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Neither and these
Neither of these poems is an aberration ; ;
Neither from one of these conceptions nor from a combination of them can it be deduced.
Neither of these proclamations included provisions regarding black suffrage or freedmen's rights.
Neither these, nor the Great Passion, were published as sets until several years later, but prints were sold individually in considerable numbers.
Neither of these new versions was significantly more popular than the original AMOS.
Neither of these goals was achieved, and the military is still dominated by the Zaghawa.
Neither of these experiments on their own would fully explain how the process of remembering a phone number works.
Neither of these behaviors are responsible for EM radiation.
Neither of these men saw the geometrical interpretation of the formula: the view of complex numbers as points in the complex plane arose only some 50 years later ( see Caspar Wessel ).
Neither of these phenomena violates special relativity or creates problems with causality, and thus neither qualifies as FTL as described here.
Neither of these fit with Yang – Mills theory.
Neither Maria nor her advisers were supportive of these endeavours, however.
Neither of these ocular signs should be confused with exophthalmos ( protrusion of the eyeball ), which occurs specifically and uniquely in hyperthyroidism caused by Graves ' disease ( note that not all exopthalmos is caused by Graves ' disease, but when present with hyperthyroidism is diagnostic of Graves ' disease ).
Neither of these had much influence on the various computing projects in the United States, but some of the technology led, via Turing and others, to the first commercial electronic computer.
Neither of these handwriting inks could adhere to printing surfaces without creating blurs.
Neither Hitler nor Ribbentrop seemed to comprehend that when luminaries such as these declared their support for closer Anglo-German ties, they were speaking as private citizens, not on behalf of Whitehall.
Neither of these addressed the ethnic Macedonian population of Macedonia as Macedonians but as Bulgarians.
Neither of these can be seen but can be felt.
Neither humans nor chimpanzees have hairy breasts as does the figure in the film, and critics have argued these features are evidence against authenticity.
Neither of these still survive and there is no evidence that they resembled Egyptian pyramids.
Neither of these standards can be used for certification purposes as they provide guidance, not requirements ).
Neither of these states are officially monarchies.
Neither of these statements is considered to be proven.
Neither of these theories has been endorsed by the Supreme Court, which has held that the clause means that a state may not discriminate against citizens of other states in favor of its own citizens.
Neither of these decisions has been overturned and have been specifically reaffirmed several times.

Neither and were
Neither was Henrietta hoydenish like Jo, who frankly wished she were a boy and had deliberately shortened her name, which, like Henrietta's, was the feminine form of a boy's name.
Neither his appetites, his exacerbations, nor his despair were kin to yours.
`` Neither me nor my wife were helped by that chiropractor's treatments ''.
Neither Tylor nor Frazer, however, was particularly interested in fieldwork, nor were they interested in examining how the cultural elements and institutions fit together.
Neither the Sapirs nor the Delsons were in favor of the match.
Neither the amount of gunpowder, nor the consistency in projectile dimensions were controlled, with resulting inaccuracy in firing due to windage, and due to the difference in diameter between the bore and the shot.
Neither Hillel, Ishmael, nor Eliezer ben Jose ha-Gelili sought to give a complete enumeration of the rules of interpretation current in his day, but they omitted from their collections many rules that were then followed.
Neither Dan Boyle or Niall O ' Brolchain were re-elected to Seanad Éireann in the Seanad election of 2011, meaning the Green Party is currently without Oireachtas representation.
Neither the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network nor the FBI's Financial Review Group, which have access to credit card and other private financial records, were notified about Mihdhar prior to September 11.
Neither species of African rhinoceros is common in the Congo Basin, and the Mokèlé-mbèmbé may be a mixture of mythology and folk memory from a time when rhinoceros were found in the area.
Neither party moved into the opposition, and both Ousmane and Djermokoye said they were willing to negotiate with the president.
Neither urea nor oxalic acid is organic by this definition, yet they were two key compounds in the vitalism debate.
Neither players nor horses were trained to play a fast, nonstop game.
Neither the French nor the Germans favoured del Monte, and the Emperor had expressly excluded him from the list of acceptable candidates, but the French were able to block the other two factions, allowing del Monte to promote himself as a compromise.
Neither an increase on duty on the locally produced arrack nor a duty on all firewood helped reduce the deforestation whilst attempts to reforest the island by governor John Roberts ( 1708 – 1711 ) were not followed up by his immediate successors.
' Neither the proof by Böhm and Jacopini nor our repeated successes at writing structured code brought them around one day sooner than they were ready to convince themselves.
Neither side had achieved what they had originally desired and at the borders were left nearly unchanged.
Neither the friend who bought the bottle for her, nor the shopkeeper who sold it, were aware of the snail's presence.
Neither phase was designated as such at the time corresponding works were created.
Neither it nor its crew were ever seen again.
Neither did Wladyslaw have much to say later about matters of state, which were run by the powerful cleric and chancellor Zbigniew Oleśnicki.

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