Clayton, for financial reasons.

Clayton and daughter
The story is set in Clayton County, Georgia and Atlanta during the American Civil War and Reconstruction, and depicts the experiences of Scarlett O ' Hara, the spoiled daughter of a well-to-do plantation owner, who must use every means at her disposal to come out of the poverty she finds herself in after Sherman's March to the Sea.
After leaving the Rank Organisation in the early 1960s, Bogarde abandoned his heart-throb image for more challenging parts, such as barrister Melville Farr in Victim ( 1961 ), directed by Basil Dearden ; decadent valet Hugo Barrett in The Servant ( 1963 ), which garnered him a BAFTA Award, directed by Joseph Losey and written by Harold Pinter ; The Mind Benders ( 1963 ), a film ahead of its times in which Bogarde plays an Oxford professor conducting sensory deprivation experiments at Oxford University ( precursor to Altered States ( 1980 )); the anti-war film King & Country ( 1964 ), playing an army lawyer reluctantly defending deserter Tom Courtenay, directed by Joseph Losey ; a television broadcaster-writer Robert Gold in Darling ( 1965 ), for which Bogarde won a second BAFTA Award, directed by John Schlesinger ; Stephen, a bored Oxford University professor, in Losey's Accident, ( 1967 ) also written by Pinter ; Our Mother's House ( 1967 ), an off-beat film-noir directed by Jack Clayton in which Bogarde plays an n ' er do well father who descends upon " his " seven children on the death of their mother, British entry at the Venice Film Festival ; German industrialist Frederick Bruckmann in Luchino Visconti's La Caduta degli dei, The Damned ( 1969 ) co-starring Ingrid Thulin ; as ex-Nazi, Max Aldorfer, in the chilling and controversial Il Portiere di notte, The Night Porter ( 1974 ), co-starring Charlotte Rampling, directed by Liliana Cavani ; and most notably, as Gustav von Aschenbach in Morte a Venezia, Death in Venice ( 1971 ), also directed by Visconti ; as Claude, the lawyer son of a dying, drunken writer ( John Gielgud ) in the well-received, multi-dimensional French film Providence ( 1977 ), directed by Alain Resnais ; as industrialist Hermann Hermann who descends into madness in Despair ( 1978 ) directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder ; and as Daddy in Bertrand Tavernier's Daddy Nostalgie, ( aka These Foolish Things ) ( 1991 ), co-starring Jane Birkin as his daughter, Bogarde's final film role.
Richard, consul at Nantes, died in 1828 and was succeeded by his daughter Henrietta, wife of General Robert Browne, who assumed the Clayton name.
* Clayton v Clayton 2006: An appeal against injunctions preventing a father from publishing matters concerning his daughter.
In 1867, Vogel married Mary Clayton, daughter of architect Sir William Clayton, who gifted the couple Finnimore House.
He married model Jessica Craig on September 28, 2007 and had two more children with her: a son named William Clayton, born August 5, 2008 and a daughter named Mary Elizabeth, born December 27, 2009.
While the Clayton ’ s were natives of Kent County, Delaware, Rachael McCleary was the niece and adopted daughter of Richard Bassett, the aristocratic heir to the expansive Bohemia Manor estates.
In 1869 Clayton moved to Wellington to take up a post as the first ( and only ) Colonial Architect, in which position he became central to the public works projects of prime minister Julius Vogel ( Clayton's daughter Mary had married Vogel in 1867 ).
In 1978, Viki takes in Tina Clayton ( Andrea Evans ), whom she is told is the sixteen-year-old daughter of her best friend Irene Manning Clayton ( Kate McKeown ), who is apparently dying of cancer.
Viki is shocked to discover in 1985 that her former ward Tina Clayton ( Evans ) is in fact her half-sister, the daughter of Victor and Irene Manning, Viki's childhood friend.
Hurt was born Mary Supinger in 1946 in Marshalltown, Iowa, the daughter of Delores Lenore ( née Andre ) and Forrest Clayton Supinger.
The only other English people there are an elderly woman, Mrs Rice, and her married daughter, Mrs Elsie Clayton.
He married Alice du Pont, daughter of U. S. Senator T. Coleman du Pont, and they had two children, Clayton Douglass, Jr. and Mrs. Dorcas Van Dyke Farquhar.
Lord Queensberry married Caroline Margaret Clayton ( 1821 – 1904 ), daughter of General Sir William Clayton, 5th Baronet, at Gretna Green, Scotland, in 1840.
His first marriage was to Lady Margaret Byron, daughter of Sir John Byron Jr, of Clayton and later Newstead Abbey and Lady Margaret FitzWilliams.
Mitchell modeled Tara after local plantations and antebellum establishments, particularly the Clayton County plantation on which her maternal grandmother, Annie Fitzgerald Stephens ( 1844-1934 ), the daughter of Irish immigrant Philip Fitzgerald ( 1798-1880 ) and his American wife, Eleanor Avaline " Ellen " McGhan ( 1818-1893 ), was born and raised.

Clayton and was
It was the night Clayton had tricked them in the poker game.
In 1914, the Clayton Act attempted to take labor out from under the anti-trust legislation by stating that human labor was not to be considered a commodity.
The bequest of a collection of books, engraved gems, coins, prints and drawings by Clayton Mordaunt Cracherode in 1800 did much to raise the Museum's reputation ; but Montagu House became increasingly crowded and decrepit and it was apparent that it would be unable to cope with further expansion.
Royce Clayton, the club's starting shortstop in 2004, also was allowed to leave.
The first recipient of the Cy Young Award was Don Newcombe of the Dodgers, and the most recent winners are Clayton Kershaw, from the National League, and Justin Verlander, from the American League.
With prime time competition, Corrie was again seen as being old fashioned, with the introduction of the ' normal ' Clayton family in 1985 being a failure with viewers.
On 18 June, the first of 161 soil erosion control camps was opened, in Clayton, Alabama.
Soon after Clayton Yeutter was appointed chief White House domestic policy advisor, Kemp's Economic Empowerment Task Force was abolished.
The Plan was largely the creation of State Department officials, especially William L. Clayton and George F. Kennan.
In June 1893, after the club was evicted from North Road by its owners, Manchester Deans and Canons, who felt it was inappropriate for the club to charge an entry fee to the ground, secretary A. H. Albut procured the use of the Bank Street ground in Clayton.
Clayton was the top receiver of the game, with 6 receptions for 92 yards.
Grace Golden Clayton was mourning the loss of her father when, on December 1907, the Monongah Mining Disaster in nearby Monongah killed 361 men, 250 of them fathers, leaving around a thousand fatherless children.
Finally, Clayton was a quiet person, who never promoted the event or even talked to other persons about it.
The chapel contains some fifteenth-century glass, but most was cast by Clayton and Bell, Hardman, and Wailes, in around 1869.
Subsequently, Hoyle's picture was expanded during the 1960s by creative contributions by William A. Fowler, Alastair G. W. Cameron, and Donald D. Clayton, and then by many others.
The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 (, codified at, ), was enacted in the United States to add further substance to the U. S. antitrust law regime by seeking to prevent anticompetitive practices in their incipiency.
Passed during the Wilson administration, the legislation was introduced by Alabama Democrat Henry De Lamar Clayton Jr. in the U. S. House of Representatives, where the act passed by a vote of 277 to 54 on June 5, 1914.
When Clay County was created as Arkansas's 67th county on March 24, 1873 ( alongside Baxter County ), it was named Clayton County after John M. Clayton, then a member of the Arkansas Senate and the brother of then-U. S.

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