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Murray and spent
During production on a Mae Murray film he spent time studying the director's plans.
He then spent a year living with his mother in Columbia, South Carolina and thereafter he spent several years living with his aunt Gladys in Lake Murray, South Carolina, twenty-two miles from Columbia.
During his youth, Robert Murray M ' Cheyne spent summer holidays at Clarence Cottage in the hamlet of Clarencefield near Ruthwell, the home of his maternal aunt.
This was John Murray Forbes's main job during the two years he spent in China ( Gibson 2001 ; Malloy 1998 ).
She reported that when her son was ill, he spent the day making up stories about images in magazines and she asked Murray if pictures could be employed in a clinical setting to explore the underlying dynamics of personality.
Murray and Morgan spent the 1930s selecting pictures from illustrative magazines and developing the test.
He spent much of his time on Murray Island before being rescued.
Hall Green has been a home to comedian Tony Hancock, who lived at 41 Southam Road until the age of three ( the house contains a plaque commemorating this ), racing commentator Murray Walker, who was born at 214 Reddings Lane ( which is now a dentist ), Nigel Mansell, who though born in Upton-upon-Severn spent most of his childhood and early adult years in the area and most famously J. R. R. Tolkien, who lived near Sarehole Mill, Birmingham's only working water mill.
The schooner Alma Doppel sailing off Grassy Point at Portarlington in 1997. The Port Phillip area was first significantly explored by Europeans in January 1802, when Lieutenant John Murray spent three weeks investigating the Bay entrance.
Having worked his way around North America, Britain and Ireland as a solo act, Murray Torkildsen spent summer 1995 working on new material.
Murray then spent two seasons playing in Europe, in 1998 he played in the Austrian Hockey League for VSV EC and then moved to Germany's Deutsche Eishockey Liga for the Kölner Haie.
Since 1987 Ziv has spent three sabbatical leaves at the Information Research Department of Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA.
Murray has spent the majority of his second spell at Hibs as a left back, although manager Colin Calderwood used Murray as a defensive midfielder to good effect as Hibs won 3 – 0 against Rangers in November 2010.
* Love Is Strange ( 1985 ), a theatrical study of the life and times of Robert Kieling, the star-struck farmer from Saskatchewan who has spent his adult life in mental institutions because he believes he and singer Anne Murray are in love.

Murray and youth
The Boy Scouts of America Arbuckle Area Council maintains offices in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and serves youth and their families in Pontotoc, Murray, Johnston, Garvin, Coal, Atoka, Carter, Love and Marshall counties in southern Oklahoma and the city of Ringling.
As a youth, Murray read children's biographies of American heroes like Kit Carson, Wild Bill Hickok, and Davy Crockett.
Gordon Murray had been thinking of a three-seat sports car since his youth.
Following the group's success in the early 1980s, Hibbard went on to pursue a career as a television actor, appearing in Coronation Street as garage mechanic Doug Murray, in Emmerdale as Bobby-John Downes, and as Johnny Mac in the Welsh-language soap Pobol y Cwm as well as the youth drama Pam Fi, Duw ?.
The Current Minister is Reverend Gavin Murray, there is also an associate minister Ellen Wild and a youth minister Dave Marvin.
Murray suggests that Rocko's interest in the United States began with a vacation with his family as a youth ; during the trip he met his future sidekick Filburt.

Murray and Philadelphia
The graphic was popularized in the early 1970s by Philadelphia brothers Bernard and Murray Spain, who seized upon it in September 1970 in a campaign to sell novelty items.
Scottish theologian John Murray of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, asserted,
* Glenn Murray, who played pro baseball as outfielder with the Philadelphia Phillies, starting 1996
By the early 1930s Pep Boys had 40 stores in Philadelphia, and Manny's brother, Murray Rosenfeld, had opened the first West Coast Pep Boys store.
* The Life of John Murray: Professor of Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1937-1966 by Iain Murray, ( 1984 ), ISBN 0-85151-422-7, ISBN 0-85151-426-X
Murray McElwain Baron ( born June 1, 1967 ) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey defenceman who played 15 seasons in the National Hockey League ( NHL ) for the Philadelphia Flyers, St. Louis Blues, Montreal Canadiens, Phoenix Coyotes, and Vancouver Canucks.
* Hugh Murray, The Encyclopaedia of Geography: Comprising a Complete Description of the Earth, Physical, Statistical, Civil, and Political ; Exhibiting its Relation to the Heavenly Bodies, its Physical Structure, The Natural History of Each Country, and the Industry, Commerce, Political Institutions, and Civil and Social State of All Nations, Philadelphia: Blanchard and Lea, 1841, page 455
Brind ' Amour was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers with Dan Quinn for Murray Baron and Ron Sutter following the 1990 – 91 season.
With this in mind, Murray and his Philadelphia employers organized the Illinois Company and, on 5 July 1773, purchased two tracts of land from the Kaskaskia, Peoria, and Cahokia tribes.
Powered by Eddie Murray ’ s two home runs, the Baltimore Orioles beat the Philadelphia Phillies in five games with manager Joe Altobelli winning the championship in his inaugural season with the Orioles, matching Earl Weaver, who had only one World Series win in his sixteen years piloting the team.
* It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ( 2005 )... Coach Murray
# Murray, P. R., K. S. Rosenthal, and M. A. Pfaller. 2009. Medical Mirobiology, 6th ed. Elsevier / Mosby Publishing Company, Philadelphia, U. S. A., 865 p.
* Murray, et al., Medical Microbiology, 5th Edition, Philadelphia, Elsevier Mosby 2005 ISBN 0-323-03325-3
A native of Philadelphia, Murray lives in Whitehall, Pennsylvania with his wife Liz, a Villanova graduate.
After apprenticing in Manheim, Pennsylvania, he engraved ornamental clockworks in Baltimore, Maryland, until he moved to Philadelphia in 1811 to join Murray, Draper, Fairman, and Company, an engraving firm, around 1816.
Marty Murray ( born February 16, 1975 ) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey centre who played eight seasons in the National Hockey League ( NHL ) for the Calgary Flames, Philadelphia Flyers, Carolina Hurricanes and Los Angeles Kings.
Murray signed with the Philadelphia Flyers in 2001 where he received a lot more ice time spending almost two full seasons with the team.
Murray then re-signed with Philadelphia but remained with their AHL affiliate the Philadelphia Phantoms and was eventually claimed off waivers by the Los Angeles Kings, spliting his spell between LA and the Manchester Monarchs.
He also taught at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, among his pupils Julius Eastman, Richard Goode, Anton Kuerti, Murray Perahia, Peter Serkin, Steven De Groote, Kathryn Selby, Cecile Licad, and Leslie Spotz.
The novel ’ s plot concerns two sisters, Virginia and Angela Murray, who grow up in Philadelphia in a home rich with African American culture.
After Terry Murray was dismissed, Cashman was appointed head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers for the 1997-98 season and held that post for 61 games until being replaced by Roger Neilson and served thereafter as the team's assistant coach.
Works include: The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, Gates of Hell also by Rodin, LOVE by Robert Indiana, The Ideal Scout by Robert Tait McKenzie, Three-Way Piece by Henry Moore, the three River figures in the Swann Memorial Fountain by Alexander Stirling Calder, Shakespeare Memorial also by Calder, Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial by Nathan Rapoport, Joseph Leidy by Samuel Murray, Aero Memorial by Paul Manship, General Galusha Pennypacker by Charles Grafly and Albert Laessle, Jesus Breaking Bread by Walter Erlebacher, All Wars Colored Soldiers and Sailors Memorial by J. Otto Schweizer, Thaddeus Kosciuszko by Robert Aitken, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Memorial by Hermon Atkins MacNeil, Kopernik by Dudley Vaill Talcott, Joan of Arc by Emmanuel Fremiet, Washington Monument ( Philadelphia ) by Rudolf Siemering, and the Rocky statue by A. Thomas Schomberg.

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