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Neither and data
Neither of these terms refer to the statistical aggregation of data such as the act of adding up the Fibonacci sequence or taking the average of a list of numbers.
* Neither global control nor global data storage – no individual CDPS problem solver ( agent ) has sufficient information to solve the entire problem.
Neither CPView nor Advanced Visualisation were updated so far to display data gathered from those models.
Neither control structure can operate over the other kind of data, so all catamorphisms terminate and all anamorphisms are productive.

Neither and collection
Neither of these two new Tates had a significant effect on the functioning of the original London Tate Gallery, whose size was increasingly proving a constraint as the collection grew.
Neither Indonesian nor Thai labor law addresses the issue, and in both countries collective bargaining, union administrative procedures, and dues collection are so weak that the union security issues rarely arise.
Neither of these two later series enjoyed a graphic novel collection.

Neither and preparation
Neither ISTE nor CoSN wish to ban these online communication outlets entirely however, as they believe " the Internet contains valuable content, collaboration and communication opportunities that can and do materially contribute to a student's academic growth and preparation for the workforce "

Neither and nor
Neither the vibrant enthusiasm which bespeaks a people's intuitive sense of the fitness of things at climactic moments nor the vital argumentation betraying its sense that something significant has transpired was in evidence.
Neither his appetites, his exacerbations, nor his despair were kin to yours.
Neither the engineer nor the ordinary citizen feels any self-consciousness in obeying the laws of matter and energy, nor can he achieve a sense of self-righteousness in such obedience.
`` Neither better nor worse ''.
Neither growth nor a development program can be imposed on a country ; ;
Neither our military, our economic nor our ideological power reached far enough '' to determine the fate of East Europe.
Neither from one of these conceptions nor from a combination of them can it be deduced.
`` Neither me nor my wife were helped by that chiropractor's treatments ''.
Neither the Southerner nor the Northerner is able to look on the Negro simply as a man.
Neither has Congressman Martin nor Senator McClellan been heard from on the matter ; ;
Neither Mantle nor Maris, understandably, will predict 60 home runs for himself.
Neither Mantle nor Maris need fear being classified an intellectual, but lately Mantle has shown unusual devotion to an intellectual opus, Henry Miller's `` Tropic of Cancer ''.
Neither Mantle nor Maris is totally devoted to baseball above all else.
Neither Tylor nor Frazer, however, was particularly interested in fieldwork, nor were they interested in examining how the cultural elements and institutions fit together.
Neither the calculations of significance nor the
Neither his letters nor his diaries nor his New York Times obituary ever mentions the game, and he was never inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Neither G nor M < sub >☉</ sub > can be measured to high accuracy in SI units, but the value of their product is known very precisely from observing the relative positions of planets ( Kepler's Third Law expressed in terms of Newtonian gravitation ).
Neither Alfred's reformed fyrd nor his burhs alone would have afforded a sufficient defence against the Vikings ; together, however, they robbed the Vikings of their major strategic advantages: surprise and mobility.
" Neither they nor Latin doctors could help, and he died on July 11, 1174.
Neither the crown ( fruit, mescal button ) of the Peyote cactus nor the roots of the plant Mimosa hostilis nor Psilocybe mushrooms themselves are included in Schedule 1, but only their respective principles, mescaline, DMT and psilocin.
Neither these, nor the Great Passion, were published as sets until several years later, but prints were sold individually in considerable numbers.

Neither and result
Neither went for it as a result, and the ball crept in the corner.
Neither car brought great success, the best result being a fourth at Monaco.
Neither Britain nor Ireland has managed to produce much in the way of giant pike in the last 50 years and as a result there is substantial doubt surrounding those earlier claims.
Neither would air as a result of his death.
Neither of these books included references or a bibliography and the result was that some subsequent writers have taken the pseudonyms to be real names.
Neither the reason for Lothair's payment nor the result is recorded in the only source to mention it, the contemporary Annales Bertiniani:
Neither ship severely damaged the other ; the only net result was keeping Virginia from attacking any more wooden ships.
Neither method has yet proven to result in a commercially viable hair restoration treatment, but research continues in these areas.
Neither result was seen to a similar degree in dizygotic twins, offering strong favour for high genetic aetiology.
Neither side seemed to have much of an advantage for most of the game, and when things simplified to a queen and knight endgame, it seemed a draw would result.
Neither Sierra Leonen athlete managed to qualify for a final, with Bangura's 47th place the best result.
Neither driver retired as a direct result of the collision, although both did eventually, but Berger was forced to run across the grass and lost places.
Neither the name of the opponent nor the result are known.
Neither Lithuania, which was afraid of a negative result, nor Poland, which saw no reason to change status quo, wanted the plebiscite.
In an article entitled " Neither Denial nor Forgetfulness Will Free Us " first published in the Frankfurter Rundschau on December 1, 1986, Mommsen argued that Historikerstreit was a result of the failures of modern society Mommsen argued that in the prosperous 1950s-60s, most Germans were happy to forget about their recent past, and looked forward to a brighter future Starting with the oil shock of the early 1970s and the rise of fundamentalist Islam in the late 1970s, Mommsen argued that the idea of a progressively better future was discredited, leading to a pessimistic public mood, and the a renewed interest in history This had occurred in tandem in a period when German historians had started to make a more critical examination of their recent past As a result at the precise mood when public demanded a past that could make them feel good about being Germans, German historians came under attack for not writing the sort of history the public wanted Mommsen argued that the work of those like Ernst Nolte was intended to provide the sort of history that would allow Germans feel good about being Germans by engaging in “… an explanatory strategy that … will be seen as a justification of National Socialist crimes by all those who are still under the influence of the extreme anti-Soviet propaganda of National Socialism " Mommsen charged that Ernst Nolte was attempting to egregiously whitewash the German past.
" Neither Rainbow, Chibi nor Michael Falcore had been in any previous bands and have expressed in multiple interviews that the group formed naturally as a result of spending time together as friends.
Neither Empress Xu nor Consort Ban bore him a child, however, and concerned with having a grandson to be heir, Empress Dowager Wang openly encouraged Emperor Cheng to take on more and more concubines, but that did not result in the birth of an heir.
Neither result was significant enough to seat any candidates.

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