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NDP and Justice
In early March a conference was held in Saskatoon, sponsored by the Saskatchewan Coalition for Social Justice: " The Saskatchewan NDP in Power: A Critical Appraisal ".
Kormos served as House Leader for the Ontario NDP Caucus from 2001 until his retirement in 2011 and also held numerous critic portfolios in Opposition, including Justice, Community Safety and Correctional Services, Consumer and Business Services, Labour, and Democratic Renewal.
During a legislative debate in June 1999, Toews accused NDP Justice Critic Gord Mackintosh of mischief for repeatedly calling the province's Street Peace gang hotline only to hang up before leaving a message.
During his terms in office, Deveaux was the NDP critic ( shadow minister ) for Justice, Acadian Affairs, Education, Finance and the Treasury and Policy Board.

NDP and Critic
NDP Finance Critic Bob Rae attached a rider to a budget bill declaring that " this House has lost confidence in the government.
In the NDP shadow cabinet, Broadbent was Critic for Democracy: Parliamentary & Electoral Reform, Corporate Accountability as well as Child Poverty.
Blaikie was again returned for his riding, and was appointed as NDP Environment Critic in the new parliament.
Blaikie was appointed as NDP Taxation Critic in 1990.
He was appointed as NDP Critic for Foreign Affairs and Trade after the election, and served another term as caucus chairman from 1993 to 1996.
He was appointed Defence Critic for the NDP after Jack Layton's death, and appointed one of the three deputy leaders, by his successor Thomas Mulcair.
The Conservatives won a minority government nationally, and Maloway was appointed as the NDP Critic for Science and Technology.
Prior to June 2009, he was the NDP Critic for Conserve Nova Scotia, Intergovernmental Affairs, Gaming and the Heritage Property Act.
He was appointed as NDP Labour Critic in the parliament that followed.
The NDP's internal divisions became public in 1993, when Ontario MP Steven Langdon was removed as Finance Critic after criticizing the economic policies of Ontario NDP Premier Bob Rae.
He currently serves as NDP Deputy Industry Critic.
Farnworth is currently the MLA for Port Coquitlam and the NDP Critic for Health.
Julian previously served as the NDP critic for International Trade, Transportation, Persons with Disabilities, Treasury Board, Western Fisheries Critic, Industry, and the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Olympics.
During the 2011-12 NDP leadership race, Julian took over from candidate Peggy Nash to serve as the NDP's Finance Critic until the race was over, at which point Nash retook her spot and Julian was shifted to the lower-profile position of Energy Critic.
As NDP Transport Critic, Julian lead the successful fight in the House of Commons to stop the SMS transport safety bill, which he believed to be an attempt to turn safety over to air transport companies themselves, something Julian termed " self-serve safety ".

NDP and Joe
The Liberals increased their large majority mostly at the expense of the NDP, and the Tories under Joe Clark lost many seats and remained in fifth place, but Clark was elected in Calgary Centre in the middle of Alliance country, so the overall political landscape was not significantly changed.
The Liberals increased their large majority mostly at the expense of the NDP, and the Tories under Joe Clark lost many seats and remained in fifth place, but Clark was elected in Calgary Centre in the middle of Alliance country, so the overall political landscape was not significantly changed.
worked on Joe Comartin's NDP leadership campaign despite the fact that I. S.
Seven months after the 1979 election which ended 11 years of Trudeau Liberal government, the Tory government of Joe Clark was defeated in motion of no confidence in the government and its budget moved by Bob Rae of the NDP and supported by the Liberals.
In the byelection that followed in early 1999, Liberal candidate Rick Limoges narrowly defeated Joe Comartin of the NDP.
The same year, he was elected to the executive of the New Democratic Youth of Canada as policy director, endorsing Joe Comartin for leader of the NDP and serving on the party's federal council.
On June 8, 2012, local Windsor NDP MPs Brian Masse and Joe Comartin asked CBC president Hubert Lacroix to reconsider shutting down CBEFT, recommending instead to install digital multiplexing equipment and carry CBEFT on a digital subchannel of sister station CBET-DT.
Running with the unreserved endorsement of the Toronto Star, his campaign ended when NDP and left-liberal councillors moved their support to Joe Pantalone.
A handful of city councillors ( Adam Vaughan and fellow NDP members Joe Mihevc and Pam McConnell ) who were longtime allies on Pantalone in the Miller administration cast their lot in with Smitherman in an effort to sway voters to support a single winning candidate.
The NDP were defeated in the 1995 provincial election, and Wessenger finished third against PC candidate Joe Tascona.
He was elected to the Ontario legislature in the 1987 provincial election, defeating Joe Pantalone of the New Democratic Party ( NDP ) by 137 votes in the downtown Toronto riding of Fort York.

NDP and Comartin
Comartin stood as a candidate in the leadership of the NDP in 2003, and finished fourth.

NDP and argued
The NDP argued that the current form of the legislation undermines collective bargaining.
On the eve of the 2004 election, Harris argued that as the NDP won nine seats with 6. 9 % of the vote in 1993, if the Greens would elect MPs if they could match or surpass that threshold.
Mel Watkins and even Elie Martel have argued that the NDP lost a generation of volunteers and members due to the way the Waffle was handled.
Some have argued that the NDP passed these changes because they saw it as being in their best interests to help the PC party stay alive.
He also argued the NDP was too close to provincial labour unions.
George Hickes, a New Democratic Party ( NDP ) legislator of Inuit background, argued that the principle of an aboriginal party is inappropriate for Canada's constituency-based electoral system.
NDP leader Gary Doer argued that the provision regarding donations unfairly targeted his party, and suggested that corporate shareholders should be given the same right to shield their investments from party donations.
Sidney Green, who had left the NDP by this time and also opposed French-language re-entrenchment, nevertheless argued that Walding was wrong to give the Conservatives a means of disrupting the legislative process.
Kostyra has argued that the NDP must focus its attention on issues relating to the working-class to survive as a party.
Despite this set back the NDP was established officially in 1966 before the NF although critics, particularly from within the NF, argued that Brown only did so as he could not stand the prospect of serving under A. K. Chesterton.

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