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Namatjira's and trees
Namatjira's skills at colouring trees can be clearly seen in this portrait.

Namatjira's and so
Arrernte are expected to share everything they own, and as Namatjira's income grew, so did his extended family.

Namatjira's and were
Namatjira's artworks were colourful and varied depictions of the Australian landscape.

Namatjira's and is
Namatjira's skills kept increasing with experience as is shown in the highly photographic quality of Mt Hermannsburg ( 1957 ), painted only two years before he died.
Namatjira's work is on public display in some of Australia's major art galleries, with some noteworthy exceptions.

Namatjira's and .
The Art Gallery of New South Wales rejected Namatjira's work.

love and trees
Erinville ( which means Irishville ), Salmon River, Ogden, Bantry ( named after Bantry Bay, County Cork, Ireland but now abandoned and grown up in trees ) among others, where Irish last names are prevalent and the accent is reminiscent of the Irish as well as the music, traditions, religion ( Roman Catholic ), and the love of Ireland itself.
* In parts of Germany, young men erect decorated birch trees in front of the houses of their love interests on the night of May 1, to show their feelings.
Sapsucker woodpeckers have a great love of young elm trees.
" He places Coming Up For Air alongside Orwell's 1946 essay Some Thoughts on the Common Toad where he had written that, " retaining one's childhood love of such things as trees, fishes, butterflies and-toads, one makes a peaceful and decent future a little more probable ".
" What makes Coming Up For Air so peculiarly bitter to the taste is that, in addition to calling up the twin spectres of totalitarianism and workless poverty, it also declares the impossibility of ' retaining one's childhood love of such things as trees, fishes, butterflies ' - because it postulates a world in which these things are simply not there any more.
" his 1869 report of the Cascades mountain range, Frank's father, Samuel, wrote: ' these forests of treesso enchain the senses of the grand and so enchant the sense of the beautiful that I linger on the theme and am to depart — surpassing the woods of all the rest of the globe ...' Like many writers of that time, Samuel indulged in hyperbole, but his love of the Cascades seems very genuine.
Nearer to the town centre are the Valley Gardens, with a love garden, an aviary, and an avenue of cherry trees, which bloom in the spring.
The first is angels that fell in love with certain parts of nature and became the spirits of the rocks, mountains and trees ( and therefore did not return to Heaven ) and the " invisible ones ", incorporeal beings who never interacted with the angels.
Their first love, however, is forestry ; they love the trees of their stedding, and grew groves near the cities they built to remind them of their home.
Among the cherry trees in the garden at the homestead were " bronzewing pigeon and satin birds, love birds and honeyeating parakeets.
The Selfish Giant owns a beautiful garden which has 12 peach trees and lovely fragrant flowers, in which children love to play.
We all love Sir Henri, and we believe that his name will be remembered for the good work he has done as long as trees grow in this country.
Removing hazardous trees can be difficult when it means severing the connection between residents and the trees they love.
In As You Like It, Rosalind makes a complicated pun involving grafting her interlocuter with the trees around her which bear love letters and with a medlar " I'll graff it with you, and then I shall graff it with a medlar.
Phaedrus and Socrates both note how anyone would consider Socrates a foreigner in the countryside, and Socrates attributes this fault to his love of learning which " trees and open country won't teach ," while " men in the town " will.
She is actually at the Foster's in the fields making love with Court behind some trees.
On choosing to live in North Carolina instead of her native New York, Bavier stated in an interview that, " I fell in love with North Carolina, all the pretty roads and the trees.
This optimistic tale of a man who brings a deserted valley back to life by planting trees reflects Giono ’ s long-standing love of the natural world, an attitude that made him a precursor to the modern ecological movement.
Today, it is the most desired beach on the south coast, by swimmers and tourists alike, who love its very long strip of sand bordered by a row of coconut trees.
" Through three sections rife with asterisks and superscript roman numerals ," using a mixture of fiction, essay, prose poetry, and memoir, love affair * " challenges the ways in which we construct narratives and read texts ," as it " wends a story of broken relationships, deploying everything from mimosa trees and spring to nightclubs and crack-smoke ," and explores " the way we learn to love and love again.

love and was
He was asking had it been she who left the love note in his sheets ( she also served as maid ) when he saw the Grafin followed by a stately blond girl approaching his table.
That was his true love, not Penny.
This new force, love of country, super-imposed upon -- if not displacing -- affectionate ties to one's own state, was epitomized by Washington.
In any case, Miss Millay's sweet-throated bitterness, her variations on the theme that the world was not only well lost for love but even well lost for lost love, her constant and wonderfully tragic posture, so unlike that of Fitzgerald since it required no scenery or props, drew from the me that I was when I fell upon her verses an overwhelming yea.
But all this, I am well aware, is the bel canto of love, and although I have always liked to think that it was to the bel canto and to that alone that I listened, I know well enough that it was not.
Just as I was about to enlarge upon my discovery of the underside of the leaf of love, memory, displeased at being asked to yield its unsavory secrets, dashed ahead of me, calling back over its shoulder: `` Skip it.
However, it was not of innocence in general that I was speaking, but of perhaps the frailest and surely the least important side of it which is innocence in romantic love.
When they were first written, there was evidently no thought of their being published, and those which refer to the writer's love for Mrs. Meynell particularly have the ring of truth.
From the outset, she must have realized that marriage with him was out of the question, and although she was displeased by the `` unwarrantable '' interference, it seems probable that she did agree with her mother's suggestion that the poet was `` perhaps '' a man `` most fitted to live & die solitary, & in the love only of the Highest Lover ''.
His father was a professor at Hartford Theological Seminary, and from him he acquired a conviction, which he passed along to me, that there is in the universe of persons a moral law, the law of love, which is a natural law in the same sense as is the physical law.
And she was made to fall in love with him again there in the rutted dirt driveway standing in the cold fog, mad as she was at his going away when he really didn't have to, mad at their both having got older in a life that seemed to have taken no more than a week to go by.
Like Eliot, in my fantasies, I had a proud bearing and, with a skill that was vaguely continental, I would lead Jessica through an evening of dancing and handsome descriptions of my newest exploits, would guide her gently to the night's climax which, in my dreams, was always represented by our almost suffocating one another to death with deep, moist kisses burning with love.
Of course his love was expressed in intelligent care.
It was during her `` writing '' period that she and Herb met and decided that they were in love.
It might be, indeed it had already proved to be a marriage without love, but it was marriage.
a woman who was willing to give him love, faith, and anything else a woman could give a husband.

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