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Some Related Sentences

Nevertheless and scholarly
Nevertheless, in the Tokugawa, as in earlier periods, scholarly work continued to be published in Chinese, which was the language of the learned much as Latin was in Europe.
Nevertheless interest in Georgia's history continued to grow, prompting various scholarly visits and articles about Nokalakevi from the 1930s to the 1960s ( see for a discussion of previous work at Nokalakevi ).

Nevertheless and opinions
Nevertheless, most modern opinions about Sergius ’ pontificate remain poor.
Nevertheless, Hegel thought that a functioning State would always be tempted not to recognize conscience in its form of subjective knowledge, just as similar non-objective opinions are generally rejected in science.
Nevertheless, the significance of the case and the wording of the Justices ’ opinions have added important statements to the history of precedents for exceptions to the First Amendment, which have been cited in numerous Supreme Court cases since.
Nevertheless, on many points he holds independent views and abandons the Thomistic doctrine to follow the opinions of St. Augustine and of the Franciscan School.
Nevertheless, the sheer explanatory power of science in its ability to make accurate and precise predictions and aid in the design and engineering of new technology has ensconced " science " and, by proxy, the opinions of the scientific community as a highly respected form of knowledge both in the academy and in popular culture.
Nevertheless, it is a constitutional authority, and his or her opinions are subject to public scrutiny.
Nevertheless, Daniel's opinions were respected by the Karaites.
Nevertheless, the LM had generated a large amount of campaign funds and had great name recognition ; Hall was also favoured in opinions as a better leader than Eastick by a threefold factor.
Nevertheless his theology and his opinions on doctrine would surface regularly in his work.
Nevertheless, events were marching faster than his opinions, and the last occasion on which he carried his public with him was in a sermon preached at Notre Dame on 4 February 1791.
Nevertheless, often the Court would refer to its past decisions and advisory opinions to support its explanation of a present case.
Nevertheless, his opinions, when they differed from those of R. Yochanan, were not recognized as valid, except in three cases mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud ( Yeb.

Nevertheless and regarding
Nevertheless, he advocated intensive study of the past, particularly regarding the founding of a city, which he felt was a key to understanding its later development.
Nevertheless this act did not remove the ability of the British Parliament to legislate regarding the New Zealand Constitution.
Nevertheless, Williams was somewhat resentful of being called up, which he admitted years later, particularly regarding the Navy's odd policy of calling up Inactive Reservists rather than members of the Active Reserve.
Nevertheless, his keen insight regarding working-class conditions earned him the esteem of many Socialists and Marxists.
Nevertheless, rumours regarding Domitia's alleged misconduct with Paris circulated even in Domitian's time, and he did not take insults directed at his marriage lightly.
It is the kind of payload it carries that enables one to arrive at a decision regarding its military or civilian character .< sup > Ref N-1 </ sup > Nevertheless, even the above distinction is now blurred.
Nevertheless, Pătrăşcanu's writings of the time show that, in contrast with his 1928 point of view, he had largely accommodated Leninist principles regarding the national issue and Bessarabian topics, although he used more neutral terms than the ones present in official propaganda, and was known to have deplored the unwillingness of the PCR to reduce and refine its internationalist policies.
" Nevertheless, his observations regarding the subtle variations among cacti have proven useful for hobbyists, who continue to use many cactus names proposed or upheld in his works.
Nevertheless they have not seen wide distribution due to barriers which the film industry imposes regarding exhibition and distribution of material.
Nevertheless, tensions remained high and concerns about the intentions of Yugoslavia regarding the disputed province of Istria meant that the 28th ( Māori ) Battalion remained on high alert.

Nevertheless and precise
Nevertheless, there is clearly overlap in defining these terms and the precise definitions are not as important as the need for a comprehensive approach ( see Sharma, 2006 ).
Nevertheless, its precise relations remain unresolved, so the American Ornithologists ' Union classes it as a species incertae sedis.
Nevertheless, what precise kind of dinosaur it was remained a controversial issue.
Nevertheless the surgical information given by this method was often remarkably precise and greatly enlarged the capabilities and accuracy of neurosurgical treatment.
Nevertheless, one can make this difficulty precise, using the notion of a vector field along a map.
Nevertheless, particularly within the audio world, there has been significant demand for returning to all-analog, even vintage, recording equipment, to achieve a softer, " warmer " sound at the expense of precise sound replication.

Nevertheless and meaning
Nevertheless, the practice of using the SI-inspired " kilo " to indicate 1024 was later extended to " megabyte " meaning 1024 < sup > 2 </ sup > () bytes, and later " gigabyte " for 1024 < sup > 3 </ sup > () bytes.
Nevertheless, it is important to note that at this point in time it would be foolish to state it possible to represent the “ full ” meaning of any word, sentence or text for any language.
Nevertheless, despite the formulation of these theories and others, there is little critical consensus as to the inherent ' meaning ' behind Katherina's speech.
Nevertheless the company was declared to be of national importance, meaning that it would receive large amounts of subsidies every year.
Nevertheless, the Nephilim ( literally meaning ' fallen ones ', from the Hebrew root n-f-l ' to fall ') reappear much later in the biblical narrative, in Numbers 13: 31-33 ( where the spies sent forth by Moses report that there were Nephilim or " giants " in the Promised Land ).
Nevertheless, Lewis argued that there is a deep difference between the two: pragmatism ultimately grounds meaning on conceivable experience, while positivism reduces the relation between meaning and experience to a matter of logical form.
Nevertheless, in his essay, " The New Criticism ," Cleanth Brooks notes that " The New Critic, like the Snark, is a very elusive beast ," meaning that there was no clearly defined " New Critical " school or critical stance.
Nevertheless, the Irish patronimics Ó hUiginn and Mac Uiginn ( anglicized O ' Higgins and Maguigan ) could bring a key for the meaning " Meadow of a man called Viking ".
" Nevertheless, Hook argues that Popper " reads Plato too literally when it serves his purposes and is too cocksure about what Plato's " real " meaning is when the texts are ambiguous.
Nevertheless, the law does not curtail the power of the governor general to dissolve parliament at any time, meaning the prime minister may advise such a move whenever he or she feels is prudent.
Nevertheless, the use and practice of Rasayan was widespread in Ancient India, and some examples of applied rasayan include paints used in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, Maharashtra state, the steel of Vishnustambha ( literal meaning: the tower of Vishnu ), and a processed wood sample in the Kondivade caves near the Rajmachi fort in Maharashtra.
Nevertheless, he chose to use the term " Geto-Dacians " as a conventional concept for the Thracian tribes inhabiting the future territory of Romania, not necessarily meaning an " absolute ethnic, linguistic or historical unity ".
Nevertheless, with time its original name persisted, which may come from one of two sources: Either the Aymara language lima-limaq ( meaning " yellow flower "), or the Spanish pronunciation of the Quechuan word rimaq ( meaning " talker ", and actually written and pronounced limaq in the nearby Quechua I languages ).
Nevertheless, if one of the spouses contributes only through his or her work in the home and child-care, the other spouse must provide full economic support without this meaning that he or she be relieved of the obligations of cooperating with the housework and child-care.
Nevertheless, the first verdicts were not spoken until after the start of the following season, meaning that the bribed games officially counted in the final table.

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