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My and first
He replied, `` My first choice would be Mark Howe ''.
My last gift to him is complete silence until the book is out and the first heated discussion dies down.
My very first time.
My folks wouldn't dream of having alcohol in the house, so my first taste of it had been -- of course -- with Johnnie.
It was originally one of between 50 to 70 verses of a song titled " Jerusalem, My Happy Home " that first appeared in a 1790 book called A Collection of Sacred Ballads:
" On the first lines of the book is the line " My old man would sit there like a feudal lord.
In 1987, Andersson released his first solo album Klinga Mina Klockor (" Chime, My Bells ").
Benny Andersson has written music to several films for screen and television ; the first attempt in the early 1970s for the obscure Swedish movie The Seduction Of Inga: the film flopped, but the ' Björn & Benny ' single " She's My Kind Of Girl " surprised the composers by being released in Japan and becoming a Top 10 hit ( the song renamed in Japan as " The Little Girl Of The Cold Wind ").
The marketing of Elvis Costello's My Aim Is True included advertisements in three UK music papers from which a poster of Costello could be constructed, and the first 1, 000 pressings contained an insert headed Help Us Hype Elvis, which, if completed and returned to Stiff, ensured that a friend would received a free copy.
Chaplin's first major project after A King in New York, his memoirs My Autobiography ( 1964 ), also became a bestseller despite receiving mixed reviews.
" Pull My Strings " was never recorded for a studio release, though the performance at the Bay Area Music Awards, which was the first and only time the song was ever performed, was released on the band's compilation album Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death.
Day released My Heart in the United Kingdom on September 5, 2011, her first new album in nearly two decades, since the release of The Love Album, which, although recorded in 1967, was not released until 1994.
In 2011, Day released My Heart, her first album of new material since 1967's The Love Album.
Her first entirely self-produced effort, 1977's New Harvest ... First Gathering, highlighted Parton's pop sensibilities, both in terms of choice of songs-the album contained covers of the pop and R & B classics " My Girl " and " Higher and Higher " – and the album's production.
While not as successful as their first record, it did produce some fan favorites with the songs " Blockhead " and " The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize ", as well as a cover of the Johnny Rivers hit " Secret Agent Man ".
Four years after Shepherd Moons she released The Memory of Trees ( 1995 ), another Top Five success in both the UK and Germany, as well as her first Top 10 album in the U. S. Singles released from the album were " Anywhere Is " and " On My Way Home ".
The first single of the album, " Can't Get It Out of My Head ", became their first US Billboard charts Top 10 hit, and Eldorado, A Symphony became ELO's first gold album.
Although it had been funding British experimental films as early as 1952, the British Film Institute's foundation of a production board in 1964 — and a substantial increase in public funding from 1971 onwards — enabled it to become a dominant force in developing British art cinema in the 1970s and 80s: from the first of Bill Douglas's Trilogy My Childhood ( 1972 ), and of Terence Davies ' Trilogy Childhood ( 1978 ), via Peter Greenaway's earliest films ( including the surprising commercial success of The Draughtsman's Contract ( 1982 )) and Derek Jarman's championing of the New Queer Cinema.
" Commercial success was first achieved with My Beautiful Laundrette ( 1985 ).
In addition to the aforementioned, other directors associated with top-of-the-bill Hollywood film noirs include Edward Dmytryk ( Murder, My Sweet, Crossfire )— the first important noir director to fall prey to the industry blacklist — as well as Henry Hathaway ( The Dark Corner, Kiss of Death ) and John Farrow ( The Big Clock, Night Has a Thousand Eyes ).
"( You Are My ) All and All " by Joyce Sims became the first freestyle record to cross over into the R & B market, and was one of the first to reach the European market.

My and thought
My God, how long is he going to wait, I thought.
My head began to ache, and the fumes of the tractor began to bother my eyes, and I hated the job suddenly, and I thought, there are only moments when one sees beautiful things, and these are soon crushed, or they vanish.
" In the earlier phases of the project, he never mentioned a Greek text: " My mind is so excited at the thought of emending Jerome ’ s text, with notes, that I seem to myself inspired by some god.
Previous attempts have included Piece Of My Heart, which was to star Renée Zellweger or Brittany Murphy ; The Gospel According To Janis, with director Penelope Spheeris and starring either Zooey Deschanel or P! nk ; and an untitled film thought to be an adaptation of Laura Joplin's Off-Broadway play about her sister, with the show's star, Laura Theodore, attached.
My own veneration for other faiths is the same as that for my own faith ; therefore no thought of conversion is possible.
My husband told me that when he was a lad of seventeen a thought struck him suddenly, which became the foundation of all his future discoveries.
On 11 September 1591 John Baldwin, a tenor lay-clerk at St George's Chapel, Windsor and later a colleague of Byrd in the Chapel Royal, completed the copying of My Ladye Nevells Booke, a collection of 42 of Byrd's keyboard pieces which was probably produced under Byrd's supervision and includes corrections which are thought to be in the composer's hand.
Within the last 100 My, it is thought that the silicon cycle has come under even tighter control, and that this derives from the ecological ascendancy of the diatoms.
Only four horses competed against Secretariat for the June 9, 1973, running of the Belmont Stakes, including Sham, who had finished second in both the Derby and Preakness, along with three other horses thought to have little chance by the bettors: Twice A Prince, My Gallant, and Private Smiles.
After hearing the guards ' story, the chorus comments, " My lord, the thought has risen in my mind :/ Do we not see in this the hand of God?
My father thought the world of him.
My father thought of himself first and foremost as a Frenchman, and spent a few weeks every year with the elder children at Chambord, his main property on the Loire.
My belief is that he thought we knew more about him than we did, and thinking things were getting hot, he decided to get rid of the money to avoid being found in possession with it ".
When he first learned of that quarrel, he wrote, " My heart was enlisted and I thought only of joining the colors.
My breath is long — that's the measure, one physical-mental inspiration of thought contained in the elastic of a breath.
Hannah Gordon was thought of to play Barbara, but she'd recently played a similar role in the BBC sitcom My Wife Next Door.
Its later characterization as anti-intellectual may be seen as contributory to the popularity of anti-communist espionage ( My Son John, 1950 ) and science fiction movies ( The Thing From Another World, 1951 ) with stories and themes of the infiltration, subversion, invasion, and destruction of American society by un – American thought and inhuman beings.
My original thought was to send out ads and flyers saying, ' Show up at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco at 9 o ' clock on June 1 with your bicycle.
" In the earlier phases of the project, he never mentioned a Greek text: " My mind is so excited at the thought of emending Jerome ’ s text, with notes, that I seem to myself inspired by some god.
My compromise of 0. 5 was rejected without, I thought, proper consideration.
My manager, on the way over, warned me not to do it, but it was a great joke and the interview was going so well, I thought, ' Oh, fuck that !!
The song began " The pulse I was feeling was thready and fast / So I thought I'd come upon at last / The cause of hypertension of Harvard fame / My steel-trap mind recalled the name of Pheo ...".
The Review also said that My Best Friend's Wedding is a perfect date movie, and a film that proves Roberts isn't as crap as we all thought she was.
" " My father thought Nathalie was a little bit much for a brand new baby ," Hedren explained at a 2004 screening of The Birds.

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