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Much and improved
Much applied economics in public policy is concerned with determining how the efficiency of an economy can be improved.
Much effort, and many different designs of piston crown, went into developing improved scavenging.
Much of the increase was a result of Paley's second upgrade to the CBS business plan — improved affiliate relations.
Much research remains to be done, but advances in molecular biology and improved paleobiogeographical data are gradually revealing a clearer picture of passerine origins and evolution that reconciles molecular affinities, the constraints of morphology and the specifics of the fossil record.
Several just-in-time compilation ( JIT ) techniques were pioneered and improved in Self research as they were required to allow a very high level object oriented language to perform at up to half the speed of optimized C. Much of the development of Self took place at Sun Microsystems, and the techniques they developed were later deployed for Java's HotSpot virtual machine.
Much of the increase went toward improved pay levels, increased acquisitions in underserved subject areas, and new positions.
Much of Orkney was improved and drained during the 18th and 19th century, giving the islands the green appearance that they often have today.
Much improved telescopes and imaging techniques allowed the hourglass shape of the nebula to be discovered by Raghvendra Sahai and John Trauger of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on January 18, 1996.
Much later, liners switched to using stronger synthetic webbing and had improved neck support.
Much larger in area than the other crannogs, it is unclear to what extent this island is natural, or has been ' improved ' over the centuries.
Much of the code was then reworked for HIPAA compliance and improved security, and the product was reintroduced as OpenEMR version 1. 3 a year later, in July 2002.
Much has been improved since.

Much and since
Much of the Alpine culture is unchanged since the medieval period when skills that guaranteed survival in the mountain valleys and in the highest villages became mainstays, leading to strong traditions of carpentry, woodcarving, baking and pastry-making, and cheesemaking.
Much of the story is told first-hand, since Spalding had been involved in the game, first as a player and later an administrator, since the 1850s.
Much of the resources for these first democratic elections since independence came from locally represented donors and agencies called the " Groupe informel des bailleurs de fonds et representants residents " ( GIBAFOR ).
Much Angria material has appeared in published form since the author's death.
Much of Dennett's work since the 1990s has been concerned with fleshing out his previous ideas by addressing the same topics from an evolutionary standpoint, from what distinguishes human minds from animal minds ( Kinds of Minds ), to how free will is compatible with a naturalist view of the world ( Freedom Evolves ).
Much of the material in his research manuscripts has since been published in the Husserliana critical edition series.
Much has changed in the millennium and a half since the death of the God Emperor.
Much has been done in the field of standardisation since the Bureau ( now the IHO ) was founded.
Much of his writing since the 1970s has been in collaboration, particularly with Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes, but also Brenda Cooper and Edward M. Lerner.
Much of Nicaragua's politics since independence has been characterized by the rivalry between the liberal elite of León and the conservative elite of Granada.
Much of contemporary China's transport systems have been built since the establishment of the People's Republic in 1949.
Much of this first construction was destroyed by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, but the university retains the Quad, the old Chemistry Building ( which is not in use and has been boarded up since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake ), and Encina Hall ( the residence of Herbert Hoover, John Steinbeck, and Anthony Kennedy during their times at Stanford ).
Much of the fair site is now home to Northerly Island park ( since the closing of Meigs Field ) and McCormick Place.
Much about this subject has changed dramatically since that time, and continues to do so.
Much familiar canonical work was not included, since they took it for granted that their audience would know the standard fare.
Much contemporary Catholic missionary work has undergone profound change since the Second Vatican Council, and has become explicitly conscious of Social Justice issues and the dangers of cultural imperialism or economic exploitation disguised as religious conversion.
Much more so than most non-English speaking European countries, the Netherlands has remained closely in tune with American and British trends ever since the 50's.
Much of the pre-surrender history of the Mojave is still to be revealed and written, since the Mojave language was unwritten in precolonial times.
Much of this interest drew them to musique concrète and tape manipulation techniques, since using these methods could allow them to create soundscapes suitable for the growing range of unconventional programming.
Much has been learned about passive solar building design since the 1970s energy crisis.
George Harrison contributed " I Need You " and " You Like Me Too Much ", his first compositions to be included on a Beatles album since " Don't Bother Me " on 1963's With The Beatles.
Much of pita's popularity in the Western world since the 1970s is due to expanded use of the pocket for a type of sandwich.
Much of what proceeded after the first shots were fired in the plaza remained ill defined for decades after 1968 ; however, much has been corroborated by since released information from American and Mexican government sources.
Much like Hardanger, Ukrainian cutwork belongs to the category of ' cut-and-drawn ' work, since, unlike ' merezhka ' ( drawn-work ), threads of the ground cloth are cut both vertically and horizontally, and thus create specifically larger cut-work openings in the body of the fabric, when compared with drawn-work.

Much and arrival
`` Much of the navy's future depends upon her '', an American naval announcement said on the Skipjack's first arrival in British waters in August, 1959, for exhibition to selected high officers at Portland underwater research station.
Much of the Safe as Milk material was honed and arranged by the arrival of 20-year – old guitar prodigy Ry Cooder, who had been brought into the group after much pressure from Vliet.
Much of the army became sick because of poor drinking water, his Damietta born son John Sorrow died on August 3 and on August 25 Louis himself died from a " flux in the stomach ", one day after the arrival of Charles.
Much of the history of Winnebago revolved around the arrival of the railroad.
Much later the island was settled by the Taínos, and remained so until the arrival of the Spanish in the 15th century.
Much as Wright liked White, he felt his move to MI6 was a mistake for both MI5 and MI6: " Just as his work MI5 was beginning, he was moved on a politician's whim to an organization he knew little about, and which was profoundly hostile to his arrival.
Much like how he relates to the town itself, Cooper gains an instant rapport with many of the townspeople on arrival to Twin Peaks-most particularly Sheriff Harry S. Truman and his deputies, Deputy Tommy " Hawk " Hill and Deputy Andy Brennan.
Much of the plot of the novel is driven by the arrival in Tober Cove of the Science Spark Lord to observe the gender-changing ceremony.

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