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Near and end
Near the end of the Hippodrome I came upon the Built Column, a truncated obelisk of blocks, all that remains of a monument that once rivalled the Colossus of Rhodes.
Near the end of his service he wrote that when the war was over he was going to buy two pups, name one of them `` Fall-in '' and the other `` Close-up '', and then shoot them both, `` and that will be the end of Fall-in and Close-up ''.
Near the end of Alexander's life, Alexander began to suspect plots against himself, and threatened Aristotle in letters.
" Near the end of his life, he fictionalized this experience in his book New Connecticut, originally circulated only among friends before its publication in 1881.
Near the west end of the lake it receives its first important tributary, the Lütschine.
Near the west end of Lake Thun, the river receives the waters of the Kander, which has just been joined by the Simme.
It has recently been suggested that the regional decline at the end of the Akkadian period ( and First Intermediary Period of the Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom ) was associated with rapidly increasing aridity, and failing rainfall in the region of the Ancient Near East, caused by a global centennial-scale drought.
Near the end of the days of the vow, Paul was recognized outside Herod's Temple and was nearly beaten to death by a mob, " shouting, ' Men of Israel, help us!
Near the end, I could hardly breathe.
Near the end of his life, DeMille began pre-production work on a film biography of Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement and had asked David Niven to star in the film, which was never made.
Near the end of the first decade of the double-Bills ' guidance, the Cubs won the NL pennant in 1929 and then achieved the unusual feat of winning a pennant every three years, following up the 1929 flag with league titles in 1932, 1935, and 1938.
Near the end of the Daytona 500, he had a four-second lead when the final caution flag came out with a handful of laps to go.
Near the end of his term, his efforts to set up a summit meeting with the Soviets collapsed because of the U-2 incident when an American spy plane was shot down over Russia and its pilot captured.
Near the end, Don Quixote reluctantly sways towards sanity: an inn is just an inn, not a castle.
Near the end of the 17th century, John Phillips, a nephew of poet John Milton, published what is considered by Putnam the worst English translated version.
Near the end of his life, he became reclusive and produced frightening and obscure paintings of insanity, madness, and fantasy, while the style of the Black Paintings prefigures the expressionist movement.
Near the end of his 1796 paper on living and fossil elephants he said:
Near the end of this period his friend Basil died.
Near the end of the Second World War, Allied forces discovered that the SS had compiled lists of people slated for immediate arrest during the invasion of Britain in the abandoned Operation Sea Lion, and Wells was included in the alphabetical list on the same page of " The Black Book " as Rebecca West.
Near the end of 1840 he once again decided to sign ship's articles.
Near the end of his apprenticeship, Grien oversaw the production of stained glass, woodcuts and engravings, and therefore developed an affinity for them.
Near the end of his life, Caesar began to prepare for a war against the Parthian Empire.
Near the end of the book, Calvin describes and defends the doctrine of predestination, a doctrine advanced by Augustine in opposition to the teachings of Pelagius.
Near the end of his life, Justinian became ever more inclined towards the Monophysite doctrine, especially in the form of Aphthartodocetism, but he died before being able to issue any legislation which would have elevated its teachings to the status of dogma.

Near and novel
Near impacts have been depicted in Jules Verne's Off on a Comet and Tove Jansson's Comet in Moominland, while a large manned space expedition visits Halley's Comet in Sir Arthur C. Clarke's novel 2061: Odyssey Three.
Near the end of the novel, Copperfield discovers in an Australian newspaper that Mell has emigrated and is now Doctor Mell of Colonial Salem-House Grammar School, Port Middlebay.
Near the end of 1751, Richardson sent a draft of the novel The History of Sir Charles Grandison to Mrs Donnellan, and the novel was being finalized in the middle of 1752.
Near the end of the novel ( Chapter 62 ), Pelagia receives a photograph from Günter Weber with a German passage from Goethe's " Faust " ( also a very popular German Lied, set to music by Schubert: Gretchen am Spinnrad ) written on the back.
Near the end of the novel, he and María Clara had a dispute about her not marrying Alfonso Linares, and her going to the covenant, or dying.
Near the end of the book, Slocum starts worrying about the state of his own sanity as he finds himself hallucinating or remembering events incorrectly, suggesting that some or all of the novel might be the product of his imagination, making him an unreliable narrator.
Near the end of the novel, Bean engineers a rescue mission in which he successfully, and without casualties on either side, rescues Petra from Achilles, who has betrayed India by making them vulnerable to the Chinese.
Near the end of the novel, Clopin receives news of Esmeralda's upcoming execution for the framed murder of Captain Phoebus.
Near the end of the novel, Barak dies of cancer and was buried next to Akiva.
Near the end of the novel series, before he and Cleo part, he bestows a surmountable amount of magical power upon her so that she may be able to protect herself.
Last and First Men: A Story of the Near and Far Future is a " future history " science fiction novel written in 1930 by the British author Olaf Stapledon.
Near the end of the novel, a large mass of Workers were used as a decoy for the Mobile Infantry while their Warriors prepared a greater trap ; the Workers did not fight, even when they were attacked.
Near the end of the novel, John Lang is allowed to become a citizen of Islandia as a reward for heroism in an attack by a neighboring group.
A Romance of the Near Future, a novel by Evelyn Waugh
Near the end of the novel, the Waldo Meister character dies by falling from the window of Kenneth Wood's apartment ( a distant echo of the real event: David Kammerer knifed by Lucien Carr, possibly in self-defense ).
In 2006, his third novel, Be Near Me, was published by Faber and Faber and long-listed for that year's Booker Prize.
In 2009, his novel " Be Near Me " was adapted by Ian McDiarmid for the Donmar Warehouse and the National Theatre of Scotland.
Near the end of the novel as the protagonists approach Castle Dracula the sisters suddenly appear at a camp consisting of Van Helsing and Mina Harker, beckoning the latter to join them and referring to her as their " sister ".
Near the end of 1751, Richardson sent a draft of the novel to Mrs. Donnellan, and the novel was being finalized in the middle of 1752.
Near the beginning of the novel, Nikhil brings his wife Bimala to a political rally in an attempt to get her to join the outside world and get in touch better with “ reality .” Though Bimala had heard of Sandip before this time, and developed a somewhat negative opinion of him, this was the first time she heard Sandip speak.

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