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Musicologist and between
Musicologist Gary Tomlinson remarks on the many similarities between Striggio's and Rinuccini's texts, noting that some of the speeches in L ' Orfeo " correspond closely in content and even in locution to their counterparts in L ' Euridice ".
Musicologist Lewis Porter has also demonstrated a harmonic relationship between Coltrane's " Lazy Bird " and Tadd Dameron's " Lady Bird ".
Musicologist Dale Cockrell argues that the song represents a transition between early minstrel music and the more European-style songs of minstrelsy's later years.
Musicologist Dale Cockrell argues that " Old Dan Tucker " in fact represents a bridge between the percussive blackface songs of the 1830s and the more refined compositions of songwriters such as Stephen Foster.

Musicologist and music
Musicologist Bill McGlaughlin likens its place in British music to the place Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings holds for Americans.
Musicologist Rob Bowman called Soul Men " One of the greatest soul music albums of all time.
Many of the above mentioned music and dance have been styliled by Prof. Rex Nettleford artistic director ( ret, prof and vice chancellor of The University of the West Indies ) and Marjorie Whyle Musical Director ( Caribbean Musicologist, pianist, drummer, arranger lecturer at the University of the West Indies ).
Musicologist Dale Cockrell argues that early minstrel music mixed both African and European traditions and that distinguishing black and white urban music during the 1830s is impossible.
Musicologist Julian Cope, in his book Krautrocksampler, says " Krautrock is a subjective British phenomenon ," based on the way the music was received in the UK rather than on the actual West German music scene out of which it grew.
Musicologist David Gallagher might speak for many when he suggests that in these two opuses-their universe, music and history-are found the very best of Tveitt's qualities as a composer.
* Musicologist Karl Haas, the Austrian-born host of the classical music magazine Adventures in Good Music ( later originating from Cleveland station WCLV )
Musicologist Ralph Wood, in contrast, stated that while the finale may have its faults, there is still much about the music that is quite good.
Musicologist Joseph Lanza relates space music to prior generations of relaxing or environmental music, with a twist, writing, " Space music is easy-listening with amnesia, sounding like the future but retaining unconscious ties to elevator music of the past.
Musicologist Daniel Goldmark interprets the film as a send-up of black religion and culture and the increasing identification of 1930s white audiences of jazz music with black culture.

Musicologist and is
Musicologist Alan W. Pollack analyses: " The chord progression of the outro itself is a harmonic Moebius strip with scales in bassline and top voice that move in contrary motion.
Musicologist Alfred Einstein suggested, however, that a minuet in Piano Sonata in B-flat major, K. 498a, is the missing movement.
Musicologist Richard Middleton describes form through repetition and difference: difference is the distance moved from a repeat ; a repeat being the smallest difference.
* Musicologist Paula Higgins, in another robust critique of McClary's work, has observed that “ one wonders … if has not strategically co-opted feminism as an excuse for guerrilla attacks on the field .” Higgins complains of McClary's “ truculent verbal assaults on musicological straw men ”, and observes that “ For all the hip culture critique imported from other fields, McClary has left the cobwebs of patriarchal musicological thought largely intact .” ” Higgins is also critical of McClary's citation practice as it concerns other scholars in the area of feminist musical criticism.
The cataloguing of the Classical Archives database is carried out by a team of musicologists led by Chief Musicologist and Artistic Director Dr. Nolan Gasser.
Musicologist Dorothy Horn suggests the success of The New Harp is due to its excellent printing and its larger than normal sample of standard tunes favored by various Protestant denominations.
Musicologist and author Phil Rose described this section of the song as " entirely non-functional harmonically " and stated that " ost of the time when a phrase ends, Waters is either singing one of the most dissonant notes in the accompanying chord, or a non-chord tone.

Musicologist and which
Musicologist Richard Taruskin asserts that another reason Balakirev did not participate with the Belyayev circle was that he was not comfortable participating in a group at which he was not at its center.
Musicologist Robert Donington writes similarly: " score contains no element which was not based on precedent, but it reaches complete maturity in that recently-developed form ...
Musicologist John Warrack suggests that, of all Tchaikovsky's major neglected works, Manfred may be the one which least deserves this fate.

Musicologist and single
" Musicologist Alan Curtis believes the collaboration involved only a single collaborator, and published his 1989 edition of L ' incoronazione under the joint authorship of Monteverdi and Sacrati.

Musicologist and does
Musicologist George Pullen Jackson extended the term spiritual to a wider range of folk hymnody, as in his 1938 book White Spirituals in the Southern Uplands, but this does not appear to have been widespread usage previously.

Musicologist and might
Musicologist Ned Sublette has backed the idea that the chorus might have roots in Haitian slave culture, considering that the rhythms of Mardi Gras Indians are nearly indistinguishable from the Haitian Kata rhythm.

Musicologist and be
* Musicologist Egon Voss's Festschrift would already be worthy of note just for being presented on his fortieth birthday ( most being for 65th or later birthdays ).
Musicologist Nigel Burton wrote, " His style may be said to have developed, but it never really settled down.

Musicologist and .
Musicologist Daniel Party defines this kind of ballad as a love song in slow tempo, interpreted by a solist, usually acompaigned by an orchestra.
Musicologist Leonard Meyer demonstrated how purely rhythmic and harmonic events can express human emotions.
Musicologist David Rothenberg has endorsed this information.
Musicologist Richard J. Ripani identified Jackson as a leader in the development of contemporary R & B, as her 1986 album Control and its successor Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 created a unique blend of genre and sound effects, that ushered in the use of rap vocals into mainstream R & B.
Musicologist John Clapham writes that Smetana planned these works as " a compact series of episodes " drawn from their literary sources " and approached them as a dramatist rather than as a poet or philosopher.
Musicologist Alfred Frankenstein, in a 1939 article for The Musical Quarterly, claimed to have identified seven pictures by catalogue number.
* Provine, Robert C. " Investigating a Musical Biography in Korea: The Theorist / Musicologist Pak Yŏn ( 1378 – 1458 )," Yearbook for Traditional Music, ( Volume 32, 2000 ): 1 – 15.
* St. Cross Church, Oxford: Sir John Stainer, Composer, Organist & Musicologist

Jean-Jacques and Nattiez
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques.
A more extreme view is offered by Jean-Jacques Nattiez ( 1987 ; trans.
This process of discretization or segmentation is often considered, as by Jean-Jacques Nattiez ( 1990 ), necessary for music to become accessible to analysis.
The French musicologist Jean-Jacques Nattiez contends thatthe narrative, strictly speaking, is not in the music, but in the plot imagined and constructed by the listeners ’.
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques.
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques ( 1987 ).
Jean-Jacques Nattiez writes that musical analyses are determined by analytical situations especially in regard to the tripartition, plots, and transcendent principles.
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques ( 1990 ).
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques ( 1987 ).
Jean-Jacques Nattiez, OC, CQ, FRSC ( born December 30, 1945, Amiens, France ) is a musical semiologist or semiotician and professor of Musicology at the Université de Montréal.
fr: Jean-Jacques Nattiez
it: Jean-Jacques Nattiez
In the opinion of Jean-Jacques Nattiez, " in the last analysis, it is a human being who decides what is and is not musical, even when the sound is not of human origin.
His students include Jean-Jacques Nattiez.
# REDIRECT Jean-Jacques Nattiez
Cited in Nattiez, Jean-Jacques ( 1990 ).
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques ( 1990 ).
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques ( 1990 ).
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques ( 1990 ).
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques ( 1990 ).
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques ( 1990 ).
Writers on music semiology include Kofi Agawu ( on topical theory, Schenkerian analysis ), Robert Hatten ( on topic, gesture ), Raymond Monelle ( on topic, musical meaning ), Jean-Jacques Nattiez ( on introversive taxonomic analysis and ethnomusicological applications ), Anthony Newcomb ( on narrativity ), and Eero Tarasti ( generally considered the founder of musical semiotics ).
* Nattiez, Jean-Jacques ( 1987 ).

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