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Never and Russia
Beginning with From Russia with Love in 1963, Llewelyn appeared as Q, the quartermaster of the MI6 gadget lab ( also known as Q branch ), in almost every Bond film until his death ( 17 ), only missing appearances in Live and Let Die in 1973, and Never Say Never Again, the latter of which is not part of the official James Bond film series.
Derek Malcolm in The Guardian showed himself to be a fan of Connery's Bond, saying the film contains " the best Bond in the business ", but nevertheless did not find Never Say Never Again any more enjoyable than the recently released Octopussy ( starring Roger Moore ), or " that either of them came very near to matching Dr. No or From Russia with Love.
The band won by a significant margin, scoring 292 points, 44 points over second place Dima Bilan ( who later won in 2008 ), representing Russia with the song " Never Let You Go ".
# " A Letter That Never Reached Russia "
The only four Bond films that he did not work on are Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Tomorrow Never Dies and Quantum of Solace.
* Never, Russia, a rural locality on the M56 Lena highway
In 2000, 2006 and 2012 Russia came second in the contest with Alsou's song " Solo ", Dima Bilan's " Never Let You Go " and Buranovskiye Babushki with " Party for Everybody " song, respectively.
His film credits include several Carry On films, Never Let Go, From Russia with Love, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, An American Werewolf in London, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Highlander, where he played the immortal Iman Fasil.
Never tiring of reiterating the " Russian plight is the problem of the world, not Russia " postulate, he was ever on the look-out for some ' strong leader ' who would be able to organize and successfully see through the anti-Communist crusade.

Never and never
Never, never did I offer him the exclusive rights.
Never a `` quick study '', he now made no attempt to learn his `` lines '' and many a mile of film was wasted, many a scene -- sometimes involving as many as a thousand fellow thespians -- was taken thirty, forty, fifty times because Miss Poitrine's co-star and `` helpmate '' had never learned his part.
: Never, never, let your gun
" Both Michael Fincke and fellow NASA Astronaut Greg Chamitoff deliver the line " Never give up ... never surrender.
* Worst Film You Never Saw ( category for films never completed or only released in a limited fashion ): Billy Jack Goes to Washington
In the CBBC children's television show Horrible Histories, Richard III ( played by Jim Howick ) sings a power ballad in which he attempts to restore his reputation: "... Never had a hump and my arm was alright, never took the crown with illegal power.
Never, never, never can I say I had a frustrating childhood.
" However, she did distrust Germans ; she told Woodrow Wyatt, " Never trust them, never trust them.
In the book Songs They Never Play on the Radio, James Young, a member of her band in the 1980s, recalls many examples of her troubling behaviour due to her " overwhelming " addiction – and also that Nico claimed to have never taken the drug while with the Velvets / Factory scene but only began using during her relationship with Philippe Garrel in the 1970s.
Napoleon " spared no pains " to please her and claimed at one point to prefer Marie Louise to his first wife Joséphine ; while he had loved Joséphine, he claimed, he had not respected her, whereas with Marie Louise, there was " Never a lie, never a debt " — presumably a reference to Joséphine's rumoured extramarital affairs and reputation as a spendthrift.
Never shall you sit, never shall you sleep ... ( that you ) love me as yourself.
# Never say never
' Never say never is I guess is what people tell you.
Never gleam of sun shine on it, never dawn its dusk awake.
Their version of " Three Is a Magic Number ", although never a charting single, became a fan favorite and featured in the films Never Been Kissed, Slackers, and You, Me and Dupree.
" Schneider responded two weeks later with full-page ads in Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, saying he had done research and found that Mr. Goldstein had never won any journalistic awards, commenting, " Maybe you didn't win a Pulitzer Prize because they haven't invented a category for Best Third-Rate, Unfunny Pompous Reporter Who's Never Been Acknowledged by His Peers.
Alexander would blame Lee for the defeat at Gettysburg, writing in 1901: " Never, never, never did Gen. Lee himself bollox a fight as he did this.
Previous managing director David Skillicorn was featured in an interview with local newspaper " The Daily Echo " in which he talked about his time while working at the company before leaving, in which his famous final words were " Never say never ".
" However, despite Les's constant jibing of the consolation prize (" Never mind love, you might have lost, but you'll never be short of something to prop your door open with now ..."), the chequebook and pen are now worth a great deal, as they were never commercially available and only a limited number were made.
Never before and never after Russian territory spanned so far in the west.
* In " What If an All-New All-Different X-Men Never Existed ?," Thunderbird was never recruited by Professor X and was allied with Erik the Red.

Never and later
The songs " Lonely Road of Faith " and " You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me " were released as singles, but were only minor hits, and the album struggled to reach platinum a year later.
The song " You'll Never Walk Alone ", originally from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel and later recorded by Liverpool musicians Gerry & The Pacemakers, is the club's anthem and has been sung by the Anfield crowd since the early 1960s.
While in jail, White listened to Elvis Presley singing " It's Now or Never " on the radio, an experience he later credited with changing the course of his life.
Some years later he directed his last picture, the poorly-received Satan Never Sleeps ( 1962 ).
Once corrected on her misunderstanding, Litella would end her segment with a polite " Never mind ", although in later episodes, she would also answer Jane Curtin's frustration with a simple " Bitch!
Top Cat and his gang were inspired by characters from the popular situation comedy You'll Never Get Rich ( later called The Phil Silvers Show ).
As The Bluebelles, and later Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles, the group found success with ballads in the doo-wop genre, most notably, " Down the Aisle ( The Wedding Song )", " You'll Never Walk Alone " and " Over the Rainbow ".
In 1964, the group had another top 40 hit with their version of " You'll Never Walk Alone ", later reappearing on American Bandstand singing the song.
In John Lydon's autobiography, Rotten: No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish, Lydon claimed that Matlock worked on later Sex Pistols material ( including their album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols ) as a paid session musician ( Jones played bass on all of the songs recorded after Matlock's departure, with Vicious also contributing to the song " Bodies ").
Although it was not strictly a folk song, " I'll Never Find Another You " was heavily influenced by Peter, Paul and Mary and featured a cyclical, 12-string guitar part that sounded remarkably similar to the guitar style that Jim McGuinn of The Byrds would popularize later that same year.
Sägesser later quoted Giglio as saying, " Never mind, icebergs!
Messiaen later recalled: " Never was I listened to with such rapt attention and comprehension.
In 1920, Rutherford published a booklet, Millions Now Living Will Never Die, and a year later published his first hardcover book, The Harp of God.
Stock footage of both vehicles was later used in an episode of the television series The Incredible Hulk, titled " Never Give A Trucker An Even Break ".
On the tribute album The Clash Tribute: The Never Ending Story, the song was covered by Attila the Stockbroker, with new lyrics to the later verses, omitting the reference to Afghanistan and The Clash's subtle attack on communism.
* 1965: Shangri-Las-65 !, re-packaged later the same year with a different cover under the title I Can Never Go Home Anymore.
Silvers became a household name in 1955 when he starred as Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko in You'll Never Get Rich, later retitled The Phil Silvers Show.
* " Why Gandalf Never Married ": 1985 talk by Pratchett discussing issues of gender and magic later elaborated in Equal Rites
With a touch of Texas hyperbole, he later wrote: Never was there such a hopeless hodge-pogde, There was I, a Chautauqua-educated country boy who couldn't conjugate an English verb or decline a pronoun, attempting to master three other languages at the same time.
Deadsy began in 1995, when Elijah Blue Allman ( son of Cher and Gregg Allman ), also known as Phillips Exeter Blue I, started recording a handful of demos ( including Dear and a cover of Texas Never Whispers ) with Alec Puro ( Alec Pure ) and later sent a Juno 106 keyboard to Renn Hawkey ( Dr. Nner ) as an invitation to join the band.
Despite her relatively low public profile, Aline Chrétien was also recognized as a powerful advisor to her husband ; Maclean's magazine once wrote, " Never mind calling her the power behind the throne — she shares the seat of power ", and columnist Allan Fotheringham later called her the second most powerful political figure in Canada, behind her husband but ahead of any elected Member of Parliament or any staffer in the PMO.
Riding high on her success, she starred in the 1968 comedy series Never a Cross Word, and five years later alongside actor Robert Vaughn in puppet master Gerry Anderson's live-action series The Protectors.
Rod Stewart would later cover the song for his critically acclaimed album, Never a Dull Moment, and a version by Jeff Buckley appears as an out-take on the 2004 re-issue of Grace.

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