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Near and end
Near the end of the Hippodrome I came upon the Built Column, a truncated obelisk of blocks, all that remains of a monument that once rivalled the Colossus of Rhodes.
Near the end of his service he wrote that when the war was over he was going to buy two pups, name one of them `` Fall-in '' and the other `` Close-up '', and then shoot them both, `` and that will be the end of Fall-in and Close-up ''.
Near the end of Alexander's life, Alexander began to suspect plots against himself, and threatened Aristotle in letters.
" Near the end of his life, he fictionalized this experience in his book New Connecticut, originally circulated only among friends before its publication in 1881.
Near the west end of the lake it receives its first important tributary, the Lütschine.
Near the west end of Lake Thun, the river receives the waters of the Kander, which has just been joined by the Simme.
It has recently been suggested that the regional decline at the end of the Akkadian period ( and First Intermediary Period of the Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom ) was associated with rapidly increasing aridity, and failing rainfall in the region of the Ancient Near East, caused by a global centennial-scale drought.
Near the end of the days of the vow, Paul was recognized outside Herod's Temple and was nearly beaten to death by a mob, " shouting, ' Men of Israel, help us!
Near the end, I could hardly breathe.
Near the end of his life, DeMille began pre-production work on a film biography of Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement and had asked David Niven to star in the film, which was never made.
Near the end of the first decade of the double-Bills ' guidance, the Cubs won the NL pennant in 1929 and then achieved the unusual feat of winning a pennant every three years, following up the 1929 flag with league titles in 1932, 1935, and 1938.
Near the end of the Daytona 500, he had a four-second lead when the final caution flag came out with a handful of laps to go.
Near the end, Don Quixote reluctantly sways towards sanity: an inn is just an inn, not a castle.
Near the end of the 17th century, John Phillips, a nephew of poet John Milton, published what is considered by Putnam the worst English translated version.
Near the end of his life, he became reclusive and produced frightening and obscure paintings of insanity, madness, and fantasy, while the style of the Black Paintings prefigures the expressionist movement.
Near the end of his 1796 paper on living and fossil elephants he said:
Near the end of this period his friend Basil died.
Near the end of the Second World War, Allied forces discovered that the SS had compiled lists of people slated for immediate arrest during the invasion of Britain in the abandoned Operation Sea Lion, and Wells was included in the alphabetical list on the same page of " The Black Book " as Rebecca West.
Near the end of 1840 he once again decided to sign ship's articles.
Near the end of his apprenticeship, Grien oversaw the production of stained glass, woodcuts and engravings, and therefore developed an affinity for them.
Near the end of his life, Caesar began to prepare for a war against the Parthian Empire.
Near the end of the book, Calvin describes and defends the doctrine of predestination, a doctrine advanced by Augustine in opposition to the teachings of Pelagius.
Near the end of his life, Justinian became ever more inclined towards the Monophysite doctrine, especially in the form of Aphthartodocetism, but he died before being able to issue any legislation which would have elevated its teachings to the status of dogma.

Near and term
In the Pyramid Texts and Coffin Texts it is revealed the ancient Egyptians believed Nun ( the Ocean ) was a circular body surrounding nbwt ( a term meaning " dry lands " or " Islands ") and therefore believed in a similar Ancient Near Eastern circular earth cosmography surrounded by water.
While the term grimoire is originally European, and many Europeans throughout history, particularly ceremonial magicians and cunning folk, have made use of grimoires, the historian Owen Davies noted that similar such books can be found all across the world, ranging from Jamaica to Sumatra, and he also noted that the first such grimoires could be found not in Europe but in the Ancient Near East.
The term is also occasionally employed to refer to modern or contemporary events, peoples, states or parts of states in the same region, namely Cyprus, Iraq, Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria ( compare with Near East, Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia ).
The term is considered to be Eurocentric and used as a synonym for Near East, in opposition to Far East.
When discussing ancient history, however, the term Near East is more commonly used.
Near the end of his first term, Mulroney gave a formal apology and a $ 300 million compensation package to the families of the 22, 000 Japanese Canadians who had been divested of their property and interned during World War II.
Near the end of his term in the Senate, petitioners asked Congress to prevent the handling and delivery of mail on Sunday because it violated biblical principles about the Sabbath.
The term derives from tablet inscriptions appended by a scribe to the end of an ancient Near East ( e. g., Early / Middle / Late Babylonian, Assyrian, Canaanite ) text such as a chapter, book, manuscript, or record.
Near the end of his term as Secretary of State, negotiations for Pinckney's Treaty were finalized.
His paper with PhD student Adam Newcomer, " Near term implications of a ban on new coal-fired power plants in the US " was cited as one of the top environmental policy papers of 2009 by the American Chemical Society.
* Near real-time, a term used in telecommunications
Near the end of that term, the Treasury Department requested that the State Department explain recent Soviet behavior, such as its disinclination to support the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
This term has been used to refer to appearances of the gods in the ancient Greek and Near Eastern religions.
Near the end of his second term, Caperton was the 1996 chair of the Democratic Governor's Association, served on the National Governor's Association executive committee, and was a member of the Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee on U. S. Trade.
Near the end of his term, he married Catherine Dunn, ( or Katherine ) the daughter of Charles Dunn, the former chief justice of Wisconsin Territory.
Near the end of his final term, Brown left the legislature to become mayor of San Francisco.
Not to be confused with the Technocracy's term for the Gauntlet, most beings in the World of Darkness use the term Horizon to describe a nearly-impermeable barrier that separates the Near Umbra from the Deep Umbra.
Bernard Lewis, Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, calls the term " a myth ".
Near Eastern Archaeology is a term with a wide, often generalised application, and is frequently divided into further regional sub-branches, the archaeology of modern states in the region or along broad thematic lines.
The same term has also been extended to parallel concepts in the religions of the Ancient Near East.
In modern biblical studies, the term chaos is commonly used in the context of the Torah and their cognate narratives in Ancient Near Eastern mythology more generally.
Near the end of his second term, when Montt indicated a preference for Antonio Varas, his minister of the interior, to be his successor, liberals again staged an armed uprising.
After the dissolution of the Soviet Union this situation was reversed in the countries state schools of the " Near abroad " ( ближнее зарубежье, blizhneye zarubezhye ) — the term used in Russia for the post-Soviet states — and the use of Russian was discouraged, with the notable exceptions of Belarus, Krym, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan where Russian remains today an official language.

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