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from Brown Corpus
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Near and end
Near the end of the Hippodrome I came upon the Built Column, a truncated obelisk of blocks, all that remains of a monument that once rivalled the Colossus of Rhodes.
Near the end of Alexander's life, Alexander began to suspect plots against himself, and threatened Aristotle in letters.
" Near the end of his life, he fictionalized this experience in his book New Connecticut, originally circulated only among friends before its publication in 1881.
Near the west end of the lake it receives its first important tributary, the Lütschine.
Near the west end of Lake Thun, the river receives the waters of the Kander, which has just been joined by the Simme.
It has recently been suggested that the regional decline at the end of the Akkadian period ( and First Intermediary Period of the Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom ) was associated with rapidly increasing aridity, and failing rainfall in the region of the Ancient Near East, caused by a global centennial-scale drought.
Near the end of the days of the vow, Paul was recognized outside Herod's Temple and was nearly beaten to death by a mob, " shouting, ' Men of Israel, help us!
Near the end, I could hardly breathe.
Near the end of his life, DeMille began pre-production work on a film biography of Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement and had asked David Niven to star in the film, which was never made.
Near the end of the first decade of the double-Bills ' guidance, the Cubs won the NL pennant in 1929 and then achieved the unusual feat of winning a pennant every three years, following up the 1929 flag with league titles in 1932, 1935, and 1938.
Near the end of the Daytona 500, he had a four-second lead when the final caution flag came out with a handful of laps to go.
Near the end of his term, his efforts to set up a summit meeting with the Soviets collapsed because of the U-2 incident when an American spy plane was shot down over Russia and its pilot captured.
Near the end, Don Quixote reluctantly sways towards sanity: an inn is just an inn, not a castle.
Near the end of the 17th century, John Phillips, a nephew of poet John Milton, published what is considered by Putnam the worst English translated version.
Near the end of his life, he became reclusive and produced frightening and obscure paintings of insanity, madness, and fantasy, while the style of the Black Paintings prefigures the expressionist movement.
Near the end of his 1796 paper on living and fossil elephants he said:
Near the end of this period his friend Basil died.
Near the end of the Second World War, Allied forces discovered that the SS had compiled lists of people slated for immediate arrest during the invasion of Britain in the abandoned Operation Sea Lion, and Wells was included in the alphabetical list on the same page of " The Black Book " as Rebecca West.
Near the end of 1840 he once again decided to sign ship's articles.
Near the end of his apprenticeship, Grien oversaw the production of stained glass, woodcuts and engravings, and therefore developed an affinity for them.
Near the end of his life, Caesar began to prepare for a war against the Parthian Empire.
Near the end of the book, Calvin describes and defends the doctrine of predestination, a doctrine advanced by Augustine in opposition to the teachings of Pelagius.
Near the end of his life, Justinian became ever more inclined towards the Monophysite doctrine, especially in the form of Aphthartodocetism, but he died before being able to issue any legislation which would have elevated its teachings to the status of dogma.

Near and service
Near the end of the service an epitaphios or " winding sheet " ( a cloth embroidered with the image of Christ prepared for burial ) is carried in procession to a low table in the nave which represents the Tomb of Christ ; it is often decorated with an abundance of flowers.
It was considered that its relatively high landing speed of 50 mph made it unsuitable for use under the field conditions of the Western Front, and the type's active service was limited to the Near East.
Called up for military service in 1918, after the war, he was sent to the Near East to defend French interests there.
* Ferry Service: Near Algonac's city center, ferry service is available to Russell Island
Near Overijse there is a medium wave transmitter for the Belgian foreign radio service.
Near the end of the service, the Epitaphios is carried in a candlelit procession around the outside of the church as the faithful sing the Trisagion.
Near the end of its service life of 26 years, Omega evolved into a system used primarily by the civil community.
Near the end of Matins, following the Lauds, at the end of the Great Doxology, the Epitaphios is taken up and carried in procession around the outside of the church, while all sing the Trisagion, exactly as is done in an Orthodox funeral service.
Near the end of the episode, a Protestant minister holds an enthusiastic interfaith religious service and invited human and alien alike ; as the choir sings " No Hiding Place Down Here ", the song coincides with images of Refa's capture and subsequent death at the hands of the Narns.
Near a partial interchange with Lansing Road ( old US 27 ), the freeway gains a pair of service drives: St. Joseph Street runs one-way westbound on the north side, and Malcolm X Street runs eastbound to the south.
Near Pinneberg there is the transmission site for the maritime weather fax service DDH47, working on 147. 3 kHz.
NEODyS ( Near Earth Objects Dynamic Site ) is an Italian and Spanish service that provides information on Near Earth Objects with a convenient Web-based interface.
Near the end of his service, he was promoted to the brevet rank of major general.
Maxis is also the pioneer of Malaysia's first NFC ( Near Field Communication ) service called FastTap.
On the contrary, in Near v. Minnesota 283 U. S. 697 ( 1931 ), Chief Justice Charles E. Hughes remarked that in wartime, " no one would question but that a government might prevent actual obstruction to its recruiting service or the publication of the sailing dates of transports or the number and location of troops.
Near the end of the M40's service life, both Austria and Sweden produced HEAT rounds for the weapon capable of penetrating more than 700 mm of armor.

Near and wrote
Hill Top, Near Sawrey – Potter's former home, now owned by the National Trust and preserved as it was when she lived and wrote her stories there.
After the 2008 South Ossetia war, Bildt wrote on his blog that the Russian rationale for its intervention, i. e. concern for the welfare of its expatriates in the Near Abroad, had certain similarities with the rationale for the annexation of Sudetenland.
It includes people who reported “ White ” or wrote in entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Near Easterner, Arab, or Polish.
Near contemporaries Melville Davisson Post and Anna Katherine Green wrote the earliest known stories that might be described as historical whodunnits, although both also wrote mysteries with contemporary settings as well.
Near the end of Book XI of his autobiography, Dichtung und Wahrheit (" Poetry and Truth "), Goethe wrote, almost in passing:
Near the end of the event, journalist Vasily Panov wrote the following comment about the tournament contenders: " Real chances of victory, besides Botvinnik and Smyslov, up to round 15, are held by Geller, Spassky and Taimanov.
Near the end of his life, Grey looked into the future and wrote:
Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. wrote separately to explain that the publication of the documents did not qualify as one of the three exceptions to the freedom of expression established in Near v. Minnesota ( 1931 ).
In 2008, McKennitt wrote and composed a song she titled " To The Fairies They Draw Near " as the theme song for Disney's direct-to-video animated film Tinker Bell.
The regional director of the U. S. based Near East Foundation, who had field experience in the Sudan, wrote an article in the Boston Globe with the same estimate and said " without the lifesaving medicine destroyed facilities produced ... tens of thousands of people-many of them children-have suffered and died from malaria, tuberculosis and other treatable diseases ... produced 90 percent of Sudan's major pharmaceutical products ... Sanctions against Sudan made it impossible to import adequate amounts of medicines required to cover the serious gaps left by the plant's destruction ...
Apart from fiction, Le Queux also wrote extensively on wireless broadcasting, produced various travel works including An Observer in the Near East and several short books on Switzerland, and wrote an unrevealing and often misleading autobiography, Things I Know about Kings, Celebrities and Crooks ( 1923 ).
Near the end of his life, he wrote, " I sometimes marvel that a third-rate writer like me has been able to palm himself off as a second-rate writer.
Near the birth of her youngest child Princess Louise in 1809, Louise wrote to her father, " Gladly ... the calamities which have befallen us have not forced their way into our wedded and home life, rather have strengthened the same, and made it even more precious to us.
In a September 2008 publication of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Giora Eiland wrote that:
Near the end of his life, Le Chatelier wrote, " I let the discovery of the ammonia synthesis slip through my hands.
In her review in Not Coming to a Theater Near You, Jenny Jediny wrote, " In many ways, The Double Life of Véronique is a small miracle of cinema ; ... Kieslowski ’ s strong, if largely post-mortem reputation among the art house audience has elevated a film that makes little to no sense on paper, while its emotional tone strikes a singular — perhaps perfect — key.
Near wrote a biography in the early nineties called Fire In The Rain, Singer In The Storm.
He wrote books about Ludwig Wittgenstein and Karl Popper ( translated into Spanish and Slovene ) and studied the history of Christianity in the Near East and in India ( Nestorian and the western-Syrian " monophysite " church ).
Near the end of his life Allen wrote The Family Rite.
Near the end of the novel ( chapter XIV ), after talking about the Undergrounds Fields, Hodgson wrote about hidden conduits bringing water from distant seas.
Near the end of his game development career he wrote Monopoly for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Bart's Nightmare for Super NES.
Near the end of his life ( likely around 1690-1695 ) Pasek wrote an autobiographical diary, a copy of which was found in 18th century and printed in 1821, making him posthumously famous.

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