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Much and impetus
Much of the impetus behind campaign finance reform in the United States and in other countries is an attempt to prevent economic power being used to take political power.
Much of the impetus for fusion came from pressure groups and lawyers ' associations.
Much of the impetus for early meetings was stimulated by Max Lander and Geoffrey Heywood, who continued to play a prominent role in the association for many years.
Much of the impetus for holding the convention in the Superdome came from the Louisiana Republican National Committeewoman Virginia Martinez of New Orleans, who lobbied on behalf of her adopted home city as the convention site as a member of the RNC Executive Committee.
Much of the impetus for creating a public park on this portion of 16th Street came from Mary Foote Henderson, wife of Missouri senator John Brooks Henderson and local resident.
Much of the impetus for the council was lost during the collapse of ABDACOM, in March and April.
Much of the original impetus for the project, however, dated back a year earlier to a small meeting on digital books that Voyager sponsored on Bloomsday, 1990, attended by various pioneering multimedia and hypertext experts.

Much and for
Much new equipment and many unique techniques have been developed for the quantitative exposure of experimental animals to aerosols of infectious agents contained in particles of specified dimensional characteristics.
Much progress has been made in the last two decades in developing techniques for understanding children, yet in almost any classroom today can be found children whose needs are not being met by the school program.
Much interest has also been expressed in new techniques for processing the urethane foams, including spraying, frothing, and molding ( see article, p. 391 for details ).
`` Much of the navy's future depends upon her '', an American naval announcement said on the Skipjack's first arrival in British waters in August, 1959, for exhibition to selected high officers at Portland underwater research station.
Shakespeare had a word for everything, even for the rain that disrupted Wednesday night's `` Much Ado About Nothing '' opening the season of free theatre in Central Park.
Much of its shock value derives from the fact that the first portion of the essay describes the plight of starving beggars in Ireland, so that the reader is unprepared for the surprise of Swift's solution when he states, " A young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled ; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee, or a ragoust.
Much later, in 1869, a great number of blocks of stone from Amathus were used for the construction of the Suez Canal.
Much of the northern colonists depended upon the ability either of themselves to hunt, or for others from which they could purchase game.
Much like old cars and trucks, buses often pass through a dealership where they can be bought for a price or at auction.
Much of this area receives only traces of rain during the entire year ; at Faya Largeau, for example, annual rainfall averages less than.
Much of the resources for these first democratic elections since independence came from locally represented donors and agencies called the " Groupe informel des bailleurs de fonds et representants residents " ( GIBAFOR ).
Much of the income derived from the sale of foods and alcohol is not " on the books " and thus is not considered in calculating per capita income, which is one reason why official figures for per capita income are not accurate in the case of the CAR.
Much simpler fixed wheel bikes are also available, and may be more suitable for commuters.
Much of the design study was concerned with a simple, flexible chemical system for processing the ores, and the differences between the ratio of elements needed by the replicator, and the ratios available in lunar regolith.
Much of the Mediterranean coastal terrain was suitable for mounted action and there was a long established culture of horsemanship amongst the Arab and Berber inhabitants.
Much of the city, including railroads and stockyards, survived intact, and from the ruins of the previous wooden structures arose more modern constructions of steel and stone which would set the precedent for worldwide construction.
Much of the musical repertoire written for harpsichord and organ from the period circa 1400 – 1800 can be played on the clavichord ; however, it does not have enough ( unamplified ) volume to participate in chamber music, with the possible exception of providing accompaniment to a soft baroque flute, recorder, or single singer.
Jones, whose work had been nominated eight times over his career for an Oscar ( winning thrice: For Scent-imental Reasons, So Much for So Little, and The Dot and the Line ), received an Honorary Academy Award in 1996 by the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for " the creation of classic cartoons and cartoon characters whose animated lives have brought joy to our real ones for more than half a century.

Much and her
Much that happened between Nora and Torvald happened to Laura and her husband, Victor, with the most important exception being the forged signature that was the basis of Nora's loan.
Much of her cargo of oranges was washed up upon the beach.
Much of her past and her real last name are a mystery, however it appears that she was severely injured in a space shuttle accident and was then cryogenically frozen until she could be healed.
There is a reference to Diana in Much Ado About Nothing where Hero is said to seem like ' Dian in her orb ', in terms of her chastity.
Much of her educational research and publications focused upon the theories of Julian B. Rotter in regard to the importance of internal control and successful academic performance.
Much like Isis and certain late Classical conceptions of Selene, she is held to be the summation of all other goddesses, who represent her different names and aspects across the different cultures.
Much to Frank's relief, Scarlett learns she is pregnant, which curtails her activities for awhile.
Much of her work contains dark and pessimistic elements, which in retrospect can be seen as reflective of her troubled emotions.
She was also noted for her wit ; among her numerous sayings and quips are " Much more genius is needed to make love than to command armies " and " We should take care to lay in a stock of provisions, but not of pleasures: these should be gathered day by day.
Much like her daughter Marianne, she is very emotive and often makes poor decisions based on emotion rather than reason.
Much of Ares ' relationship with Xena remains ambiguous, including whether he is at least partly redeemed by his love for Xena, or is in fact her father, or to what extent Xena reciprocates his feelings.
Much of the material written about her was aimed at children, and tended to focus on her childhood and early career.
Much to her disappointment, Catherine does not see Henry again for quite some time.
Much of what we know about her and her experiences at court comes from the diary, which covers the period from about 1008 to 1010.
Much of the uncertainty about Bernhardt's life arises because of her tendency to exaggerate and distort.

Much and writing
Much of John's later, negative reputation was established by two chroniclers writing after the king's death, Roger of Wendover and Matthew Paris.
Much Latin writing reflects the Romans ' interest in rhetoric, the art of speaking and persuading.
Much of his writing since the 1970s has been in collaboration, particularly with Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes, but also Brenda Cooper and Edward M. Lerner.
Much of Scott's autograph work shows an almost stream-of-consciousness approach to writing.
The Examiner review of 3 December 1859 commented, " Much of Mr. Darwin's volume is what ordinary readers would call ' tough reading ;' that is, writing which to comprehend requires concentrated attention and some preparation for the task.
Much of East Asian philosophical writing focuses on the value of adhering to the principles of Tao and the various consequences of failing to do so.
Much of Barker's writing concerns a time approximately 50, 000 years after Tékumel has entered its pocket dimension.
Much of the Babylonian and Egyptian pictorial writing characters appear derived from the same sources.
Much like the Burmese adopted the Mon script ( which also has Indic origins ), the Thais adopted and modified the Khmer script to create their own writing system.
Much later, at the end of the Second Dynasty ( c. 2890 – 2686 BC ), King Peribsen used the Set animal in writing his serekh-name, in place of the traditional falcon hieroglyph representing Horus.
Much of David Copperfield is autobiographical and some scholars believe Heep's mannerisms and physical attributes to be based on Hans Christian Andersen, whom Dickens met shortly before writing the novel.
Much of the impact of Hrabal's writing derives from his juxtaposition of the beauty and cruelty found in everyday life.
Most formally, and in writing, they are styled as The Much Honoured Baron of Edinburgh.
Much of O ' Connor's best-known writing on religion, writing, and the South is contained in these and other letters, including letters written to her friends Brainard Cheney and Samuel Ashley Brown.
Much of Stoke's writing may have been to justify his employer's deeds and his claim on current-day West Frisia, so that the details of the mishap and subsequent events could be largely legendary.
Much of Cockcroft's writing follows the styles of his first book, The Dice Man.
Much of his enduring popularity is due to his marvelous teaching ability and his manner of writing about the lives of insects in biographical form, which he preferred to a clinically detached, journalistic mode of recording.
" Much of the Babylonian and Egyptian pictorial writing characters appear derived from the same sources.
Much of James's political writing was concerned with such matters, and the " refutation of the argument that ' faith did not need to be kept with heretics.
Much of the pre-production writing was performed on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus while on The Black Eyed Peas tour of 2004.
Much effort in academic and popular writing is devoted to deciding which countries have the status of " power ", and how this can be measured.
Much of Hayes's career was spent writing screenplays for glossy, big-budget melodramas like Torch Song with Joan Crawford, BUtterfield 8 with Elizabeth Taylor, The Carpetbaggers with Carroll Baker, and Where Love Has Gone with Susan Hayward and Bette Davis.
Much of Newton's writing on alchemy may have been lost in a fire in his laboratory, so the true extent of his work in this area may have been larger than is currently known.

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