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NEODyS and Earth
Due to many close approaches to Earth and Venus that increase the uncertainty region, neither JPL or NEODyS list close approaches after 2127.

NEODyS and is
NEODyS is an online database of known NEOs.
NEODyS is based on a Postgresql database running on a Linux system.
NEODyS is continually expanding and improving.
The NEODyS team is composed by Andrea Milani ( Dep.

NEODyS and .
On February 5th 2009 NEODyS went through a major update of the system.
The observatory also participates in the NEODyS system, which tracks Near-Earth objects.

Near and Earth
Recently however, funding of projects such as the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research and Near Earth Asteroid Tracking projects has meant that most comets are now discovered by automated systems, long before it is possible for amateurs to see them.
Most ancient cultures have had conceptions of a flat Earth, including Greece until the classical period, the Bronze Age and Iron Age civilizations of the Near East until the Hellenistic period, India until the Gupta period ( early centuries AD ) and China until the 17th century.
Near the end of the decade, he made a cameo appearance in Welles's Touch of Evil ( 1958 ) and a starring role in the film adaptation of Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon ( also 1958 ).
* Near Earth Object
Near Earth most of the ship's 1500 passengers are killed by meteors, and only two men and six women land in a lifeboat and become the ancestors of humanity.
* In Die Erde is nah: die Marsexpedition ( 1970 ), by Ludek Pesek, published in English as The Earth is Near ( 1973 ), a crew of twenty men undertake the first manned mission to Mars, and after landing in the wrong area due to computer malfunction and / or human error, have to cope with vicious sand storms, and a long trek undertaken in vehicles to their original intended area of exploration.
* Near Earth Asteroids Astronomy Cast episode # 29, includes full transcript.
* NASA Space Telescope Finds Fewer Asteroids Near Earth ( 09. 29. 11 )
simple: Near Earth Object
* Near instant point-to-point teleportation is possible with transfer booths ( on Earth ) and stepping disks ( on the Puppeteer homeworld ); on Earth, people's sense of place and global position has been lost due to instantaneous travel ; cities and cultures have blended together.
* June 15 – Near Earth Asteroid 2002 MN misses the planet by, about 1 / 3 the distance to the moon.
The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous-Shoemaker ( NEAR Shoemaker ), renamed after its 1996 launch in honor of planetary scientist Eugene M. Shoemaker, was a robotic space probe designed by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for NASA to study the near-Earth asteroid Eros from close orbit over a period of a year.
* Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
A possibility exists that Apophis could go through a 400 m wide " keyhole " on this pass which would put it on a collision course with the Earth in 2036 .< ref > SkyandTelescope. com-News from Sky & Telescope-Asteroid 2004 MN < sub > 4 </ sub >: A Really Near Miss!
The craft was controlled from the European Space Agency ESOC facilities in Darmstadt ( then West Germany ) initially in Geostationary Transfer Orbit ( GTO ) then in the Near Earth Phase ( NEP ) before the longer Cruise Phase through to the encounter.
He had many epithets which alluded to different aspects of his deity: Titlacauan (" We are his Slaves "), Ipalnemoani (" He by whom we live "), Necoc Yaotl (" Enemy of Both Sides "), Tloque Nahuaque (" Lord of the Near and the Nigh ") and Yohualli Èecatl (" Night, Wind "), Ome acatl (" Two Reed "), Ilhuicahua Tlalticpaque (" Possessor of the Sky and Earth ").
Near the surface of the Earth, its magnetic field can be closely approximated by the field of a magnetic dipole positioned at the center of the Earth and tilted at an angle of about with respect to the rotational axis of the Earth.
Astronomers have been conducting surveys to locate the NEOs, many ( as of early 2007 ) funded by NASA's Near Earth Object ( NEO ) program office as part of their Spaceguard program.
This data set is a digital archive created from optical images taken over a 5-year period by the Near Earth Asteroid Tracking ( NEAT ) program using two 1-m telescopes located on Maui.
* NEO News: Spaceguard Survey of Near Earth Asteroids David Morrison Tuesday, August 1, 2000 ( Discovery statistics by 2000 )
* Near Earth Network
* Near realtime composite of satellite image of the Earth by Intellicast

Near and Objects
The Višnjan team have built a new observatory some 4 km away in Tićan to continue their work on Near Earth Objects ( NEO ).
He is a prolific discoverer of asteroids at the Sormano Astronomical Observatory in Italy with observational experience on the research of Near Earth Objects in professional observatories in Arizona.
NEKAAL received a $ 56, 060 grant from NASA's Near Earth Objects ( NEO ) tracking program to acquire the Pitt telescope from Lindley Hall, Kansas University.
DANEOPS, the DLR-Archenhold Near Earth Objects Precovery Survey, has been initiated to systematically search existing photographic plate archives for precovery images of known NEOs.
Potts, Timothy, Roaf, Michael & Stein, Diana ( eds ), Culture through Objects: Ancient Near Eastern studies in honour of P. R. S.
: Observations: ( Near Earth Objects )
: Observations: ( Near Earth Objects )
He founded the non-profit Space Development Institute, and introduced the Benson Prize for Amateur Discovery of Near Earth Objects.
A 46-cm prime-focus computer-controlled telescope was added to the Wise Observatory in 2004 mainly for minor planet CCD photometry purposes and funded by the Israel Space Agency as part of a National Knowledge Center on Near Earth Objects.
* Objects coming from the West, not from Greece and her Near Eastern colonies, but belonging to the culture of the Bactrian upper classes and Parthian Iran, both impregnated with Hellenistic culture
Objects called tokens made of clay have been recovered from within Near East excavations dated to a period beginning 8000 B. C. E and ending 1500 B. C. E., presumed to have been made as records of the counting of agricultural produce.

Near and Site
Near the mouth of the river, near Juffure, is James Island, a place used in the slave trade which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Near modern Utica in LaSalle County, Illinois, across from Starved Rock, they met the Kaskaskia at the Grand Village of the Illinois ( now a State Historic Site, also known as the Zimmerman Site ).
Near Ward's Point is the Ward's Point Archeological Site, an archaeological site within Conference House Park.
: Site of Redan Battery | Near this spot Lieut-Col. John Macdonell Attorney General of Upper Canada was mortally wounded 13 October 1812.
Near the hamlet of Sharpthorne there is a Site of Special Scientific Interest known as West Hoathly Pit.
Near the trig point is Chanctonbury Dew Pond, a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
* An Archaeological Site Near Gleeson, Arizona, by William Shirley Fulton and Carr Tuthill.

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