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Much and written
Much of the AIX v2 kernel was written in the PL / I programming language, which proved troublesome during the migration to AIX v3.
Much of what has been written about boards of directors relates to boards of directors of business entities actively traded on public markets.
Much of the genre's atmosphere echoes film noir, and written works in the genre often use techniques from detective fiction.
Much has been written concerning the meaning of " head " in the New Testament.
Much is written about these topics in rabbinic literature.
Much of the musical repertoire written for harpsichord and organ from the period circa 1400 – 1800 can be played on the clavichord ; however, it does not have enough ( unamplified ) volume to participate in chamber music, with the possible exception of providing accompaniment to a soft baroque flute, recorder, or single singer.
Much of the written Greek that was used as the official language of the Byzantine Empire was an eclectic middle-ground variety based on the tradition of written Koine.
Much is made of how quickly Rossini's opera was written, scholarship generally agreeing upon two or three weeks.
Much of his personal correspondence with those and other figures is featured in the book The Groucho Letters ( 1967 ) with an introduction and commentary on the letters written by Groucho, who donated his letters to the Library of Congress.
Much of what we know about the Battle of Châlons comes from The History and Deeds of the Goths, written by Jordanes
Much of the poem could have been influenced by Coleridge's opium dream or, as his friend and fellow poet Robert Southey joked, " Coleridge had dreamed he had written a poem in a dream ".
Much of the idea of Cortés being seen as a deity can be traced back to the Florentine Codex written down some 50 years after the conquest.
Much of the music by the band The Acacia Strain is written from a nihilistic point of view.
Much of the religious history of the Puritans is written with a degree of anachronism or denominational bias, also.
) As L. C. Croft has written, " Much of Gosse's success was due to the fact that he was essentially a field naturalist who was able to impart to his readers something of the thrill of studying living animals at first hand rather than the dead disjointed ones of the museum shelf.
Much has been written about demand management.
Much modern scholarship was written without the term.
Much of the non-cartoon material such as the newspaper spoofs are written by the editorial team-Graham Dury, Simon Thorp and Davey Jones-with contributions from Robin Halstead, Jason Hazeley, Joel Morris and Alex Morris, the authors of The Framley Examiner, and by James MacDougall and Christina Martin.
Much has been written about Gretzky ’ s highly developed hockey instincts, but he once explained that what appeared to be instinct was, in large part, the effect of his relentless study of the game.
Much of the material written about her was aimed at children, and tended to focus on her childhood and early career.
" had composed a brilliant new score ( his most subtle yet ) to a scintillating libretto .... Iolanthe is the work in which Sullivan's operetta style takes a definite step forward, and metamorphosis of musical themes is its characteristic new feature .... By recurrence and metamorphosis of themes Sullivan made the score more fluid ...." Much of Sullivan's " fairy " music pays deliberate homage to the incidental music written by Felix Mendelssohn for a production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Much of the recitative of George Gershwin's opera Porgy and Bess, for instance, is merely DuBose and Dorothy Heyward's play Porgy set to music as written-in prose-with the lyrics of the arias, duets, trios and choruses written in verse.
Much has been written about the unpleasant side of Hooke's personality, starting with comments by his first biographer, Richard Waller, that Hooke was " in person, but despicable " and " melancholy, mistrustful, and jealous.

Much and material
Much of the material comes directly from secondary sources such as Strukturbericht.
* Much of the material in this article comes from the CIA World Factbook 2000 and the 2003 U. S. Department of State website.
* Much of the material in these articles comes from the CIA World Factbook 2000 and the 2003 U. S. Department of State website.
Much of the material in this article is adapted from the CIA World Factbook.
* Much of the material in this article is adapted from the CIA World Factbook.
Much Angria material has appeared in published form since the author's death.
Much of the material from their vaudeville act, including Lucy's memorable seal routine, was used in the pilot episode of I Love Lucy.
Much of the material used to combat Ethiopia was captured from the army.
Much of the material in his research manuscripts has since been published in the Husserliana critical edition series.
Much of this highly radioactive material then falls to earth, subjecting anything within the line of sight to radiation, a significant hazard.
Much of this article is based on public domain material from the U. S. government.
Much of this material was first printed in the " MONTYPYTHONSCRAPBOOK " that accompanied the original script publication of The Life of Brian and then subsequently reused.
Much of the content of Mad Kids had originally appeared in the parent publication ; reprinted material was chosen and edited to reflect grade schoolers ' interests.
Much of the content of the Tetrabiblos was collected from earlier sources ; Ptolemy's achievement was to order his material in a systematic way, showing how the subject could, in his view, be rationalized.
Much of the 968's luxury-oriented equipment was removed or taken off the options list ; less sound deadening material was used, electrical windows were replaced with crank-driven units, upgraded stereo systems, A / C and sunroof were still optional as on the standard Coupe and Convertible models.
Much of the material on spherical trigonometry in Regiomontanus ' On Triangles was taken directly and without credit from the twelfth-century work of Jabir ibn Aflah otherwise known as Geber, as noted in the sixteenth century by Gerolamo Cardano.
Much of the material in this article is sourced from the CIA World Factbook.
Much research has focussed on layer deposit techniques, applying a thin film of material onto a stable substrate, but this is currently only suitable for small-scale electrical circuits.
Much of the material upon their first album had been performed regularly at The Casbah, and the band were able to record this album in the space of less than two weeks.
Much biblical material is mythical or legendary.
Much of X's early material had a rockabilly edge.
It was constructed from Mercury's final recordings in 1991, featuring tracks such as " Too Much Love Will Kill You " and " Heaven for Everyone ", plus material left over from their previous studio albums.

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