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Much and later
Much of the story is told first-hand, since Spalding had been involved in the game, first as a player and later an administrator, since the 1850s.
Much of Alzheimer's later work on brain pathology made use of Nissl's method of silver staining of the histological sections.
Much later, he was reinstated by the British, ruling during 1839-1842.
Much later, a new trial was ordered by Yugoslavia and the convictions were overturned.
Much later, the region was settled by Liburnians and Illyrians, while the first Greek colonies were established on the Vis and Hvar islands.
Much later, when his fame was attached to the Reformed churches, their whole body of doctrine came to be called " Calvinism ".
Much like the 2007 play-in game when it was not clear whether or not Matt Holliday had touched home plate with the game-winning run, there was question as to whether Barmes actually caught the ball, as photos later emerged showing the ball apparently sliding down his arm as he went to the ground.
Much later ( 15th century ), the Council of Florence taught the divine inspiration of these books, but " did not formally pass on their canonicity.
Much of Dijkstra's later work concerns ways to streamline mathematical argument.
Much of what is known about Epicurean philosophy derives from later followers and commentators.
Much of the written material found in these digs was later translated by Giovanni Pettinato.
Much of the real life journalistic misconduct reported on Media Watch later appeared on Frontline in fictionalised form.
" Much of the TMRC's jargon was later imported into early computing culture, because the club started using a DEC PDP-1 and applied its local model railroad slang in this computing context.
Much like Herodotus ' works, it mixes facts with legends, and was often quoted by later Islamic historians.
Much later, the X-Men found evidence in one of Destiny's journals of a group known as the Twelve, including Xavier, Magneto, Cyclops, Phoenix, Iceman, Polaris, Storm, Cable, Bishop, Sunfire, Mikhail Rasputin and the Living Monolith.
Much later, after the film was released and his experiences during its production proved unhappy, Reynolds complained to Lemmon and described Avildsen as an " asshole ", whereby Lemmon replied, " I guess you could say that ".
Much of the scholarly work concerning the references to Jesus in Josephus has thus concentrated on close textual analysis of the Josephan corpus to determine the degree to which the language, as preserved in both early Christian quotations and the later transmissions, should be considered authentic.
Much of John's later, negative reputation was established by two chroniclers writing after the king's death, Roger of Wendover and Matthew Paris.
Much later, he suggested that in modern times, the best scientists and engineers usually have to choose between either doing their work for more or less questionable business and military interests in a Faustian bargain, or not pursuing their line of work at all.
Much later Surrealism gained the fame among the public of being the most extreme form of modernism, or " the avant-garde of modernism ".
Much later, Thomas explained that " no daughter of mine could have that nose.
Much later that dish of cooked meat became a soup that we know today.
Much of the later work in speech compression was motivated by military research into digital communications for secure military radios, where very low data rates were required to allow effective operation in a hostile radio environment.
Much of the apparently arbitrary and trivial mythic fabling results from later mythographers ' attempts to explain these obscure epithets.

Much and 1869
Much of the restoration work was completed by local architect John Prichard between 1843 and 1869.
Brougham's Theatre was opened in 1869 with his comedies Better Late than Never and Much Ado About a Merchant of Venice, but this managerial experience was also a failure, due to disagreements with his business partner, Jim Fisk, and he took to playing the stock market.
Much work on the electrification of the lights continued from 1869.
Much of daily life inside the gaol could be gleaned from sources such as diaries written by John Castieau, governor of the gaol between 1869 and 1884.
* Five Acres Too Much, a satire provoked by Edmund Morris's Ten Acres Enough ( 1869 )
Much influence is assignable to an address by him before the Social Science Congress at Birmingham in 1868 on the law relating to the property of married women ( 1869 ; new edit.

Much and great
Much of it is permanent marsh, but some parts dry out in early winter, and other parts become marshland only in years of great flood.
Much later, when the use of seed drills replaced broadcasting sowing of seed in the 18th century, another great increase in productivity occurred.
Much of what was found would fall into the hands of major European collectors travelling the country on behalf of the great museums of London, Paris, Berlin, and Turin.
Much of the rock for the pyramid was likely quarried from the construction of the great trench.
Much of the comedy emerges from the subtle variations in each version as off-stage chaos affects on-stage performance, with a great deal of slapstick.
Much early embryology came from the work of the great Italian anatomists: Aldrovandi, Aranzio, Leonardo da Vinci, Marcello Malpighi, Gabriele Falloppio, Girolamo Cardano, Emilio Parisano, Fortunio Liceti, Stefano Lorenzini, Spallanzani, Enrico Sertoli, Mauro Rusconi, etc.
Much higher wooden outer domes with lead roofing and cupolas were added between 1210 and 1270, allowing the church to be seen from a great distance.
Much of the poetry of the period is difficult to date, or even to arrange chronologically ; for example, estimates for the date of the great epic Beowulf range from AD 608 right through to AD 1000, and there has never been anything even approaching a consensus.
Much in demand, in more than 125 films Churchill worked for some of the great directors such as Otto Preminger, John Ford, and Frank Capra.
Much of the subscribed funds came from Lancashire, where great profits were being made in the cotton industries.
Much of the peripheral equipment used with GCOS shared a great deal with Multics, although front-end network processors were very different between the two systems.
Much to the frustration of the Bene Gesserit, they do not control Paul, and the events of the coming millennia leave Jessica noteworthy as a figure of history who committed a great wrong ( according to the Bene Gesserit ); in the coming centuries, for a Bene Gesserit to choose her love over the instructions of her order is known as " the Jessica crime.
Much humanist effort went into improving the understanding and translations of Biblical and early Christian texts, both before the Protestant Reformation, on which the work of figures like Erasmus and Jacques Lefèvre d ' Étaples had a great influence, and afterwards.
Olga and Helga do not relate to each other well, causing great conflict and resentment on Helga's behalf ( Much of the resentment is exerted by Helga, for Olga doesn't seem to resent her little sister at all ).
Much of the 1997 extension was relaid shortly after it opened with a new, quieter tarmac because the amount of road noise had been so great that it prevented birds of prey ( mainly owls ) from foraging effectively.
Much has also been the centre of controversy because of its leniency in censorship, sometimes leaving expletives uncensored from videos played on the network, in contrast to MTV, which goes to great lengths in censoring music.
Much irresolution was caused by distrust of each other, arising from suspicions of treachery, by the absence of a chief and leader of the war ( for their sovereign, king Stephen, encompassed by equal difficulties in the south of England, was just then unable to join them ), and by their dread of encountering, with an inadequate force, so great a host However, urged by the 70-year-old Thurstan (' Lieutenant of the North ' in addition to his ecclesiastical duties ; Walter Espec was High Sheriff of Yorkshire ), to stand and fight and if needs be die in a holy cause, they agreed to gather their forces and return to York, where they were joined by reinforcements from Nottinghamshire under William Peverel and Geoffrey Halsalin, and from Derbyshire led by Robert de Ferrers.
Much of his adult life was spent on campaign in France, where he won the great victory of Poitiers in 1356.
Much of the library went up in flames during the great palace fire of 1697 when 17, 286 bound volumes and 1, 103 manuscripts were lost.
Much of the archaeological evidence was inadvertently destroyed by J. Fenton's expedition in 1851 and it is not known if all the great men buried at this site were contemporaries or if there were successive burials on a site with long term cultural significance.
Much improved since the arrival at Greyfriars of his great friend Tom Redwing in 1918.
The great god Yellow then ordered Responding Dragon to do battle with Jest Much in the Wilderness of Hopeisland.
Much of this success was under the county's first great captain, John Shuter, who led the side from 1880 to 1893.
Much of this research doesn ’ t actually use the term ‘ greatin describing itself, preferring terms such as ‘ eminence ’, ‘ genius ’, ‘ exceptional achievement ’, etc.

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