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Near and end
Near the end of his service he wrote that when the war was over he was going to buy two pups, name one of them `` Fall-in '' and the other `` Close-up '', and then shoot them both, `` and that will be the end of Fall-in and Close-up ''.
Near the end of Alexander's life, Alexander began to suspect plots against himself, and threatened Aristotle in letters.
" Near the end of his life, he fictionalized this experience in his book New Connecticut, originally circulated only among friends before its publication in 1881.
Near the west end of the lake it receives its first important tributary, the Lütschine.
Near the west end of Lake Thun, the river receives the waters of the Kander, which has just been joined by the Simme.
It has recently been suggested that the regional decline at the end of the Akkadian period ( and First Intermediary Period of the Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom ) was associated with rapidly increasing aridity, and failing rainfall in the region of the Ancient Near East, caused by a global centennial-scale drought.
Near the end of the days of the vow, Paul was recognized outside Herod's Temple and was nearly beaten to death by a mob, " shouting, ' Men of Israel, help us!
Near the end, I could hardly breathe.
Near the end of his life, DeMille began pre-production work on a film biography of Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement and had asked David Niven to star in the film, which was never made.
Near the end of the first decade of the double-Bills ' guidance, the Cubs won the NL pennant in 1929 and then achieved the unusual feat of winning a pennant every three years, following up the 1929 flag with league titles in 1932, 1935, and 1938.
Near the end of the Daytona 500, he had a four-second lead when the final caution flag came out with a handful of laps to go.
Near the end of his term, his efforts to set up a summit meeting with the Soviets collapsed because of the U-2 incident when an American spy plane was shot down over Russia and its pilot captured.
Near the end, Don Quixote reluctantly sways towards sanity: an inn is just an inn, not a castle.
Near the end of the 17th century, John Phillips, a nephew of poet John Milton, published what is considered by Putnam the worst English translated version.
Near the end of his life, he became reclusive and produced frightening and obscure paintings of insanity, madness, and fantasy, while the style of the Black Paintings prefigures the expressionist movement.
Near the end of his 1796 paper on living and fossil elephants he said:
Near the end of this period his friend Basil died.
Near the end of the Second World War, Allied forces discovered that the SS had compiled lists of people slated for immediate arrest during the invasion of Britain in the abandoned Operation Sea Lion, and Wells was included in the alphabetical list on the same page of " The Black Book " as Rebecca West.
Near the end of 1840 he once again decided to sign ship's articles.
Near the end of his apprenticeship, Grien oversaw the production of stained glass, woodcuts and engravings, and therefore developed an affinity for them.
Near the end of his life, Caesar began to prepare for a war against the Parthian Empire.
Near the end of the book, Calvin describes and defends the doctrine of predestination, a doctrine advanced by Augustine in opposition to the teachings of Pelagius.
Near the end of his life, Justinian became ever more inclined towards the Monophysite doctrine, especially in the form of Aphthartodocetism, but he died before being able to issue any legislation which would have elevated its teachings to the status of dogma.

Near and I
Near the later site of Amphipolis Alexander I of Macedon defeated the remains of Xerxes ' army in 479 BC.
The religion of the Israelites of Iron Age I, like many Ancient Near Eastern religions, was based on the cult of the ancestors and the worship of family gods ( the " gods of the fathers ").
The Near Eastern Iron Age is divided into two subsections, Iron I and Iron II.
Post – World War I Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Near East had borders carved out by the Allies that left many of the new states in that region unsatisfied due to minority populations and conflicting historical claims.
Near the end of her time as governor general, Adrienne Clarkson stated: " My constitutional role has lain in what are called ' reserve powers ': making sure that there is a prime minister and a government in place, and exercising the right ' to encourage, to advise, and to warn '[...] Without really revealing any secrets, I can tell you that I have done all three.
The Seleucid dynasty or the Seleucidae ( from, ) was a Greek Macedonian royal family, founded by Seleucus I Nicator (" the Victor "), which ruled the Seleucid Kingdom centered in the Near East and regions of the Asian part of the earlier Achaemenid Persian Empire during the Hellenistic period.
In Iron Age I the religious life of ordinary Israelites, like that of other peoples throughout the Ancient Near East, was organised around the family-based cult of the ancestors and devotion to a local god, the " god of the fathers ".
Near the modern city of Veria, Perdiccas I ( or, more likely, his son, Argaeus I ) built his capital, Aigai ( modern Vergina ).
The oldest testimony of chariot warfare in the ancient Near East is the Old Hittite Anitta text ( 18th century BC ), which mentions 40 teams of horses ( 40? Í-IM-DÌ ANŠE. KUR. RA < sup >? I. A </ sup >) at the siege of Salatiwara.
The date of the sack of Babylon by the Hittite king Mursilis I is considered crucial to the various calculations of the early chronology of the ancient Near East, since both a solar and a lunar eclipse are said to have occurred in the month of Sivan that year, according to ancient records.
Near Regensburg there are two very imposing Classical buildings, erected by Ludwig I of Bavaria as national monuments to German patriotism and greatness.
), Rambo Amadeus recorded a Laibach parody song " Samit u burekđinici Laibach " (" Summit in the burek-bakery Laibach "), featuring the song lyrics from the poems " Santa Maria della Salute " (" Saint Mary of Health ") by Laza Kostić and " Ne, nemoj mi prići " (" No, Do Not Come Near Me ") by Desanka Maksimović and the chorus from the turbo folk singer Šaban Šaulić song " Čaše lomim, ruke mi krvave " (" I Break the Glasses, My Hands are Bleeding ").
: Near this spot stood the Cross erected by King Edward the I to mark the place in Stony Stratford where the body of Queen Eleanor rested on its way from Harby in Nottinghamshire to Westminster Abbey in 1290
Near the end of World War I, Sequim became a stop for a railway which passed through from Port Angeles to Port Townsend, built primarily to carry wood products from the forests of the western Olympic Peninsula.
Near the former wooden Putney Bridge, built in 1729 and replaced in 1886, the earl of Essex threw a bridge of boats across the river in 1642 in order to march his army in pursuit of Charles I, who thereupon fell back on Oxford.
Near 3 pm the French reserves, formed by Canrobert ’ s 3rd Corps and the Imperial Guard under Regnaud, attacked Cavriana, which was defended by the Austrian I Corps under Clam-Gallas, finally occupying it at 6 pm and thereby breaking through the Austrian center.
The MIRACL Near Infrared Laser, at White Sands Missile Range, NM was fired at a stationary Titan I second stage that was fixed to ground.
' Now the number of mice is largely dependent, as every one knows, on the number of cats ; and Mr. Newman says, ' Near villages and small towns I have found the nests of humble-bees more numerous than elsewhere, which I attribute to the number of cats that destroy the mice.
Near the end of World War I, Italy captured the Austrian territories of Trentino and Venezia Giulia.
; NIRC: The Near Infrared Camera for the Keck I telescope is so sensitive it could detect the equivalent of a single candle flame on the Moon.

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