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Roebuck and declined
The fortunes of Sears & Roebuck declined in the 1970s as the company lost market share ; its management grew more cautious.

Roebuck and began
* Richard Warren Sears, founder of Sears, Roebuck, and Co, began his retail sales career by selling unclaimed watches while serving as a station agent for the railroad in Wolsey in the early 1880s.
Loeb's father, Albert, began his career as a lawyer and became the vice president of Sears and Roebuck.
Julius Rosenwald, Co-Founder and President of Sears, Roebuck, & Co., began collaborating with Booker T Washgton in 1911 to use the fortune earned at the Sears Catalog Plant in North Lawndale to fund construction of 5, 300 schools for African-Americans across the South
In 1746 in Birmingham, England, John Roebuck began producing sulfuric acid in lead-lined chambers, which were stronger, less expensive, and could be made much larger than the glass containers which had been used previously.

Roebuck and on
I let up on the accelerator, only to gradually reach again the 60 m.p.h. which would, I hoped, overhaul Herry and the blonde, and as there were cars whose drivers apparently had something more important to catch than had I, Mrs. Major Roebuck settled down to practicing on Corporal Johnson the kittenish wiles she would need when making her duty call on Colonel and Mrs. Somebody in Sante Fe.
`` Just befoh he left foh his academeh we wuh hevin dack-rihs on the vuhranduh, Major Roebuck an Ah, an Huhmun says ' May Ah hev one too '??
In the same year James Watt visited Birmingham on the recommendation of his business patron John Roebuck, being shown around the Soho Manufactory by Small and Darwin in Boulton's absence.
Clarence Gilyard remained on, but with the addition to Roebuck to the cast and the character of Cliff Lewis becoming a second private investigator, his role was diminished somewhat.
Grenville's fleet departed Plymouth on April 9, 1585, with five main ships: the Tiger ( Grenville's ), the Roebuck, the Red Lion, the Elizabeth, and the Dorothy.
Chain stores previously located downtown — Woolworth's, W. T. Grant, S. S. Kresge, JC Penney and Sears Roebuck — shut their doors or moved to malls on the outskirts of Lewiston or Auburn.
Roebuck Bay is of international importance for the millions of migratory waders or shorebirds that use it seasonally on migration through the East Asian – Australasian Flyway from their breeding grounds in northern Asia.
There were 17 pubs in the town although the Spite ( properly known as the Roebuck ), the Chevin and the Royalty are on the outskirts, with the Spite located in North Yorkshire.
The House of Commons was moved by Roebuck to reverse the sentence, which it did 29 June by a majority of 46, after having heard from Palmerston on 25 June.
A motion in Parliament by John Arthur Roebuck on January 29, 1855 called for an investigation into the conduct of the war by the government and, especially, an investigation of the conduct of the war by Duke of Newcastle — the Secretary for War.
Rimmer later recounts an occasion on which Roebuck threw his favourite shoes into the school septic tank whilst he was wearing them.
In danger of sinking he attempted to make the return voyage to England but Roebuck foundered at Ascension Island on 21 February 1701.
Oriole and Banner, in common with Jewel, the Sears & Roebuck label Challenge, and a few others, often used a standard set of " noms du disque " on their labels, rather than the actual names of the artists who recorded the tracks they issued.
In an interview for The Paris Review, Lowell stated that he went to Sears, Roebuck to purchase the " pup tent " that he set up on Tate's lawn and lived in for two months.
There are a few old Georgian three-storied houses around " Hill Top ," and a very old thatched house opposite the " Roebuck Inn ," the date on its front giving the year 1714.
He was replaced by a former rival and Sears Roebuck executive from the U. S., Mark Cohen, who prioritized Sears over eatons and cut back aggressively on markdown strategies.
However, Julius Rosenwald, wealthy co-owner of Sears, Roebuck and Company in Chicago, soon after became Reshevsky's benefactor ; Rosenwald guaranteed Reshevsky's future on condition that he would complete his education.
After securing a sponsorship deal with the Chicago-based retailer Sears, Roebuck and Co., Soul Train premiered on WCIU-TV on August 17, 1970, as a live show airing weekday afternoons.
Cantalupo previously served on the board of directors of Sears, Roebuck and Company.
Unlike many of his ' Matlock ' co-stars, with the exception of Holliday and Daniel Roebuck ( who replaced Gilyard in 1993 ), Gilyard appeared in almost every Matlock episode during his three seasons on the show.
Tenleytown was transformed on October 2, 1941 when Sears Roebuck opened its department store on Wisconsin Avenue at Albemarle Street.

Roebuck and about
Bedout (), or more specifically the Bedout High, is a geological and geophysical feature centered about 250 km off the northwestern coast of Australia in the Canning and overlying Roebuck basins.
He was lapped by the leaders after just seven laps of the race, and after fourteen he retired from the race with cramp in his left arm-but this drew paddock wide criticism as Estoril is a clockwise circuit, which requires more work from the right arm, and English F1 journalist Nigel Roebuck made scathing comments about Délétraz's performance in the race.
It is situated about south from York, on the west back of the River Ouse ; near the opposite bank is the settlement of Stillingfleet, and to the west is Appleton Roebuck.

Roebuck and her
Mrs. Roebuck thought Johnson was a `` sweet bawh t'lah lahk thet '', but her Herman was getting to be a man, there was no getting around it.
The publication of these diaries as New Voyage Round the World in 1697 was a popular sensation creating interest at the British Admiralty and in 1699 Dampier was given the command of the Roebuck with a commission from the Admiralty ( and by inference King William III who had reigned jointly with Queen Mary II before her death in 1694 ).
Margaret was given two ships by her father Robert, the Leicester and the Roebuck.
Among the most adventurous of her licensing ventures were a two-season lower-priced, mail-order fashion line for Sears, Roebuck & Co. ( 1916 – 17 ), which promoted her clothing in special de luxe catalogues, and a contract to design interiors for limousines and town cars for the Chalmers Motor Co, later Chrysler Corporation ( 1917 ).
* Obituary of her by ballet dancer Gavin Roebuck

Roebuck and son
By 1908 Rosenwald, son of an immigrant clothier, had become part-owner and president of Sears, Roebuck and Company in Chicago.
* Cliff Lewis ( Daniel Roebuck ) – Ben's last partner and private investigator who graduated from law school, the son of Ben's childhood friend, Billy Lewis ( 1993 – 1995 )
The concept was taken to the U. S. by Julius Rosenwald, chairman of Sears, Roebuck and Company, who visited the Deutsches Museum museum with his young son in 1911.
In 1934 his son Tom went to work for Sears Roebuck and Company and earned the fantastic salary of $ 17. 50 a week.

Roebuck and who
Roebuck went bankrupt, and Matthew Boulton, who owned the Soho Foundry works near Birmingham, acquired his patent rights.
Daniel Roebuck joined Thayer as a new regular for the seventh season, playing the role of ne ' er-do-well Cliff Lewis who seemed to bounce around from job to job.
* Albert Loeb, lawyer and Vice President of Sears and Roebuck who built the Castle Farm test farm complex in Charlevoix.
He became associated with James Watt when Watt's business partner, John Roebuck, was unable to pay a debt to Boulton, who accepted Roebuck's share of Watt's patent as settlement.
Washington developed a major relationship with Julius Rosenwald, a self-made man who rose to the top of Sears, Roebuck and Company in Chicago, Illinois.
The expedition managed to repair the ship, and early July met with Roebuck and Dorothy, who had come to the Outer Banks few weeks ago.
Don Juan in Hell consists of a philosophical debate between Don Juan ( played by the same actor who plays Jack Tanner ), and the Devil, with Doña Ana ( Ann ) and the Statue of Don Gonzalo, Ana's father ( Roebuck Ramsden, an aged acquaintance of Tanner's and Ann's Guardian ) looking on.
Roebuck left the growing company a few years later, and Sears went on with a new business partner, clothier Julius Rosenwald, who became president of the business in 1908 upon Sears ' retirement at age 44.
He moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he met Alvah C. Roebuck who joined him in the business.
Chelsea matches are mainly commentated by Trevor Harris, Ben Andrews ( who hosted the 2007 League Cup Final, 2007 FA Cup Final and 2008 UEFA Champions League Final ), Mark Tompkins, Dan Roebuck and Gary Taphouse.
Sears moved to Chicago, Illinois where he met Alvah C. Roebuck, who joined him in the business.
Roebuck also had a one off appearance in The King of Queens in 1999 ( season 1 episode 17 ) as Jeffrey the cop who Carrie Leah Remini tried to date in order to get out of a traffic ticket.
Watt is linked to Roebuck who discovered chlorine bleach which eventually is used to make white paper.

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