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Much and its
Much of its strength stems from the comfortable knowledge that every `` volunteer '' Democratic organization of any consequence belongs to the Aj.
Much of this innovation is due in part to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and its place within the community.
Much of the garbage and sewage from Detroit's rapid industrialization found its way into the river.
Much of the Detroit River and its shoreline were heavily polluted and unsafe for recreational use.
Much of the interior, with its large plains, lavascapes and volcanic mountains, consists of protected areas, although there are organised tours and vehicular access across them.
Much like its predecessor Cheers, Frasier used an ensemble cast with storylines involving the central group of characters.
Much aquamarine is heated to remove yellow tones and change the green color into the more desirable blue or enhance its existing blue color to a purer blue.
Much of his energy was devoted to the topic of oaths, having become convinced of its importance to Quaker ideas.
Much of this would be contingent on government adherence to fiscal and monetary targets and policy reforms, such as those begun under the SMP, and Haiti's payment of its World Bank arrears ($ 30 million at 9 / 30 / 03 ).
" Much of the TMRC's jargon was later imported into early computing culture, because the club started using a DEC PDP-1 and applied its local model railroad slang in this computing context.
Much of the play's Protestantism derives from its location in Denmark — both then and now a predominantly Protestant country, though it is unclear whether the fictional Denmark of the play is intended to mirror this fact.
Much of the popularity for Windows 2. 0 came by way of its inclusion as a " run-time version " with Microsoft's new graphical applications, Excel and Word for Windows.
Much of its expansion had taken place in the 17th century, culminating in the first Russian settlement of the Pacific in the mid-17th century, the reconquest of Kiev, and the pacification of the Siberian tribes.
Much later, after the film was released and his experiences during its production proved unhappy, Reynolds complained to Lemmon and described Avildsen as an " asshole ", whereby Lemmon replied, " I guess you could say that ".
Much of its appeal in this era was due to the ribald, suggestive themes featured by many troupes ; this appeal was further augmented by the fact that the performers were often also available for prostitution.
Much advancement has undoubtedly been made toward cooperation between architect and librarian, and many good designers have made library buildings their specialty, nevertheless it seems that the ideal type of library is not yet realized — the type so adapted to its purpose that it would be immediately recognized as such, as is the case with school buildings at the present time.
Much of the country's export income comes from water, and much of its power comes from hydroelectricity.
Much of MySQL's appeal originates in its relative simplicity and ease of use, which is enabled by an ecosystem of open source tools such as phpMyAdmin.
Much like Euclid's first and third definitions and Plato's ' beginning of a line ', the Mo Jing stated that " a point may stand at the end ( of a line ) or at its beginning like a head-presentation in childbirth.
Much constructive mathematics uses intuitionistic logic, which is essentially classical logic without the law of the excluded middle which states that for any proposition, either that proposition is true, or its negation is.
Much of what is known about axonal function comes from studying the squid giant axon, an ideal experimental preparation because of its relatively immense size ( 0. 5 – 1 millimeters thick, several centimeters long ).
Much of the city's cultural life has revolved around its large university community.
Much of its success was because Windows 3. 0 ( along with MS-DOS ) was bundled with most new computers.
Much less commonly, the photon can be symbolized by hf, where its frequency is denoted by f.

Much and shock
Much to Gunray's shock, Bane let Jedi board his ship, and then successfully forced Jedi Anakin Skywalker to open the Holocron in exchange for his Padawan's life.
Much to their shock, Caleb is revived with another power transfusion from the First and immediately knocks Angel unconscious with a devastating blow.
Much to her shock, Julie learns that Caleb was aware of her previous affairs with Luke and Jimmy and believes she was also involved in an affair with Lance.
Much to Steele's shock, McMahon replied, " That's exactly what I want!
Much of his work involved acts designed for maximum shock value.
Much humor is drawn both from the culture shock of their encounters and from the reality that they usually do not understand the local systems well enough to be able to predict the actual effects of the spells they attempt.
Much to his shock, David is sent to jail as the townspeople claim that Goliath was the best King they ever had, building roads, libraries and hospitals.
Much to his shock, the creature was not dead and has since disappeared.
Much like the DCAU version of Livewire, before she gained her abilities, she was also a shock jock.
Much to the shock of Do-Ji, the grateful Emperor promoted Hur Jun to 3rd grade officer and Chief Imperial Doctor.

Much and value
Much of the transport infrastructure is not, however, maintained to appropriate standards, reducing the value of transport services.
Much of East Asian philosophical writing focuses on the value of adhering to the principles of Tao and the various consequences of failing to do so.
Much like Slowloris, RUDY keeps sessions at halt using never-ending POST transmissions and sending an arbitrarily large content-length header value.
Much as other urbanized groups, some gay men and women have managed to utilize their spaces as a way to reflect gay cultural value and serve the special needs of individuals in relation to society at large.
* ' Those Who Suffer Much, Know Much ' 5th 2010 edition, Cris Kerr, Advocate for the value of Patient Testimony http :// www. ldnresearchtrustfiles. co. uk / docs / 2010. pdf
Much of human experience does not fall under science or mathematics but under the philosophy of value, including ethics, aesthetics, and political philosophy.
Much of the loss in value of the acquired companies was put down to the astronomical " goodwill " payment included in the purchase price during the " dotcom boom ".
Much of the true " con artistry " has been driven out of funfairs in the twentieth century, and combined with an increasing emphasis on the role of families and small children in such entertainment, contemporary showmen often find greater profit in pricing their games far above the value of the prizes being offered, with complex formulae for upgrading to the large prizes that advertise the game and instil desire among customers.
Much of the material is still of value to researchers in Jewish History.
Much of it, known as the Grosvenor Estate, is still owned by a family property company, the Grosvenor Group, owned by the Duke of Westminster, although the estate has recently been forced to sell many of its freeholds to their tenants at much below market value due to the Leasehold Reform Act 1967.
Much as I value votes I am not in the market.
Much theoretical work in the field of partial differential equations is devoted to proving that boundary value problems arising from scientific and engineering applications are in fact well-posed.
Much of it was intended for demolition as recently as the 1960s, until the value of the buildings, now listed, was recognised and local people began a determined fight to restore and preserve the area.
Much to the surprise of the Chinese the new currency even gained in value against the gold yen, although Japanese businessmen claimed that it was not backed up by sufficient silver reserves.
Much more recently " RAG " has come to stand for " Raise and Give ", " Raise A Grand " or " Raising and Giving "; these are backronyms, purportedly coined to convince a manager in a large charity of the value of working with student fundraisers.
Much jewelry, tools, watches, etc., of which they could see no value, were thrown overboard and it is said that for many years afterwards watch crystals, etc., were found near this place.
Much of these important habitats were drained to be converted to cultivated farmland, as farmers did not understand the value of the wetlands for the environment.
Much of the value or return an employer can expect from expensive global assignments comes from the networks the expatriates develop and the opportunity to exchange skills and knowledge both in and outside the workplace.
Much controversy exists over " restored " or " original " in relation to a trunk's value.
Much work on WCET analysis is on reducing the pessimism in analysis so that the estimated value is low enough to be valuable to the system designer.
Much was made of Barry ’ s age by the Irish newspapers, but the British military were to point out that the three soldiers who had been killed were “ much the same age as Barry .” On 20 October, Major Reginald Ingram Marians OBE, Head of the Press Section of the General Staff, informed Basil Clarke, Head of Publicity, that Washington was “ only 19 and that the other soldiers were of similar ages .” General Macready, was well aware of the “ propaganda value of the soldier ’ s ages .” General Macready informed General Sir Henry Wilson on the day that sentence was pronounced “ of the three men who were killed by him ( Barry ) and his friends two were 19 and one 20 — official age so probably they were younger ... so if you want propaganda there you are .” It was later reported that one of the infantrymen was as young as 15 years old.
Much better results are achieved by taking a mean acceleration, the average between the beginning value and the expected ( unperturbed ) end value:

1.006 seconds.