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Much and scholarship
Much scholarship over the last 50 years has been dedicated to the translation of conversatio morum.
Much of the scholarship of the 1800s assumes that Galatia was a province to the north of the first missionary journey churches started through Paul and Barnabas ' ministry as described in Acts 13-14.
Much of this new scholarship comes from the realization that there is much about Chinese history that is unknown or controversial.
Much traditional scholarship, sometimes with barely suppressed disdain, has regarded Eusebius as one who risked his orthodoxy and perhaps his character because of his zeal for the Constantinian establishment.
Much is made of how quickly Rossini's opera was written, scholarship generally agreeing upon two or three weeks.
Much of this research has been developed in journals of mass communication and public opinion scholarship.
Much modern scholarship was written without the term.
Much recent scholarship emphasizes Populism's debt to early American republicanism.
Much scholarship has attempted to bring the social history perspectives into the study of organized labor.
Much of the scholarship on The Song of Hiawatha in the twentieth century, dating to the 1920s, has concentrated on its lack of fidelity to Ojibwe ethnography and literary genre rather than the poem as a literary work in its own right.
Much of the early construction of the stadium was done by scholarship athletes.
Much litigation followed before a negotiated settlement in 1808 that led to the establishment of a Dunboyne scholarship fund.
Much of Donnelly's scholarship, especially with regard to Atlantis as an explanation for supposed similarities between ancient civilizations of the Old and New Worlds, was inspired by the publications of Charles Étienne Brasseur de Bourbourg and the eccentric fieldwork of Augustus Le Plongeon in the Yucatan.
Much philanthropy, including scholarship programs and support for sport over many years, has earned Moyo a place in Tsholotsho, his family area.

Much and prior
Much of the prior history of Milan was the tale of the struggle between two political factions — the Guelphs and the Ghibellines.
Much of the internal opposition to Allende's policies came from business sector, and recently-released U. S. government documents confirm that the U. S. indirectly funded the truck drivers ' strike, which exacerbated the already chaotic economic situation prior to the coup.
In the episode " Much Apu About Nothing ", he is seen taking a citizenship test, implying that prior to this he was not a citizen of the United States ( Although unconfirmed, much evidence supports this-not only is he likely of Latino descent, he is specifically given an Argentine accent in Spanish language dubs ).
Much of Spokane's park land was acquired by the city prior to World War I, establishing the city early on as a leader among Western cities in the development of a city-wide park system.
Much of the filming took place prior to the September 11 attacks, and in the audio commentary Boyle notes the parallel between the " missing persons " flyers seen at the beginning of the film and similar flyers posted in New York City in the wake of the attacks.
Much of the hype revolved around the Gruden trade prior to the season.
A common goal of using JIT techniques is to reach or surpass the performance of static compilation, while maintaining the advantages of bytecode interpretation: Much of the " heavy lifting " of parsing the original source code and performing basic optimization is often handled at compile time, prior to deployment: compilation from bytecode to machine code is much faster than compiling from source.
Much of the area had prior to 1894 constituted a single Teesdale rural sanitary district.
Much of the party's success prior to the 2009 election was based in the urban areas of the provincial capital, the Halifax Regional Municipality, however the party's support has grown to the rest of Nova Scotia.
Much of the XIT surveying was done prior to 1900 by W. D. Twichell, then based in Amarillo.
Much of the prior Mulekite history was lost due to their lack of records.
Much of the military, which had served so well the interests of the economic elites prior to the Revolution, was dismantled and re-organized as a virtual arm of the MNR party.
Much of the old River Lea was inaccessible to the public prior to the project, but is a central feature of the northern parklands that have been created.
Much of her life up to about 1882 is uncertain, as Josephine protected many details of her life prior to leaving Tombstone, Arizona, even threatening legal action to keep information private.
Much of the fortified east gatehouse of the priory survives ( 15th century ), as does the ' Great House ', one of Scotland's best-preserved late medieval houses, which may have served as accommodation for the prior and monks.
Much of the money raised during the year prior to my tenure was used to offset budget overruns on several previous projects.
Much of the fortified east gatehouse of the priory survives ( 15th century ), as does the ' Great House ', one of Scotland's best-preserved late medieval houses, which may have served as living quarters for the prior and monks.
Much of Anatolia was recovered from the Seljuk Turks, who had captured it just prior to Alexios ' reign.
Much like the situation in Dallas five years prior, Beuerlein knew his role was to back up the team's young star QB, but also was again instrumental in helping the second-year expansion team to a playoff run.
Much of the landscape, particularly above 2, 400 metres ( which was the perpetual snow line prior to the Holocene period ) was shaped by the action of glaciers, resulting in characteristic U-shaped valleys.
Much of the British military left Hong Kong prior to the handover in 1997.
Much like the Morgan Registry, the Association originally accepted any Morab that was registered with any prior Morab registry, regardless of pedigree, in an effort to protect breed history and maintain continuity.
Much research prior to WWII concerned the chemical nature of heredity.
Much of the Court, however, expressed skepticism that Grokster's continuing enterprise could be severable from the consequences of those prior acts.
Much of Garage Mahal was written on the road, while touring, and as such had a different sound from the band's prior work.

Much and 1990s
Much of this work anticipated the subsequent development of the motivic homotopy theory of Fabien Morel and V. Voevodsky in the mid 1990s.
Much of Dennett's work since the 1990s has been concerned with fleshing out his previous ideas by addressing the same topics from an evolutionary standpoint, from what distinguishes human minds from animal minds ( Kinds of Minds ), to how free will is compatible with a naturalist view of the world ( Freedom Evolves ).
Much of RAWA's efforts in the 1990s involved holding seminars and press conferences and other fund-raising activities in Pakistan.
Much of the site was developed for housing in the 1990s but the hospital entrance and administration block remains as a listed building.
During the early and mid 1990s, Washington starred in several successful thrillers, including The Pelican Brief and Crimson Tide, as well as in comedy Much Ado About Nothing and alongside Whitney Houston in the romantic drama The Preacher's Wife.
Much of the rural outskirts of Perris once held an image of trailer parks where economically disadvantaged whites and blacks, and migrant laborers ( mostly Chicanos and Mexican immigrants ) lived in them before real estate values soared in the 1990s and 2000s.
Much of the roadway between Hastings and St. Augustine was expanded to four lanes in the late 1990s and early first decade of the 21st century, increasing the attractiveness of the area for new development and subdivisions.
Much of the chapel was restored in a project beginning in 1999, having been deemed to be in unacceptable disrepair in the early 1990s, when a drive for funds to this end began.
Much of Miami Township has residential housing of single-family homes, which were built during the expanded suburban development of the 1970s through 1990s.
Much of the debate concerned whether such affiliates could be owned by a bank ( as with “ operating subsidiaries ” in the 1990s ) or would be bank holding company subsidiaries outside the chain of bank ownership.
Much revivalist Ulster Scots has appeared, for example as " official translations ", since the 1990s.
Through the inclusion of their classic " I Had Too Much to Dream ( Last Night )" on the seminal Nuggets compilation of 1960s psychedelic gems the Electric Prunes continued to reach new fans in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.
Much like its competitor UPN, the WB Television Network was a reaction primarily to new FCC deregulation of media ownership rules that repealed fin-syn, and partly to the success of the upstart Fox and first-run syndicated programming during the late 1980s and early 1990s such as Baywatch, Star Trek: The Next Generation and War of the Worlds, as well as the erosion in ratings suffered by independent television stations due to the growth of cable television and movie rentals.
Much of the credit for Malaysia's economic development in the 1990s went to Anwar Ibrahim, appointed by Mahathir as Finance Minister in 1991.
Much of the land is devoted to farming, and thus was not hit as hard as other parts of the country during the Arduous March of the 1990s.
Much of the railway network was dismantled in the early 1990s.
Much of the fighting in the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s was the result of an attempt to keep Serbs unified.
She worked continuously throughout the 1990s, starring in many films including The Bonfire of the Vanities ( 1990 ), A Stranger Among Us ( 1992 ), Born Yesterday ( 1993 ), Milk Money ( 1994 ), Now and Then ( 1995 ), and Two Much ( 1996 ), where she co-starred with future husband Antonio Banderas.
Much of this was related to significant migration from Hong Kong during the 1990s and migration from Mainland China during the 2000s.
Much of this area has been and still is referred to as either Bushwick, Williamsburg, or Greenpoint with the term East Williamsburg falling out of use until the 1990s.
Much of the 1990s was spent trying to upgrade the paper's notoriously lax standards with in-house style and grammar guides, strict editorial policies banning opinions from articles, a coherent editorial page featuring opinions from both sides of the political spectrum and the introduction of the Associated Press wire to allow editors the use of AP stories in what was a steadily growing newspaper.
Much of the Depression's economic damage was caused directly by bank runs, and institutions put into place after the Depression have prevented runs on U. S. commercial banks since the 1930s, even under conditions such as the U. S. savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s.
Much of this progress was offset however by the Yugoslav Wars in the early 1990s.
Much of his work in the 1990s was dream art, collected in le Cheval blême and les Incidents de la nuit.
Much of the work of the ACG has been directed toward advanced uses of PowerPC processors which have run Macintosh computers since the 1990s.

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